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Cheap Air Travel in Europe

Your Ticket to Savings Can be Found Online

Cheap air travel in Europe with Ryanair and other airlines.
Cheap air travel in Europe with Ryanair.

Embarking on an air adventure in today's Europe won't empty your wallet. Over the past three decades, European air travel has evolved, making it budget-friendly and convenient. The '90s saw the emergence of low-cost airlines, fueled by market liberalization that introduced more EU airlines and heightened competition, including with high-speed trains. This shift transformed the aviation industry in Europe, a region where major cities are often closer together compared to the often vast distances in the United States, as from Los Angeles to New York. This guide uncovers essential tips for securing the cheaper airfare options in Europe.

Mastering the Art of Affordable European Air Travel

Choosing Your Entry Point

While London is a popular entry point to Europe from North America, consider alternatives if your destination is beyond the UK. London's Heathrow Airport can lead to delays and hassles due to its size. Secondary London airports offer affordable flights to other European cities.

Hub Connections to Save Money

Direct flights aren't always the cheapest. Major European airlines often route through hub cities, connecting to various European destinations. Open-jaw tickets, where you arrive in one city and depart from another, offer flexibility at a minimal cost.

Open Skies Agreement

The U.S.-EU Open Skies agreement has transformed transatlantic travel, providing diverse flight options, while also resulting in minimizing regulations, increasing operational efficiency, and increasing the choice of price models for air travel within Europe..

Low-Cost Carriers in Europe

Budget-friendly airlines have revolutionized European air travel. They operate from smaller cities or secondary airports, offering affordability with fewer frills.

Understanding the Details

Low-cost carriers may charge for meals, baggage, and more. Scrutinize the fine print to avoid surprises.

Booking Your Low-Cost Flight in Europe

Low-cost carriers primarily sell tickets online. Travel agents can also help you find hidden deals.

Savvy Traveler Tips

Stay flexible and consider off-peak travel. Travel agents can offer exclusive fares. Know your rights in case of canceled flights.

Enjoy Affordable European Air Travel

With low-cost airlines, exploring Europe on a budget is within reach. Embrace the freedom of the skies on your budget-friendly European journey.

Budget Airlines in Europe

Some cheap airlines operating within Europe, with their major hubs, include:

Aer Lingus (Dublin)

British Airways (London) is a British airline, with some deals available, that flies to destinations within Europe from several airports in Great Britain.

Air Baltic (Riga, Latvia)

CityJet (London)

EasyJet (London, Paris, Milan) is a large low-cost airline with destinations all over Europe.

Ryanair (Dublin, London) is an Irish airline with its major hub at London, and is Europe’s largest budget airline with flights to every corner of the continent.

Smartwings (Prague)

Vueling (Barcelona)

You can also check out this annotated and exhaustive list of Discount Airlines in Europe as well as low-cost airline hubs compiled by Wikitravel.

Useful Search Engines for Cheap Airfare in Europe

SkyScanner offers low-cost airfare, focusing primarily within Europe.

Eurocheapo provides budget flights within Europe as well as hotel and car reservations.

CheapoAir offers booking options for budget flights within Europe.

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