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Square in Madrid, Spain.

  Expatriate Resources and Articles on Spain

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Much like the rest of the European Union, living in Spain legally if you are not a European citizen is not easy. Unless you apply for a student visa or are hired by a company in Spain, the only way to legally reside in Spain is with the help of a Spanish relative or if you have an independent income. Common visas for foreigners are those for employees, independent business owners, students, and retirees. But since there is rarely scrutiny of expatriates from North America when crossing the border, many stay on illegally to enjoy life in Spain as long as possible. Spain has a rich and varied cultural heritage, a mild climate, and a vibrant and laid-back way of life, making it a desirable destination for expatriates from Europe and North and Latin America.

Featured Articles on Living, Working, Studying, Traveling, and Volunteering in Spain
The Who What Where Why When of Living Abroad in Spain by Heather Olafsson
Expat Life: Stay in Spain and Start a Business by Isabel Eva Bohrer
Internship at a Hospital in Madrid, Spain by Shannon Kiang
Short-Term Jobs in Barcelona by Alex Kain
Working in Spain with the Language and Culture Assistants Program by Ashleigh Bugg
Teach English Abroad: That is, If You Want To by Emily Kellner
Teaching English in Barcelona as a Language and Cultural Assistant by Nara Nylander
Teaching English in Barcelona, Spain by Regina Winkle-Bryan
Keep Your Job Teaching English in Seville Spain by Barry O'Leary
Working in Valencia without Spanish: Creative Ways to Find Jobs Teaching English by Mark Booth
Teach English in Spain? It’s Possible, But Only if You Have Ganas by Kate Doyle
Find a Job in Spain: A Successful Job Seeker Tells How by Sharon Lina Pearce
Teaching English in Paradise: Living in the Canary Islands of Spain by Lucy Corne
Speak English? Volunteer in Spain by Nora Dunn
¡Viva España! — Enjoying the Pleasures of Cultural Immersion While Living in Spain by Andrea Isiminger
Buying a Home and Living in Southern Spain by Allan Ashton
Wintering in Southern Spain by Sharon Freeman
Living in Tenerife by Joe Cawley
Volunteer in Spain: Free Room and Board for Speaking English by Roy A. Barnes
Volunteer and to Make the Desert Green in Spain with Sunseed by Saskia Cornes
What to Know About Studying Abroad in Madrid by Alexei Koseff
Studying Abroad in Madrid through Middlebury College by Isabel Bohrer
Study Spanish in Andalucía? Sí, sí y sí! by Irene Middleman Thomas
Spanish Study in Seville: Get to Know Southern Spain's Rich Culture and Sociable People by Volker Poelzl
Educational and Cultural Travel in the South of Spain by Regina Winkle-Bryan
Learn Spanish in Spain: The Valencia Region is a Culturally Rich Location to Study by Vicki Salemi
Studying Flamenco and Spanish in Granada, Spain: Experience the Rich Culture with a Short Immersion Program by Mariette Tachdjian
Pintxo Bars — Spain’s Social Network: Slow Snacking with Local Flavors by Nicholas Irving
Eating Well in Madrid by Beebe Bahrami, PhD
La Sagrada Família in Barcelona Antoni Gaudi's Sacred Church Is Finally Near Completion! by Isabel Eva Bohrer
Slow Food in Barcelona: A Walk Through the Markets and a Taste of Catalan Cuisine by Anna Maria Espsater
I Left My Hunger in Barcelona: Markets and a Cooking School Experience by Tom McGuire
Markets in Northwestern Spain by Beebe Bahrami, PhD
A Culinary Tour of Rioja by Beebe Bahrami, PhD
Walking, Eating, and Drinking Along the Road to Santiago de Compostela by Beebe Bahrami, PhD
Markets in Northwestern Spain by Beebe Bahrami, PhD
Monastery Stays in Spain by Tom McGuire 
Festes De Sant Joan In Ciutadella De Menorca: A Unique Summer Solstice Festival in Spain on a Historic Islandby Lies Ouwerkerk
Valencia Welcomes You to the Fallas Festival: Celebrate the Rebirth of Spring in Spain by Carla Waldemar
Budget Travel Bliss in Spain by Regina Winkle-Bryan
The Paradors of Spain by Mary Jo Blackwood
Hiking the Pyrenees by Beth Kohn
Skiing in the Pyrenees by Scott Shefloe

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 Expatriate Websites and Resources Living in Spain as an Expatriate  provides resources and a directory of blogs related to moving and living in the country..

Expat Arrivals Spain has a guide with information for expats moving to Spain and includes articles, interviews, and resources.

Expat Focus: Move to Spain Easily provides information, resources, hosts forums and blogs by and for expats.

Expatica's The Expat Guide Spain provides news, information, online resources to move and live in the country. This site also offers a platform to find a job and to get in contact with other expats.

InterNations — Your Expat Community in Spain provides essential information with an option for paid registration with for the expat community. Membership allows you access to even more shared opportunities about living in the country.

Justlanded: Spain provides resources and background on moving, living, and working in the country.

Numbeo: Spain is a fine crowdsourced site that provides much aggregate and itemized information about the cost of living in the country, the main cities, and bigger towns which should help prepare you for the transition.

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 Recommended Reading on Spain

Spain Guidebook by Rick Steves

Moon Seville, Granada & Andalusia: With Cordoba, Malaga & Tangier by Lucas Peters

The Rough Guide to Spain

Lonely Planet Spain (Travel Guide)

Lonely Planet Experience Spain

Successfully Moving to Spain: A step-by-step Guide to Immigration, Becoming a Resident, and happily Living in Spain from outside of the EU (Post-Brexit)

How to Buy Spanish Property and Move to Spain ... Safely

DK Spain Eyewitness Travel Guide

Moon Camino de Santiago: Sacred Sites, Historic Villages, Local Food & Wine by Beebe Bahrami

The Spiritual Traveler: Spain: A Guide to Sacred Sites and Pilgrim Routes by Beebe Bahrami

Greater Than a Tourist Spain

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Barcelona

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Madrid

Frommer's Spain

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 Travel Information for Spain

Tourist Office of Spain is Spain's official tourism portal.

Lonely Planet: Spain travel guide makes it easy for travelers to deal with the daily challenges independent travelers face: how to get around, where to stay, where to eat, and much more.

Rough Guides: Travel Guide to Spain describes various attractions and destinations, while also providing practical travel tips about transportation, safety, and other travel essentials.

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