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The Ultimate Guide to Creative and Practical Job Opportunities Abroad

Work abroad and plan while at desk drinking coffee.

Discover and Prepare For Diverse Work Abroad Opportunities

Discover inspiring stories, expert guidance, and practical resources for meaningful international experiences. From internships and teaching to volunteering and remote work, explore diverse options for paid and unpaid jobs abroad.

The rise of remote work and digital nomadism is revolutionizing every form of job and creating new types of opportunities. Soon, over a billion people could enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere on the planet.

Every opportunity adds to your international resume, expands your network, and enriches your life. Surveys demonstrate that working and studying abroad enhance job prospects and long-term income growth.
The Pyramid entrance in front of the Louvre in France thumbnail. How to Build an International Employment Profile by Jean-Marc Hachey
A practical overview of the steps you need to take as part of the process of preparing for and finding jobs or careers abroad.
House Of Parliament in London, England during international career preparation thumbnail. Student Work Overseas as a Preparation for an International Career by William Nolting
The best time to seek work and prepare for an international career is while you are a student or right after graduation.
Man working on a virtual job sitting on boat with laptop thumbnail. Why a Virtual Job is the Best Job for Working Abroad by Tim Leffel
Digital nomads enjoy increasing options for location-independence. Choose your favorite destinations — explore the world while being paid for using your talents!
Kayaking in France on the sea while on a virtual assignment thumbnail. How to Find Your First Paid Job Overseas by Zahara Heckscher
I understand the dilemma of the first time international job seeker: You cannot get work overseas unless you have experience. But how do you get experience if you cannot get a job? I will share five proven strategies to break out of this Catch-22...and provide a worksheet.
Man creating an international resume with a laptop thumbnail. How to Write an Effective International Resume by Jean-Marc Hachey
Creating a resume for work abroad is significantly different in kind from those you create domestically. Here is an overview on how to do so successfully, with all the primary criteria to consider in this key document.
15 questions to ask for a job abroad as a tour guide with a group thumbnail. 15 Important Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Abroad by Matt Scott
A realistic look at what is involved in seeking and finding rewarding work overseas from an expat who has broad experience doing so worldwide.
Two people sitting at wood table netoworking for work thumbnail. How to Network for Jobs Abroad: A Guide to Finding International Employment by Zahara Heckscher
This guide is targeted to people seeking an international job. The detailed tips can be used to find short-term or long-term assignments, and will be helpful for recent college graduates, mid-career professionals, and retired people eager for new adventures.
Airport arrivals for work permit requests abroad thumbnail. A Guide to Work Permits and Visas Abroad: Initiate an International Career by Volker Poelzl
What is a work permit? How to you get one to work abroad? Here is an explanation about common requirements along with the resources you need to help obtain your own job overseas.
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Explore International Jobs and Careers

Work at the United Nations building thumbnail. How to Get Jobs Abroad with the United Nations: The Unauthorized Guide by Amy E. Robertson
A guide to the many ways to get a job at the United Nations. Explanations of the many and varied UN organizations and a plethora of resources are provided.
Street in Milan, Italy for where author has international employment thumbnail. How to Search and Find International Jobs by Leslie Strazzullo,
Excellent practical advice by one who has been working in Italy and has been successful in her job searches.
A nurse working on a job abroad. Work Abroad as a Nurse
A nurse describes her experience overseas and provides resources for the many nursing jobs available worldwide.
Man working at web development on beach in Cambodia thumbnail. How to Work Overseas as a Freelance Web Developer by Brett Dvoretz
The author describes how he created a freelance web development business while living as an expatriate in Cambodia, where the cost of living is very manageable.
Paris skyline from above with Eiffel Tower thumbnail. Starting a Business in Europe: How to Create Your Own Career by Volker Poelzl
A guide to the core issues and resources relating to visas, work permits, legal requirements, as well as the best countries and cities in Europe to start a business.
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Internships and Student Work Abroad: Spur a Global Career

Two students standing in room on an internship program abroad thumbnail. Top Programs Offering Internships Abroad by Chelsea Baldwin
Participating in a international internship offers a travel experience like no other as you are both a foreigner and live the life of a local. Internships are the key to gain experience and earn greater credibility with future employers.
Students looking at laptop seeking information thumbnail. How to Find Student Jobs and Internships Abroad by William Nolting
A long-time expert and student advisor provides a comprehensive overview of the process for finding the type of work to build your resume. A great resource for the student seeking their first job overseas.
Woman on the Great Wall of China on vacation from work thumbnail. How an Internship in China Can Lead to a Dream Job by Rebecca Shapiro
An internship in exciting Shanghai, China proves to be very fruitful as a career path, just as it is rewarding educationally and culturally. As more young people are going to China to study and intern, and more employers valuing such work abroad experience, the author highlights the short- and long-term personal and professional investment.
Study abroad to find work with student in front of flags thumbnail. Study Abroad Increases Professional Job Prospects by Isabel Eva Bohrer
IES Abroad surveyed over 1,000 study abroad alumni in order to determine the impact of such experience on the ability of recent graduates to find work after completion of a college degree. The findings strongly indicate that study abroad provides many advantages and often leads to international employment.
Students sitting on floor for internships thumbnail. What is the Value of an International Internship in Today's Job Market?
An Interview by Carly Vandergriendt for
In an interview with AIESEC, the largest internship internship organization in the world, we ask senior members key questions and receive useful answers.
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Explore Short-Term Jobs Abroad: Adventures and Lasting Experiences

Man working as foreign correspondent taking a photo thumbnail. Work as a Freelance Foreign Correspondent by Jason Motlagh
Many opportunities for exciting jobs as a freelance foreign correspondents are available as demand grows.
Trees and lake doing location independent work thumbnail. How to Live and Work Overseas While Freelancing on the Web by Nora Dunn
Many people dream of a life working abroad, with scarcely a care in the world besides finding an internet connection. Such a location-independent life is not as hard to achieve as it might seem at first blush.
Woman traveler on a teaching job with children at a desk in Guatemala thumbnail. Top Jobs Abroad for Long-Term Travelers by Jonathon Engels
17 short-term jobs available to those who wish to extend their long-term travels indefinitely.
Rowing while living in New Zealand lake thumbnail How to Spend a Year Living and Working in New Zealand by Lydia Horrex
At this time two years ago, I would not have been able to tell you a great deal about New Zealand. In fact, I had never really given the place a second thought until the day I discovered it was one of the few westernized countries where I could both legally live and work abroad.
Chairs on deck with sea view for relaxation or work thumbnail. How to Live and Work Abroad for Less by Nora Dunn
To many people, the dream of traveling the world and earning a living while doing so seems impossible; common excuses for not living and working abroad include a lack of career options or an having an overly expensive lifestyle. I had those same excuses myself, until I proved myself wrong.
Market in Barcelona to au pair thumbnail. Au Pair Jobs Abroad: Combine Long-Term Budget Travel and Work by Rachel Ward
I lived in uptown Barcelona for seven months without writing a single rent check or mailing one utility bill. I did not even pay for groceries. Before that I spent two months free of charge in a medieval town by Oxford. How did I manage to stay so long in Europe gratis? I was an au pair...
Trampoline job in Australia thumbnail. Adventures Working Abroad in Australia by Lauren Fitzpatrick
Working in Australia, in this case through the BUNAC program, is a truly memorable year-long adventure. Here are one such series of experiences.
A toucan in a rainforest in Costa Rica seen while working at an eco-lodge. Working in an Eco-Lodge and Guiding Tours in Costa Rica by Carolyn Nye
The story of a long-term traveler who finds work on the spot at an eco-lodge in Costa Rica, as part of her odyssey working in countries worldwide, complete with practical advice.
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TEFL and Teaching English: Opportunities Abroad

Teaching English online, teaching on laptop outside in front of pond. Teach English Online: Be a Digital Nomad by John Clites
Enjoy the flexibility of earning income from home or on the road as a digital nomad by teaching English online.
Temple in Chiang Mai: Teach English in Thailand thumbnail. Live and Teach English in Smiling Chiang Mai
Voted one of the friendliest cities in the world, Chiang Mai is an ideal place to dip your toes into the world of teaching. The relaxed environment and low-key attitude make for a gentle introduction to TEFL for those just getting their feet wet.
View of ocean: Teach English and live in Brazil. Teaching English and Living in Brazil by John Clites
There is a demand for English teachers in Brazil and that demand will only increase in the foreseeable future.
Classroom of students with teacher of English. Guide to Teaching English as a Second Language Abroad by Ted Campbell
10 practical tips in an essential guide, including key resources provided by an experienced expat who has taught extensively in Mexico and South Korea.
Man at laptop computer teaching online. How to Create a Great Resume for Teaching English Abroad: A Guide to Landing Your First Job by John Clites
Our TEFL Abroad Columnist explores how to land your (first) job teaching, and why preparing the appropriate resume is critical. Here is a detailed guide explaining how to do so.
Teaching English in Costa Rica How a TEFL Certificate Abroad Leads to a Teaching Job by Linda Dunsmore
An experienced teacher provides practical recommendations and tips for gaining a TEFL Certificate overseas as a path to English teaching jobs worldwide. With the demand for English teachers still very strong, there are so many great options.
View of Alhambra castle in Grenada, Spain thumbnail How and Where to Find Jobs Teaching English in Europe: An Overview by Susan Griffith
The author of many classic books on working and teaching abroad offers inside tips and resources to succeed in the difficult task of securing jobs in Europe.
Woman teacher at bookstore in France. Inside the Paid Teaching Assistant Program in France by Sarena Tien
A rare opportunity for Americans to find work teaching as an assistant in France. Use your stipend to travel, explore the culture and learn French.
Children in schoolyard in Spain gathered around teacher thumbnail Teach English in Spain: Open Up Opportunities by Sagan Pope
An experience on the Teach in Spain program with CIEE transformed the life of the participant, led her to 5 years in the country and to career success thereafter.
Vietnam language school Teaching English and Living in Vietnam: A Southeast Asia Giant by Nathan Edgerton
The guide to teaching and living in Vietnam — where the options are almost endless and the cost of living low — by a working expat.
Afternoon in Oaxaca Teaching English and Living in Mexico by Jonathan Clark
...I was still looking for a job. I had long thought about trying to live overseas and I knew that teaching English was a good vehicle for doing so, so I enrolled in a 1-month crash course in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) to figure out how to do it.
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Teaching K-12 and University: Your Passport to the World Abroad

International teachers Teachers and International Schools by Kathy Fritts
Everything you need to know to find an adventurous new job or career at an international school as described by experienced teachers.
Teaching at an international school Teaching at an International School — Five Key Facts You Should Know by Cynthia Nagrath
An exploration of perception versus reality regarding work at international schools. Here are five key reasons that misconceptions should not keep you from great job opportunities worldwide.
Job at school in France The International School Route: The Facts on Starting an Overseas Teaching Career by Cory Scott
The author has found international work as a teacher, and provides inside tips and resources about the very best ways to pursue an overseas teaching career.
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Volunteer Opportunities: Impact and Grow

Finding Your First Job Abroad Why Volunteer Overseas? Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer by Zahara Heckscher
Co-author of an instant classic book, Learning Service, the author is an experienced volunteer, activist, and teacher. She has co-written a book that explores the subject, motives, and activity in a unique and no-nonsense manner.
Volunteer work in Italy on an olive farm. Volunteer in Italy at an Olive Farm with WWOOF by Venetia Sherson
A volunteer experience with in Italy harvesting olives on organic farms with WWOOF, a worldwide organization that allows participation at all ages.
Volunteer for endangered animals Ten Projects for Volunteers to Help Endangered Animals Abroad by Lavanya Sunkara
An overview of important projects to volunteer help for the many endangered animals in countries abroad.
Worthwhile volunteering abroad How to Volunteer Overseas to Protect Wildlife Effectively by Amy E. Robertson
With so many great options to volunteer helping to care for wildlife, which projects to choose, where, how long, and what are the considerations?
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