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Living abroad in the Maldives

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The Guide to Living and Moving Overseas

 Featured Guides and Articles
 Living Abroad Expert Guides
9 Ways to Live Overseas 9 Sensational Ways to Live Overseas by Amy E. Robertson
An experienced expat, author, and long-time traveler provides realistic examples of popular and interesting ways to live overseas, including some you may not have considered.
Living and Working Abroad Living and Working Abroad: Do You Have What it Takes? by Celeste Heiter
A long-time expatriate in Japan and freelance author offers her own inside tips and a detailed questionnaire to help you determine your readiness for a successful transition abroad.
Settling into life in a new country 8 Tips for Settling into a New Country Successfully by Matt Scott
Top realistic tips provided by an experienced expat on how to smoothly and successfully adapt to living in your chosen country.
Living abroad map of Europe Living Abroad: Choosing a Country That's Best For You
A long-term traveler and expatriate describes the lure of moving overseas for the 8+ million Americans who have decided to take the plunge. We provide our picks of the top 10 countries for those making the move.

Here more columns that provide tips and answers to common questions:
Living abroad for four years How to Spend (Four) Years Living Abroad by Tim Leffel
If you are looking for a great place to move and live abroad for a year or as long as you wish, here are some ideas by the respected author of "A Better Life for Half the Price."
Working abroad for less How to Live and Work Abroad for Less by Nora Dunn
Abroad since 2006, Nora Dunn writes in detail about her year-over-year income and expenses while living and working abroad in a location-independent way.
Buying property in Panama 5 Keys to Buying a Property Abroad: Purchasing Your Piece of Paradise by Jonathon Engels
Practical tips and advice on how to go about choosing and buying your idea of paradise overseas, with budget as just one consideration.
Virtual jobs Why a Virtual Job is the Best Job for Working Abroad by Tim Leffel
In an extract from his fine new book, "A Better Life at Half the Price," Leffel explores the many options for virtual jobs abroad, an increasingly popular combination of work, long-term travel, and living abroad offering incredible flexibility.
Managing finances while abroad How to Manage Your Finances at Home While Living Abroad by Nora Dunn
Nora Dunn, who has been living and working abroad continuously since 2007, provides many practical tips and great options to manage your finances remotely.
Living abroad  indefinitely How to Stay an Expat Indefinitely: 10 Tips from a Decade on the Move by Jonathon Engels
After 10 years living around the world, working on a variety of jobs, Jonathon describes his unique experiences and provides some time-tested tips for prospective expats.
How to move your posessions overseas A Guide to Moving Your Possessions Overseas by Shanie Matthews
Essential tips and resources for moving abroad with your personal possessions.
Ship your car abroad Tips to Safely Ship Your Car Overseas by Jenna Oppenheimer
You can save a bundle when moving abroad if you ship your car. Here's how to do it and who can do it for you.
Living abroad is better than visiting 5 Reasons Why Living Overseas is Better Than Visiting by Jonathon Engels
Stories, reflections, and vivid illustrations by a long-term traveler and expat on how to experience deeper immersion in another land.
Organic farming abroad Permaculture Jobs, Sustainable Living and Endless Travel by Jonathon Engels
Over the past decade there has been a surge in interest and activities relating to permaculture jobs as a means of farming abroad, sustainable living, and the endless travel this enables.
The Expat's Survival Guide
In the first part of a 5-part series, advice on how to transition to living abroad as an expatriate.
Entrepreneurial Expatriates: How to Be Your Own Boss Abroad
Ways to create a business and start living as an expatriate.
How to Plan for Long-Term Travel and Living Abroad
Many useful planning tips and resources useful for those who plan on an expatriate life in one or more locations.
Moving and Living Abroad
The attitude and preparation necessary to move abroad successfully.
10 Steps to Move Abroad
The process of moving abroad in 10 practical steps.
Moving Overseas: Mistakes to Avoid
Practical tips for expatriates, including an emphasis on cultural and language immersion, for those contemplating moving abroad.
Before Moving to Europe
Preparation advice for those who plan on moving to Europe.
Successful Family Sabbaticals Abroad
How to make that family move abroad work for you.
Finding an Apartment Abroad
Online international rental resources and websites for expatriates to help you in what is one of the most challenging aspects of moving abroad.
Home Exchanges: A Cheap Way to Live Abroad
How to go about swapping your home for one overseas and living well in another country on a budget.
Real Estate in Latin America
Author Tim Leffel provides insight into some of reasons real estate in Latin America is in such great demand for Americans wishing to move abroad. He describes and provides resources on how best to go about researching a place to live in the region, while taking your budget into consideration.
Mixed Marriages: Why Expatriates Marry Foreigners and Then What Happens
The secrets to success and the issues to overcome for expatriates who marry abroad.
Schooling Your Children Abroad
Considerations in finding an appropriate school for your children abroad.
Third Culture Kids: Growing up Abroad Offers Advantages
The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages for children who grow up abroad (TCKs).

 Stories by Expatriates
Living in Mexico Living in Mexico: The Why, How, and Where by Tim Leffel
Inside tips from an experienced expat and author of a fine book on living abroad for half the price who researched moving to Mexico and made it happen successfully.
Living in Mexico An Insider's Guide to What You Need to Know to Move, Live and Work in Mexico by Ted Campbell
A long-term expatriate, author, and teacher describes all that is involved in moving, finding work, and living in Mexico in his Transitions Abroad Expatriate Writing Contest winning article.
Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand by Nathan Edgerton
Expat life in Chiang Mai, Thailand, including snapshots of living, studying and working in a contest-winning article.
Living abroad in Rome Living in Rome for the Long Term
Expatriate Martha Miller describes the exciting life she led as an expatriate in the bustling yet relaxing and entrancing Trastevere neighborhood in Rome.
Living and working in New Zealand A Year Living and Working in New Zealand by Lydia Horrex
An Expatriate Writing Contest winner tells you how you can take advantage of their working holiday program to enjoy the beautiful land for a year.
Living in Panama Living in Panama: The Why, How, and Where by Penny de Vine
What you need to know to move and live abroad in Panama, one of the easier countries in the Americas to make your relocation.
Expat in Cambodia An Expat’s Beach Town Cambodia: Living Large on a Budget by Brett Dvoretz
Among the many of the other appeals of living in Cambodia, and one of its biggest draws, was the low cost of living... Here, with relatively little work, I can afford to eat, buy, and engage in all the activities I desire...
Enjoying paella in Spain Living in Spain and Enjoying Immersion by Andrea Isiminger
An Expatriate Writing Contest winner is a relocation expert who helps expats adjust to living in Spain through total cultural immersion.
Living in Brazil Living in Brazil, the Land of Samba: You Get What You Give by John Clites
A long-term expat, and Expatriate Writing Contest winner, tells the story of his move to Brazil and offers interesting anecdotes and useful tips.
Temple in Bangkok Living in Bangkok by Nathan Edgerton
...Bangkok is the place to be if you want to live in one of Southeast Asia's most modern and exciting cities. If Southeast Asia has a city that doesn't sleep, this is it. With gentle and friendly people who still like to stay up late and food that by itself keeps the quality-of-life high, Bangkok is a fun place to stay with a lot to do....
Living in Calcata, India Living in an Italian Hill Top Town by David Farley
A spectacular medieval hill top town of Calcata where the author lived with locals and many bohemian artists.
Music and life in Turkey Life in Istanbul Turkey: The Queen of Cities by Joshua Jennings
An Expatriate Writing Contest winner provides comprehensive information on all aspects involved in living abroad in the great city of Istanbul.
Jumping Off the Face of the Earth: Landing in Thailand
Expatriate Writing Contest winner paints a picture of an exciting new life in Thailand.
Living in Costa Rica: Current Opportunities and Risks
The options for retirees, job seekers, and the availability of properties for potential expatriates.
The Dream and Reality of Living in the South of France
Family life in the south of France, where the author was treated with great warmth, learned the language, and ate incredibly well even as her children thrived.
Moving to China to Work, Study, and Live: From Basic Considerations to Cultural Immersion
What to know when moving to China and what to know in order to work and live in the rich civilization, where the ancient and the modern co-exist.
Living in Buenos Aires
The jobs available in largest city in Argentina for those determined to expatriate to the "Paris of South America."
Living and Teaching in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Top tips and resources by one who experienced the bustling city of HCMC as an insider.
An English Teacher in Vietnam
An Expatriate Writing Contest winner describes his experience lliving and working in small-town Vietnam.
Living Abroad Outside the Box in Bariloche, Argentina
A practical overview of options for living abroad in Bariloche, Argentina and what you need to know find work and enjoy life in a beautiful part of the world.
Living in Prague: Getting There and Staying There
The joys, trials, and tribulations of living as an expatriate in Prague—still a very happening and affordable city.
Living in Liguria: Find a Real Italian Village in Cinque Terre That's Remote But Not Too Remote
Living la dolce vita in a pristine remote village in the transcendently beautiful Cinque Terre—a jewel in the famous Liguria region known as the "Riviera" of Italy.
Living in Switzerland
The realities of living abroad in Switzerland with key resources for prospective expatriates.
Moving to the U.K.
A relocation expert offers tips on moving to the U.K., including obtaining a visa, renting a home, finding a job, receiving health care, and other living considerations.
Life in the Limousin Region of France: Vacation Rentals in the Heart of France
The many options for living in the Limousin region of France, with advice and resources to find a home rental or a country cottage.
Teaching English and Living in Mexico as a Mex-Pat
Inside tips on finding work teaching English in Mexico with a variety of perspectives from some of the many mex-pats who have chosen to expatriate.
A Year Living and Working in Peru
A year living and working abroad in Lima, Peru, where the author is surprised at what she discovers.
Living in France: Dos and Don'ts
Examples of the tact and cultural insight necessary to live and work abroad, here using France as an example.
Buying a Home in France
The process explained by an expand to seek, find, purchase and live in the cottage of her dreams in Brittany.
Relocation Logistics: How to Find, Buy and Live in Property Purchased in Paris, France
A primer for those thinking of living in France.
The Life of an American Expatriate Artist in Italy and Founder of SACI in Florence
Transitions Abroad engages painter Jules Maidoff in a discussion about his move to Italy, and the story of his creation of an art school in Florence. Jules provides a unique perspective as a highly successful expatriate happily living abroad in Italy, where he is so immersed in Italian and European cultural life that he has no plans to ever leave.
Living and Working in Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb is a city that needs some unraveling to reveal "a café culture rivaling Paris, the cosmopolitan vibe of Prague, and a nightlife akin to Madrid."
Everywhere is Home: Rhythms of Native Life in Fiji
A winner of the Expatriate Writing Contest, shares her experience living abroad in Fiji.
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