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The Guide to Immersion Travel Overseas

Immersion travel in Bhutan
Photo by Lies Ouwerkerk of the Tiger's Next Monastery in Bhutan.

For over 40 years, Transitions Abroad has been a trailblazer in providing practical information and inspiration for anyone who wishes to travel without engaging in overtourism at the most popular destinations. We have always emphasized greater understanding of other cultures through direct participation in the daily life of host communities. We cover cultural immersion, adventure, responsible, educational, budget, independent, and other ways to travel abroad while offering extensive articles, programs, and resources to offer a taste of the endless possibilities.

Photo journey around the world. 
Photo Journey Around the World: Unique People, Places, and Practices
by Senior Contributing Editor Lies Ouwerkerk
Some richly illustrated and wide-ranging experiences you might want to add to a list of future explorations.
Costa Rica rainforest Do It Yourself Travel in Costa Rica
by Ted Campbell
Greek Islands budget travel How to Ferry Around the Greek Islands on a Budget
by Veronica Hackethal
Budget travel in France The Art of Saving: Paris for Less Than 50 Euros A Day
by Lucas Peters
Bread in France 10 Creative Alternatives for Solo Travelers to Wine and Dine in Paris
by Lies Ouwerkerk
Authentic food in Mexico The Ultimate Guide to Authentic Eating in Mexico
by Ted Campbell
Visit authenic Mexico 5 Routes and Regions for an Authentic Mexican Visit
by Ted Campbell
Travel by Cargo Ship Around the World Travel by Cargo Ship Around the World
by Friedel Rother
Porto, Portugal Going Local in Porto, Portugal
by Lies Ouwerkerk
Why I Travel: Burkina Faso Why I Travel: The Impact of Exploring the World
by Lies Ouwerkerk
Travel Writing Myths The Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer (Updated!)
by Tim Leffel
Budget travel in France France on a Budget — Yes, It is Possible
by Kelby Hartson Carr
Culinary budget travel in Europe How to Eat Well on a Budget in Europe
by Kelby Hartson Carr 
City budget travel in Europe Andy Steves’ Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget
by Linda Lappin
Motorhome travel in Australia How to Plan Campervan or Motorhome Travel in Australia
by Nora Dunn
Sustainable Mexican tourism A More Sustainable Face of Mexican Tourism
by Tim Leffel
Solo travel tips 10 Tips From a Seasoned Solo Traveler: How to Make the Best of Your Travels Abroad
by Ted Campbell

Transitions Abroad offers a varied selection of articles by experts suggesting different ways and destinations for you to travel for a meaningful, or better yet, a transformational experience.

We include strories by travelers of all ages and walks of life who share a passion for discovery of the fascinating world about them.

Whether you seek a new adventure abroad, wish to slow down, and respect the way of life of the local people, or immerse yourself in the cultures and destinations you have long wished to visit or revisit, the following sections contain many articles and resources that will offer you informative and inspirational ideas to make it happen.

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Cultural Travel and Special Interest Vacations
Unique programs and tours that combine the places you most want to go with the things you most like to do.
Educational Travel Programs
Learning programs designed for those with a variety of interests, from archeological tours of Greece to biking tours of Italy to safaris in the Amazon.
Responsible Travel Programs
Regional listing of programs and tours that respect local cultures and the environment while making a positive contribution to the host community.
Senior Travel Programs and Tours with Substance
Travel programs worldwide which take into account the interests and concerns of today's mature travelers, including volunteer vacations.
Teen Study and Travel Programs
Student travel organizations that sponsor exchange programs and teen programs for high school age students.
Women Travel Tours and Clubs
Tours and clubs designed specifically for women who seek to travel together abroad.
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