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The Guide to Language Schools and Language Vacations Overseas

 Language Schools Abroad
The most rewarding and least expensive vacations abroad are language learning vacations.
What better way to enjoy your stay in a foreign country than to start off with a period of language instruction, however brief? Not only do you have an immediate temporary home and new friends, every new word learned can be put to instant use. The following language schools provide the programs that should meet your needs:
Schools by Region Schools by Country
Worldwide Argentina Greece
Asia Austria Guatemala
Europe (Central and Eastern) Bolivia Italy
Europe (Western) Brazil Japan
Latin America Canada Mexico
Middle East and Africa Chile Nicaragua
  China Panama
  Colombia Peru
  Costa Rica Portugal
  Ecuador Russia
  Egypt Spain
  France Switzerland
  Germany United States

 Featured Language Schools Abroad
Language Vacation Students LanguageVacation: The Language Immersion Experts
Language Vacation offers short- or long-term language courses and total cultural immersion abroad. Studying abroad in the country a language is spoken is the most effective way to learn another language. Enjoy year-round language programs worldwide for adults and junior summer language camps and programs for Teenagers. We will provide help in choosing the right type of language course abroad to match your needs and requirements.
Learn to Speak Chinese with GoAbroadChina
Low Cost Language Programs Worldwide with The Center for Study Abroad
Learn Spanish in Cuenca, Ecuador with the Center for Interamerican Studies
Spanish & Culture in Costa Rica with Intercultura Language and Cultural Center
Study Spanish and Work in Spain with Instituto Hemingway
Learn Italian in Italy with Centro Puccini
Learn Italian in Tuscany with Il Sasso
Learn at the School of Italian Language and Culture with InClasse
Learn French + Activities with Alpine French School
Learn French in the South of Carcassone, France with Ludo Expression
French Language Program in Cannes for Children, Teens, Adults & Groups with French Summer Classes
Intensive Japanese Language and Culture with KCP International Japanese Language School

 Language Study Abroad Advisor
Learn a language abroad 10 Great Reasons to Learn a Language Abroad by Jessica Voigts
Check out this guide to learn 10 great reasons to learn a language abroad, with stories by many who have taken the plunge and have returned much richer for doing so.
How to choose a language school How to Choose a Language School Abroad: 8 Key Questions to Ask by Jann Huizenga
Inside tips on selecting a language school with examples from various countries.
Study Spanish in Panama Why Study Another Language Abroad?
10 Immersion Schools Where You Can Study and Volunteer in Latin America

How to learn a language abroad while volunteering. Amy uses top language schools in Latin America as examples of programs providing full cultural immersion.
Budget travel in France Language Learning in the Modern Age
By Christopher Mitchell
Accelerate Language Learning
Tim Ferriss, a self-described language-addict, offers some key insights his extensive study and experience at home and abroad have provided to accelerate the language learning process.
The Value of Learning a Foreign Language
Learning a language aids you immeasurably in cultural immersion abroad, while providing examples based upon experience.
Learning Language Faster
Curtis West provides practical tips and study advice to help you speed up the process of speaking and thinking in another language.
Persevere to Learn a Language While Abroad
Ema Barnes describes a personal Odyssey to learn her chosen language abroad, as well providing many tips and describing the benefits.

 Language Study Abroad Participant Reports from Europe
Language Study in Italy: Important Factors to Consider Before Making a Long-Term Commitment by Steve Soper and Susan VandenBerg 
Choosing an Italian Language Course in Italy by Emma Bird
Il Sasso: A Rock-Solid Italian Immersion Language School in Tuscany by Linda Weinberger
Babilonia Italian Language School in Taormina, Sicily by Linda Weinberger
A School for Serious Italian Language Study in Orvieto, Italy by Diana Saluri Russo
Learn Italian Near the Beach in Italy at the Puccini Language School by Lucia Novara
A Taste of Tuscany: How a Language School in Florence Teaches Culture through Cuisine by Nicole Rosenleaf Ritter
Study at a Language School in Perugia, Italy by Christina Bezaire
Choosing a French Language School in Lyon, France by Kathy Christiansen
Studying French in France by Sharon Goldstein
Learn French at L’Atelier 9 in Paris by Sally Ottaway 
French Language Study in Paris: A Course at the Alliance Francaise by Carolita Blythe
Spanish Language Schools in Andalucia, Spain by Irene Middleman Thomas
Learn Spanish in Spain: The Valencia Region is a Culturally Rich Location to Study by Vicki Salemi
Spanish Study in Seville: Get to Know Southern Spain's Rich Culture and Sociable People by Volker Poelzl
Study Flamenco and Spanish in Granada, Spain by Mariette Tachdjian
How and Where to Learn to Speak Croatian in Zagreb by Jennifer Baljko
Summer in Scandinavia: Study Language in Europe's Overlooked Gems by Roger Norum
Learning Swedish in Sweden: "No, I Don't Speak English" by Sean Whiting

 Language Study Abroad Participant Reports from Latin America
Why Study Another Language Abroad? 10 Immersion Schools Where You Can Study and Volunteer in Latin America by Amy E. Robertson
The Guide to Learning Spanish in Latin America by Volker Poelzl 
Top Mountain Towns to Study Spanish in Latin America and Spain: Combine Language Learning and Adventures in Nature by Mary Beth Strawn 
Spanish Language School Hopping: Study Across Central America by Jennifer Colletti
Family-Friendly Spanish Schools in Latin America by Robin Malinosky-Rummell
Portuguese Study in Brazil: More than Sun and Samba by Volker Poelzl
Crossing the Language Barrier in Mexico by Ted Campbell
Spanish Study at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca: Perfecting Language Skills at a UNESCO World Heritage Site by Sarah Keyt
Spanish and Culture Lessons in Mexico by Michele Peterson 
Spanish Language Study in Oaxaca, Mexico Through the Senses by Linda McDonnell
Study Spanish in Costa Rica at Three Different Campuses with Centro Panamericano de Idiomas by Spencer Klein 
Spanish Language Study in Laid-Back Costa Rica by Kelly Matlock
Language Study in Nicaragua: Choose from Central America’s Best Bargains by Joshua Berman
Spanish Study Inside a Volcanic Crater, Nicaragua by Dawn Kane 
Study Spanish in Córdoba: Immerse Yourself in Argentina’s Rich Culture by Volker Poelzl
Learning Spanish in Chile at the Tandem Santiago Spanish Language School by Isabel Eva Bohrer
How to Improve Your Spanish and Kayak in Chile by Ann Beman
Enjoy a Taste of Spanish in Cusco, Peru: Language Study and Cultural Immersion by Carrie Peterson
Study Spanish through Immersion in Arequipa, Peru: A Warm School in a Warm City by Douglas Haynes
Study in Ecuador: Quito's Spanish Language Schools are Many and Affordable by Heather Wynn
Vacations in Ecuador: Combine Language Immersion with Ecotourism by Dr. Clay Hubbs

 Language Study Abroad Participant Reports from Asia
Learning Mandarin Chinese in China: Living, Communicating and Growing in a New Country and Culture by Linda Lisa McGrew
Study Chinese in Shanghai by Rhett Merz 
How to Experience Thailand by Learning Thai: Language Immersion in the Kingdom by Paul King
Study Korean in Seoul, South Korea by Sheila D’Souza

Language Immersion Vacations
Accredited Language Programs worldwide and online
Learn Chinese in China with GoAbroadChina
Center for Study Abroad
Learn Italian in Tuscan with Il Sasso
Learn with the Alpine French School
French Summer Classes in Cannes
Learn French with Ludo Expression
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