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Health, Travel Insurance and Safety Abroad

Staying healthy is clearly important for all travelers to enjoy travel to the fullest. The more you learn about the health risks at your destination, the better you'll be prepared. The resources listed below help you get the most updated information about health threats and concerns abroad. For example, you should know about recommended vaccinations and common precautions. We have included government websites from a number of English-speaking countries, so that readers can get a variety of health threat assessments and recommendations.

Generally, most prudent expatriates and travelers will want to purchase health insurance if their current coverage does not cover them while they are overseas. Transitions Abroad provides some potential options which you should carefully compare for your own unique situation (see our articles below for more details).

Importantly, do not forget travel insurance that covers property, trip cancellation, and other coverages included in the best policies, since certain unforeseen events can prove very inconvenient and costly.

 Featured Articles on Health and Other Types of Insurance Abroad for Expatriates and Travelers
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  Health and Travel Insurance for Expatriates and Travelers Abroad
International Travel, Health and Life Insurance
For over 20 years ASA, Inc. has provided people of all nationalities peace of mind around the world. We are solely dedicated to international insurance, giving us the expertise to handle coverage needs that are as diverse as our clients. We offer an impressive portfolio of plans that provide worldwide coverage, free choice of doctors or hospitals, no limitation on length of stay in any country, and many other unique benefits. Contact us today to experience peace of mind around the world.
Contact: ASA, Inc., 4425 E. Agave Road, Ste. 101, Phoenix, AZ 85044
Tel: 1-888-272-8288 (US Toll Free). 1-888-480-4966 (Mexico Toll Free). 480-753-1333 (Outside US & Mexico.)

Expatriate Healthcare | International Healthcare for Expats
Expatriate Healthcare has over 15 years’ experience in serving expats. Our focus to deliver peace of mind to expats is reflected in our product suite consisting of; International Healthcare, International Travel Insurance, Term Life Insurance & Income Protection Insurance. Totally dedicated to expats, insuring over 120 different nationalities in over 180 countries. Take advantage of our 24-hour support, comprehensive protection and no hospital restrictions.

See our article with an infographic on the 10 of the Best Countries in the World for Expats 2018 for ideas about top locations to live abroad.
Get Health Insurance for Living Abroad with Expatriate Healthcare Contact: Expatriate Healthcare, Sixth Floor, Marlow House 1A Lloyd’s Avenue London EC3N 3AA, United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 3551 6634; Fax.: +44 (0)870 428 5141

World Nomads is a well-respected Australian company, offering a variety of insurance services with affiliates worldwide, and appeals to long-term travelers. You can apply from abroad once your trip has already started, and extend your policy while still traveling. allows you to compare and purchase travel insurance policies from a variety of companies.

HCC Medical Insurance Services offers an array of international expatriate, travel, and student insurance services, including a tool to look up doctors and hospitals in their provider network.

International SOS is an international membership organization that provides short- and long-term travelers’ health insurance and country guides with specific health, vaccination and safety information; specializes in travel health services, medical assistance, hospital referrals and worldwide emergency assistance and evacuations for its corporate and individual members.


  Health Abroad Resources

General Background

The U.S. Department of State provides Travel Alerts & Warnings, and much more. Medical Information for Americans Traveling Abroad lists doctors and hospitals abroad, as well as U.S.-based Air Ambulance companies. To be able to better assist you in an emergency, the U.S. State Dept. recommends that American citizens register with the nearest consulate or embassy during their stay abroad.

The U. S. Government's Traveler's Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) website is your best source for useful travel tips, as well as region-specific information. Here you can find health information on specific destinations regarding outbreaks, diseases, vaccinations, water safety, as well as links to other related sites.

World Health Organization (WHO) provides International Travel and Health information about vaccination requirements, travel risks and precautions, accidents, and infectious diseases for most countries worldwide


  Safety Abroad Resources

General Background

U.S. State Department provides a variety of links regarding travel warnings for specific countries, resources for Americans living in foreign countries, and much more. The perspective is from the U.S. Government, of course, and the sites are constantly being updated. To find out if any travel warnings have been issued recently for your destinations, check the Current Travel Warnings.

Air Travel News
Federal Aviation Administration
Airwise News

Humanitarian Concerns

Human Rights Watch
Amnesty International
International Red Cross
United Nations Development Program


International Travel Insurance Consultants
Get Health Insurance for Living Abroad with Expatriate Healthcare
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