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Culinary Travel Tours and Cooking School Vacations Abroad

Serious Foodies on Independent and Group Tours

Culinary travel in Paris and cooking school vacations.
10 Creative Alternatives for Travelers to Wine and Dine in Paris. Photo by Lies Ouwerkerk.

Featured Articles on Culinary Travel Tours and Cooking School Vacations

Saving the flavors in Europe, and learning to prepare and enjoy food. Savoring the Flavors of Europe by Rick Steves
Rick Steves and his family set out on a quest to enjoy some of the finest culinary treats Europe has to offer as part of the varied cultural traditions. They learn about the art of eating and food preparation from the local chefs who share their secrets.
Street food vendor in Turkey serving kepab. Eat Where the Locals Eat by Tim Leffel
How do you enjoy some of the best food when traveling? Ask or observe the locals and you will find inexpensive and authentic food.
Culinary travel in Europe. How to Eat Well on a Budget in Europe by Kelby Hartson Carr
Some of the many delicious options for dining well on a budget when traveling in Europe, where great affordable local food is available everywhere.
Enjoy authentic food in Mexico. The Ultimate Guide to Authentic Eating in Mexico by Ted Campbell
The author has literally eaten his way across Mexico, and describes many of the wide variety of delicious national and regional dishes to be enjoyed, including where to find the most authentic food.
Cooking school vacations in France. Cooking Vacations in France by Kelby Hartson Carr
The many options for cooking vacations in France, a country where food has long been elevated to a fine art, and where you may satisfy your culinary desires in many different ways.
Cooking school classes in Italy. Cooking School Vacation Lessons in Italy: Mamma Knows Best by Amy E. Roberston
A review of some of the top cooking schools across regions in Italy to enjoy a vacation, where food is prepared with love in classes, markets are explored, and local accommodations are often available.
Pasta cooking school tour and vacation in Northern Italy. Pasta Making in Northern Italy: A Journey to Learn a Traditional Culinary Art by Jeff Titelius
A journey to Northern Italy is highlighted by two unique experiences where the author learns how to make two different types of pasta by hand, in the traditional manner, at two different cooking schools.
Cooking school vacation in India. Cooking School Vacation in India: Saying Namaste in Udaipur by Katherine Sazdanoff
“Come, come in, and sit down,” she said with a kind, shy smile. “My name is Shashi and I will be your teacher. I hope you’re ready to learn and eat.”
Slow Food in Italy, enjoying local foods. Slow Food vs. Fast Life in Italy and Beyond an Interview of the Founder of Slow Food Italy
Clay Hubbs, founding editor and publisher of Transitions Abroad, traveled to Italy to discuss the links the Slow Food movement is actively highlighting between ethics and pleasure, ecology and gastronomy. He interviewed the founder, Carlo Petrini.
Culinary travel tours in Paris, France. 10 Creative Alternatives for Solo Travelers to Wine and Dine in Paris by Lies Ouwerkerk
Imaginative and off-the-beaten-path experiences for foodies in a city with a very rich and varied culinary tradition.
Food with foodies in Lisbon, Portugal. Eating and Drinking with Lisbon’s Most Passionate Gourmets
by Senior Contributing Editor Lies Ouwerkerk
Eating and drinking tours and cooking school vacations with foodies in a food capital of Portugal.
Street foods in Istanbul. Culinary Treats in Istanbul: Food by Foot
by Lies Ouwerkerk
A culinary tour of the many and varied street foods in Istanbul turns into a feast without end among very hospitable locals.
Wine tasting tour in Bordeaux, France. Savoring Bordeaux: A Tour for Cycling and Wine Tasting
A wine tour by Michael Kerwin takes you through Bordeaux and offers tips for drinking great wine while cycling through the countryside.
Wine tasting tour in Bordeaux, France. Learning About Burgundy Wines on a Tour
A wine tour by Michael Kerwin guides you through the beautiful region of Burgundy where some of the finest wines in France can be enjoyed.
Cooking school in Vietnam: Spring Rolls. Cooking Schools in Vietnam: A Feast for All the Senses!
by Katherine Sazdanoff
Learn to make some of the specialties of Vietnamese cuisine on beautiful islands off-the-beaten-path at cooking schools. Enjoy a unique treat for savvy independent travelers, illustrated and recounted by Katherine Sazdanoff.
Vegetarian food school in Mumbai, India. Feasting in Mumbai: A Vegetarian's Paradise by Lies Ouwerkerk
An exploration of the myriad foods and tastes in Mumbai, one of many culinary capitals in India.
Sri Lanka cooking school food adventures. Food Adventure Tour in Sri Lanka by Lies Ouwerkerk
A culinary travel tour of Sri Lanka enjoying delicious foods found at the markets, grown in plantations, and enjoyed in the homes of the hospitable local people.
Picking grapes in Andalusia, Spain Eating Like a Local in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Culinary Walking Tours and Home Cooking Classes by Lies Ouwerkerk
In order to eat like a local, Lies Ouwerkerk takes culinary walking tours and home cooking classes while reporting her experience for Transitions Abroad.
Street cart food in Thailand. A Guide to Street Food in Thailand by Janice Goveas
Street cart food in Thailand is wide and varied in style and taste, but is sensational, inexpensive, and makes for a great casual culinary experience.
Dining on great food in Switzerland. Dining on Mountain Tops in Switzerland by Chelsea Frischknecht
Great meals on the mountain tops of Switzerland, including a spectacular restaurant which once served as a set for a James Bond film. Also, a recipe for the rightfully famous Swiss fondue which highlights the incredible cheeses from a beautiful country.
Cooking schools in Tuscany. Cooking Schools in Tuscany: Hands-On Lessons in La Cucina Tradizionale by Senior Editor Joanna Hubbs
Drs. Clay and Joanna Hubbs visit a sampling of the many excellent cooking schools scattered across Tuscany where they immerse themselves in the local culture while learning how to prepare traditional dishes. They also discuss the influence of the Slow Food movement as it preserves ancient culinary traditions in contemporary Italian cuisine.
Slow food in Tuscany, Italy. Slow Food in Tuscany by Senior Editor Joanna Hubbs
A visit to some of the finest examples of Slow Food restaurants in Tuscany where traditional culinary joys are to be enjoyed.
A cooking school in Italy. The Secrets of Traditional Italian Cooking by Linda Lappin
Learning how to cook and appreciate food at a cooking school in the medieval village of Tolfa, Italy.
Picking grapes in Andalusia, Spain Olive Picking and Traditional Cooking School in Hidden Andalucía in Southern Spain by Martin Li
In Southern Spain, the magical region of Andalucia offers options such as working on the olive harvest, learning to taste and distinguish the olive oils, while enjoying traditional dishes and a cooking school.
A food and cooking tour in Berlin. A Culinary Tour of Berlin’s Most Vibrant and Diverse Neighborhoods by Lies Ouwerkerk
A tour of the many and varied foods in eclectic and hip Berlin on foot and by bike turns into a feast without end.
Food in Cyprus. Culinary Traditions in Cyprus by Lies Ouwerkerk
Beautiful Cyprus has a rich history and culinary tradition, influenced by Greece and other cultures, but with its own unique take.
A cooking school in Istanbul, Turkey. A Traditional Turkish Cooking School in Istanbul: Cookistan Expesses a Chef's Passion by Sarah Eyd
A class at a cooking school in Istanbul where the author describes how the owner teaches students to gather food at local markets and prepare dishes in a Turkish traditional manner
Food in the Martinique. Edible Culture: Ten Creole Specialties to Try in Martinique by Darrin Duford
A eclectic culinary voyage into the culture of food in Martinique, with its many influences and sophisticated dishes.
Italy food school class. A Feast for the Food Conscious: Critical Studies on Food in Italy by Maryam Henein
A report about an educational and pleasurable experience studying end enjoying food in Italy over the summer.
Enjoy Madrid markets. Making Madrid Markets Modern
The many markets of Madrid have recently undergone renovations, which has changed not only the architectural aesthetics but also resulted in a wider variety of available tasty options for serious foodies and tourists alike.
Eat at the traditional Pinxto Bars in Spain. Pintxo Bars — Spain’s Social Network: Slow Snacking with Local Flavors by Nicholas Irving
A guide to a unique aspect of culture in Spain centered around the Pintxo bar, where snacks akin to tapas are slowly enjoyed while socializing.
Coffee bars in Paris, France. A Guide to Third Wave Coffee Culture in Paris by Lucas Peters
Third Wave coffee culture at cafes in Paris has brought great brews and places for digital nomads to congregate. Here are some of the best cafes, as the quality of coffee continues to improve far beyond days past in the City of Light.
How to eat well in Paris. 12 Guidelines for Eating Well in Paris
In Paris there are many ways and places to eat extremely well, from your own picnics to expensive once-in-a-lifetime restaurants. Here are tips to make the most of your visit to a city that celebrates great food, traditional and more contemporary.
Culinary tourism for local food. Culinary Tourism: Exploring Local Culture through Food in Maui and Around the World
Author Zahara Heckscher, uses the vivid example her trip to Maui, Hawai’i in order to describe various forms of culinary tourism which are gaining momentum as a form of travel — called everything from slow food to local food to sustainable agriculture to eato-tourism, the phenomenon is linked to ecotourism and involves enjoying the tastes of local traditional food.
Culinary travel tour in Prague. Culinary Tours in Prague: Exploring Czech Food on Foot and on a Budget by Lisette Allen
A culinary tour exploring the many places to eat and drink in Prague, which offers a suprising variety of good tastes apart from the renowned beer.
Tunisian food: Octopus couscous. Hospitable Tunisia and its Tantalizing Cuisine: "A Moveable Feast" For the Budget Traveler by Lies Ouwerkerk
Tunisia has so much to offer the budget traveler who loves great food, rich culture, varied landscapes, sophisticated architecture, and hospitable people.
Enjoying good food in Santiago, Spain. Enjoying Culinary Treats on the Trail to Santiago de Compostela, Spain
A unique culinary tour along the fabled spiritual trail — where the quality of the food and wine is wonderfully nourishing as well.
A culinary and wine tour of Rioja, Spain. A Culinary Tour of Rioja
A visit to an enchanted region of Spain famous for its fine wine and surprisingly good food.
Balinese cooking schools. A Taste of Bali by Lies Ouwerkerk
Cooking schools in the kitchens of Bali with Ubud Chefs.
Enjoying slow food abroad. 9 Ways Slow Food and Slow Travel Enhance Experiences Abroad by Jonathon Engels
Why slow food and slow travel are perfect partners in the growing movement to return to more authentic and respectful ways of living and traveling — and eating really well in the process..
Beyond Venice: Soaking Up the Wine, Cooking, and Culture of the Friuli
Clay and Joanna Hubbs describe their culinary adventures relatively untouristed home of the great San Daniele prosciutto and some great wines in Friuli-Venezia region.
Culinary Travel in the Langhe
Joanna Hubbs takes you on a leisurely and delectable culinary tour in the beautiful Langhe region of northern Italy, and describes the local restaurants and great wines which make the trip worthwhile without blowing your budget.
Undiscovered Tuscany: Culinary Travel Adventures While Exploring the Etruscan Coast
Ilaria Miele, a native of Italy, provides inside culinary travel tips for enjoying the relatively untouristed Etruscan coast. She also suggests staying in a local agriturismo to gain the full feel for the region.
Eating Well in Madrid
Beebe Bahrami provides a guide to the culinary diversity in Madrid and offers advice concerning when, how, and where to find great meals or tapas.
Eating Well in Lisbon
Beebe Bahrami offers tips on culinary travel in Lisbon while respecting the customs and enjoying the rich cultural life — including the famous fado.
Slow Food and Country Dining in Emiglia-Romagna, Italy
Eamee C. Lanning describes her experience enjoying Slow Food and country dining feasts outside of Bologna and Ferrara.
Budget Dining in Europe
Kelby Hartson Carr describes some of the many options for dining well on a budget when traveling in Europe, where great cheap local food is available everywhere.
Traditional Food in France on a Budget
Kelby Hartson Carr offers tips for enjoying traditional food in France. She explains how it is still possible to enjoy culinary travel on a budget, and how to do so at a cheap lodging.
Top Traditional Food Regions in France
Kelby Hartson Carr describes some memorable traditional culinary options in several regions of France, where great food and conviviality are one.
Touring the Food and Wine Regions of Southern France from Montpellier
Beebe Baharmi offers tips and describes the food and wines, while offering itineraries to explore Montpellier and its rich surroundings.
The Best Guides to Learning a Culture Through Its Cuisine
Kathy Widing offers a list of guidebooks for those seeking culinary immersion as a way of understanding a culture.
Culinary Adventures Abroad: When a Meal Stares Back at You
Friedel Rother on dealing with the many exotic culinary adventures she has experienced overseas, and how respect for hospitality has opened her up to eating and enjoying a greater variety of foods as a result.
Exploring the Diversity of Provence: The Foods, Wines, Markets, and Cultural Life of Avignon
Beebe Bahrami explores the culinary and cultural diversity of Provence from one of its richest historical centers in Avignon, France.
A Memorable Culinary Experience in Barcelona
Enjoying a great cooking school and markets in Barcelona, a culturally and historically rich city.
The Markets of Northwestern Spain: Enjoy a Time-Honored Slow Food Tradition
Beebe Bahrami has explored the land, food, and cultural life of northwestern Spain for years. She describes her culinary immersion in the wonderful markets and food of the region, where Slow Food is a way of life.
Slow Food in Barcelona: A Walk Through the Markets and a Taste of Catalan Cuisine
Anna Maria Espsäter describes the great food markets in Barcelona where all the fundamental ingredients and tastes of Catalan cuisine can be found.
Wine Tasting in Moravia, Czech Republic
Pearl Harris describes the many wine tasting options in Moravia, the rich and abundant wine region in the Czech Republic.
Port Wines of the Douro Valley in Portugal
Lucia Byttebier on the origins of some of the finest Port wine in Portugal. She describes the land, types, production, and major labels of the Doura Valley.
Portuguese Wines Beyond Port
Beebe Bahrami describes many other very fine Portuguese wines beyond the famous Port.
The Cerveza Report: A Complete Rundown on Mexican Beer
Tim Leffel provides a complete rundown on the types and quality of the different Mexican beer brands which can be found in Mexico.
Travel to Drink Beer in Europe
Holly Harper takes us on a tour through countries in Europe where some of the finest beer and ale is made, including Germany, Brussels, the Czech Republic, Ireland, and England.
Wandering Off the Whisky Trail: Travel to Drink Beer in Scotland
Ben Keene travels off-the-beaten-track to find some very fine beer produced in the many breweries and microbreweries in Scotland.
Cycling and Learning About Wines in New Zealand
Michael Kerwin takes you on a trip through two areas of New Zealand and offers tips for learning to find great wine while cycling and enjoying the countryside.
Eating Well in Montreal
Ben Keene offers a culinary overview of the many forms of ethnic food and local fare with a dash of French flare in a city where people love to eat — both in terms of quantity and quality.
Food Markets in Rabat, Morocco
Beebe Baharmi describes a journey through the medinas in Rabat, Morocco and describes the culinary delights she discovers.
Culinary Deals and Delights in Paris
Phyliss Cohen provides a set of guidelines and suggested guidebooks to help insure that you enjoy an authentic culinary experience while in Paris without unnecessarily spending too many Euros.
A Taste of Tuscany: How a Language School in Florence Teaches Culture through Cuisine
Nicole Rosenleaf Ritter describes her culinary experience at a school located in a Palazzo in Florence which included Language Learning, wine tasting, and other cultural activities.
Tuscan Women Cook
Anne Woodyard on her experience learning culinary skills from the best Tuscan chefs at a renowned and authentic cooking school deep in the heart in Tuscany.
The Weekly Markets of Berlin
Beebe Bahrami explores a variety of food and flea markets in Berlin.
Berlin's Diverse Restaurants
Bebe Bahrami describes the incredible diversity of food in the restaurants of Berlin, where seemingly every ethnicity is represented.
Food in Finland: The Quiet Culinary Revolution
Anna Maria Espsäter describes the food traditions and culinary trends in Finland which make Finnish cuisine a largely undiscovered pleasure.
Food from Turkey
Joan Peterson describes culinary delights in Turkey while discussing how a country's cuisine reflects the essence of its culture.
Cycling and Learning About Wines in New Zealand
Michael Kerwin takes you on a trip through two areas of New Zealand and offers tips for learning to find great wine while cycling and enjoying the countryside.
Slow Food in Korea: An Introduction to Korean Cuisine
Anna Maria Espsäter gudes us on a journey through the traditional cooking inside Korea, and she provides recipes, a restaurant selection, and web resources.
How to Experience Traditional Costa Rican Cuisine at the Soda
Kailash Maharaj and Shivana Maharaj describe the experience of eating at the soda of Costa Rica while providing tips for ordering food, traditional recipes, and resources to help you best enjoy the tastes, warmth, and hospitality of a Costa Rican culinary vacation.
Hunting for Shadon Beni in Tobago: A Fusion of Indian and Caribbean Flavors
Meena Razvi describes the unique cuisine combining Indian and Caribbean flavors which she enjoyed in her travels through Tobago, even as she searched for one of its elusive ingredients.
Eight Fantastic Experiences for Foodies in Guatemala by Jonathon Engels
"Like many independent travelers, I harbor a loosely rooted fantasy of one day disappearing from the grid and settling somewhere at the end of a dirt track in the jungle. I will carve out an acre or two to fill with fruit trees and grow an organic garden, learning by textbook and pirated internet signal. I will build thatch huts, make my own wine, and harvest a cornucopia of food year-round."

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