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Living Abroad in Italy.

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The number of Americans living abroad has steadily grown over the past two decades as more people have become interested in the novelty of life as an expat, often offered opportunities to work in offices abroad or remotely, find an overseas job, retire with a better quality of life, return to the land of their ancestors, become high-earning digital nomads, enjoy romantic relationships, and explore other rich cultures and languages. The Association of Americans Resident Overseas, states that over 8.7 million Americans live in 160-plus countries.

Motivated by the numerous challenges of adapting to a new way of life in a foreign country, being well-informed about their host country is the best tool for prospective expatriates or global citizens. Knowing how to handle the various aspects of moving and living abroad is best. We designed the Living Abroad section to help you find in-depth information on our site and others that may offer useful information about the top countries and regions worldwide often chosen by expats.

We provide country-specific resources, expert articles, first-person stories on various topics relevant to expatriates, and general resources that provide information common to all countries. Transitions Abroad's role is to help make your experience rewarding and successful, even when the information may come from other dedicated expatriate websites covering a wide range of expertise.

After all, we share in being global citizens as part of a world in a perpetual state of transition.

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