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Staying Connected While Abroad

In our daily lives most of us are used to being constantly connected to other people, either via smartphone, text messages, email, instant messaging, social networking sites, or even video conferencing. But few expatriates realize that it is often difficult to take this level of connectivity with us when we move abroad. Likewise, travel overseas can require some adjustments. Cell phone frequencies vary from country to country, and in many countries cell phone data networks, WiFi access, and high-speed internet are not as common as in North America, or they may be much more expensive. To help you stay connected while traveling or living abroad, we have compiled resources that provide information about internet and telephone access, as well as resources to help you find online media. We also provide overview articles for each of the connectivity modes.—Volker Poelzl

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 International Cellular Phone and Communications Services

eKit, provides of integrated communications, mobile, VOIP and internet services, designed to keep travelers in touch. The company offers travel communication services including mobile phones, SIM cards, global calling cards, VOIP calling, voicemail, text messaging and online location mapping. The services are accessible worldwide from more than 180 countries.

RebTel provides a service where the recipient calls the number which appears on their phone to connect back to you while paying only local charges.

Skype is a service, owned by Microsoft, allowing calls around the world using headphones connected to your computer. Computer-to-computer calls are free, while computer to landline calls are relatively cheap. The software offers many other features, including renting your own number, call forwarding, chat, group chats, etc.



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