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In 1977, Clay Hubbs, a former journalist, modern literature professor, and study abroad advisor, set forth on a groundbreaking mission based on his vision and vast experience as a traveler and explorer. He founded Transitions Abroad, a platform that would go on to inspire and guide countless individuals, including travel writers, in their quests for meaningful work, expatriate life, immersive travel, and study abroad experiences.

With five decades of living and traveling abroad to countless countries, Clay Hubbs and our team of contributing writers, including many digital nomads, have amassed a treasure trove of stories and experiences. Our journey began in an era when tourists were a rare sight on many parts of the globe. Today, as storytelling takes center stage in the world of travelers, we invite you to explore and share your own current adventures with and our international audience.
Clay Hubbs enjoying wine in Italy.
Clay enjoying local wine under a grape trellis café in his adopted hilltop village in Tuscany, near Florence.

Clay's son Gregory Hubbs took over the website, and is ensuring that's content remains driven by ideas and information many travelers of all ages and professional travel writers will find inspiring. We feel that all forms of travel, work, living, volunteering, and study abroad should be explored. We cover organized programs and emphasize individual custom paths for travelers of all ages, and actively encourage creative new ways to explore and transform yourself and the world for the better.

Gregory Hubbs at Leptis Magna in Libya in 1963 with no tourists in sight.
Exploring the famous Leptis Magna Roman ruins in Libya without a tourist in sight.

At, our vision for the future of travel isn't just a product of ideas; it's a culmination of decades filled with unforgettable adventures, daring risks, and meaningful connections forged abroad.

Our journey has been shaped by lifelong friendships with travel and educational thought leaders, collaborations with a vibrant community of travel writers, and a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of a variety of cultures. Through numerous extended trips and residencies in far-flung corners of the globe, we've distilled our experiences into what we call the "golden rule" of travel — a philosophy that has inspired countless others.

Join us and share the exploration, where the thrill of discovery meets the wisdom of seasoned travelers. Get ready to enjoy some of the endless secrets of travel, living, working, studying, and volunteering abroad that have set the standard for generations to come.
Note: We're in the midst of an exciting redesign process here at — a transformation that mirrors the depth and excellence of the articles, program listings, top-notch resources, and invaluable links we've curated and updated over the past five decades. But our vision doesn't stop here.

Our future iterations will push the boundaries, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and social networking to foster a thriving community. We're committed to expanding our pioneering publications and editorial content. Join us in our mission to be your comprehensive and meaningful online guide for all things related to travel, work, living, studying, interning, and volunteering abroad.

Stay tuned for a brighter, more dynamic!

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