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Volunteer with Children Volunteer Abroad with United Planet!
Volunteer in Europe European Volunteer Adventures!
International Volunteering with ELI Volunteer Programs Worldwide with ELI Abroad
Volunteer Overseas with CCS Volunteer Abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions
Volunteer Worldwide with Projects Abroad Projects Abroad Worldwide
Volunteer with VolunteerHQ Volunteer Projects Worldwide from US$180 with IVHQ
Adventures in Service Adventures in Service with Globeaware
Volunteer in Argentina, China and South Africa with Connect-123 Volunteer in Argentina, China, Ireland, South Africa and Spain with Connect-123
Volunteer with children A Broader View Volunteers, U.S. Non Profit Charity 501 c(3) in 24 Countries — 224 Social & Conservation Outreach Programs
Love Volunteers Make a REAL difference with Love Volunteers — from just US$175!
Animal Rescue in Galapagos with Lead Advenures Volunteer in Ecuador and the Galapagos with Lead Adventures

  Expert Guides for Volunteers

Top International Volunteer Programs 2018 Top Volunteer Abroad Programs 2018-2019
By Jessica Voigts
Evaluate Volunteer Organizations How to Evaluate International Volunteer Organizations and Programs
By Zahara Heckscher
Why volunteeer abroad Why Volunteer Overseas? Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer for Any Age
By Zahara Heckscher
International volunteering trends Trends in Volunteering Abroad
By Jessica Voigts
Why pay to volunteer? Why Pay to Volunteer? A Guide for Students
By Isabel Bohrer
Benefits of Service Learning The Lifelong Benefits of Service Learning Abroad
By Jessica Voigts
Turtle How to Find a Worthwhile Voluntourism Experience Overseas
By Amy E. Robertson
Wildlife How to Volunteer to Protect Wildlife Effectively
By Amy E. Robertson
Volunteer caring for a giraffe A Guide to Animal Care Programs for Volunteers
By Jane Stanfield
Helping endangered animals Ten Projects for Volunteers to Help Endangered Animals
By Lavanya Sunkara
Volunteer vacation in Latin America How to Plan an Unforgettable Volunteer Vacation in Latin America
By Amy E. Robertson
Volunteer farm work The Guide to Volunteer Farm Work Abroad
By Jonathon Engels
Student service learning 3 Ways to Engage in Student Service Learning Abroad
By Eric Hartman
Why teens should volunteer 10 Reasons Why Teens Should Volunteer Overseas
By Jessica Voigts
Volunteer overseas over 50 Over 50 and Volunteering Overseas
By John Dwyer
Volunteer vacations for seniors Volunteer Vacations: Seniors Have a Different Agenda
By Alison Gardner
Volunteer photography for an NGO Volunteer with an NGO Abroad as a Photographer
By Jim Hall
Long-term voluntourism The Truth About How Long You Should Commit to Volunteer
By Amy E. Robertson
Volunteer in Namibia Top Volunteer Programs and Sending Organizations in Africa
By Zahara Heckscher
A Path Appears A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity
An Interview with Nicholas D. Kristof

By John Dwyer
Peace Corps Director of Volunteering An Interview with the Director of the Peace Corps
By John Dwyer
Women empowerment How to Volunteer and Offer Essential Support to Women Overseas
By Amy E. Robertson
Volunteer and learn Spanish in Panama 10 Immersion Schools Where You Can Combine Language Study and Volunteering in Latin America
By Amy E. Robertson
Volunteer with your kids abroad Top Considerations for Volunteering Overseas… with Your Kids
By Amy E. Robertson
Volunteer as professionals How to Put Professional Skills to Use As a Volunteer
By Amy E. Robertson
Senior volunteers Learning to Love (Senior) Voluntourists
By Alison Gardner
Volunteer Programs with ELI
Volunteer with United Planet
Volunteer Programs with Projects Abroad
International Volunteering with Volunteer HQ
GO ECO Volunteering Programs
Volunteer Abroad with CCS
Volunteer Programs with Connect123
Volunteer with A Broader View
Volunteer in Ecuador with Lead Adventures
GlobeAware: Adventures in Service in Cambodia
Love Volunteers
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