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The Guide to Cheap and Rewarding Travel Overseas

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Transitions Abroad combines some the best ideas and information on ways to get the most out of overseas experience by avoiding the superficial tourist routine. The most economical and rewarding way to travel and live abroad is to do so like a local. Whether for a short vacation or a longer stay, Transitions Abroad has long been known as a premier tool for intelligent independent and budget travelers — where to go, who to see, what to do, and how to get off the bus tour and beyond the postcards.

The featured articles below reflect this perspective on budget travel and are packed with practical travel tips, with many covering Europe, where traveling on a budget requires far more insider tips than more readily found deals in much of Latin America, Asia, or Africa. As with all travel, we also urge attempting to respectfully give back as much as possible to the host community.

 Featured Budget Travel Advice
Off-season budget travel in Europe 8 Great Reasons for Shoulder Season Travel in Europe
The many advantages of selecting shoulder season to travel in Europe. From maintaining a budget to better opportunities for immersion to encounters with welcoming locals to avoiding the recent extremes of climate change.
Budget travel in France The Art of Saving: Paris for Less Than 50 Euros A Day by Lucas Peters
An American expat in Paris describes how you can visit the city while staying in nice accommodations, eating well, enjoying the sites and getting around on a budget.
Budget travel checklist A Checklist for Budget Travel
A form and tips for managing a budget travel checklist to enjoy or extend any trip abroad.
Avoid crowds overseas for deals Steer Clear of the Crowds for a Better (and Cheaper) Experience
How to travel cheaply and enjoy more by staying clear, as much as possible, of the tourist hordes who congregate at predictable locations.
Off-season travel bargains Know Your Seasons for the Best Travel Bargains
Author of The World's Cheapest Destinations, Tim Leffel, tours the calendar to describe the best seasons for those traveling on a tight budget.
Budget adventure travel Budget Adventure Travel: Do It Yourself
How to research and book budget adventure travel abroad on your own, as laid out by a long-time world traveler and author Tim Leffel.
Cheap alternatives to cell phones abroad 7 Cheap Alternatives to Handing the Phone Company All Your Money
You really don’t have to take your regular cell phone abroad.
Accommodations abroad on a budget How to Find Extraordinary Yet Affordable Accommodations Abroad
Tips to help you find memorable accomodations abroad suitable to your own budget.
Eat where locals eat Eat Cheaper Where the Locals Eat
Eat well and eat cheap abroad by following these tips.
Budget Travel Articles by Region and Country
Cheapest Destinations travel blog

Budget Travel in Mexico and Central America

Budget Travel in South America

Budget Travel in Asia

Budget Travel in the New Eastern Europe

A series of articles by travel writer, extensive traveler, and authority Tim Leffel on regional options for smart travel on the cheap.

Buget travel in Europe 6 Tips for Budget Travel in Europe
Insider tips for budget travel in Europe — when, how, and where to go in order to stretch your dollar.
Buget travel in Portofino, Italy is possible off-season Savvy Planning for Affordable Travel in Europe
The many options for cheaper travel in Europe, where short- and long-term vacations are still possible with a bit of planning.
Travel in Kerala Kerala, India and the Maldives on a Budget by Senior Contributing Editor Lies Ouwerkerk
Enjoy 12 days of independent travel for less than a grand.
Ferrying around the Greek islands. How to Ferry Around the Greek Islands on a Budget
...Fortunately, journeying in the land of heroism does not require an unlimited bank account. The tried and true way of traveling — taking the ferry — is an economical option with advantages over luxury routes. Ferries move slowly, allowing travelers to gaze at islands along the way and to talk with locals...
Student travel in Europe 7 Tips for Student Budget Travel in Europe
Student travel on a budget through Europe requires smart planning in exchange for a memorable experience.
Learn and travel on a budget Go Travel and Learn Something: Affordable Educational Travel
The many ways a traveler can study abroad on a budget — whether by participating in volunteer work, taking part in language programs, or other inexpensive forms of educational travel.
Vatican at night 5 Ideas for Sightseeing on a Budget in Europe
Avoid the busy hours when tour buses block the view, and enjoy sights, history, culture, and the local food, culture at your own pace.
Culinary budget travel in Europe How to Eat Well on a Budget in Europe
Some of the many options for dining well on a budget when traveling in Europe, where great cheap local food is available everywhere.
Europe rental apartments Budget Vacation Apartment and Home Rentals in Europe by Lies Ouwerkerk
Vacation rentals in Europe provide a comfortable, often inexpensive, and immersive way to travel while also allowing you to enjoy local hospitality. You can live in the rhythm of locals, cook when you wish, sightsee when the mood strikes you, meet your budget needs, and experience your trip at the pace you wish.
Europe budget lodgings Lodging on a Budget in Europe
Some of the many options for cheap but enjoyable lodgings for travelers while in Europe.
Bullet trains in Spain Choose from the Many Cheap Transportation Options in Europe
In Europe there are many great deals to be had using varied transportation options.
Affordable air travel in Europe Budget Air Travel Within Europe: Smart Strategies
Insider strategies for travelers to find very affordable tickets within Europe.
Cheap air travel in Europe Cheap Air Travel in Europe
Tips on how to book flights and find the best budget airlines within Europe, including resources.
Cheap air travel Ryanair Budget Train Travel in Europe: How to Find the Cheapest Tickets
Insider tips for travelers to find cheap train tickets in Europe.
Budget travel in France: an apartment. France on a Budget
Rewarding travel on the cheap in France is still possible, especially with the recent rise in the value of the dollar. Here are many options for affordable trips, preferably taken slowly, to some of  the most enjoyable locations in France, with links to accommodations, dining, and transportation that can fit many budgets this summer and fall.
Budget trains in France Budget Travel in France 101: Tips from an Insider
How to travel afforably in what can be a very expensive country if you do not plan carefully.
Rentals in Paris How to Enjoy Your Stay in Paris on a Budget: Rent an Apartment
Tips for staying in Paris affordably using vacation apartment rentals by Senior Editor Joanna Hubbs, who has traveled and lived in the City of Lights extensively over the years.
TGV train in France Best Budget Transportation in France
An insider's guide exploring the various ways of getting around France.
Tuscany, Italy Affording Italy: Camping Leads to Savings and Cultural Immersion
Amazing vacations in Italy are possible on a remarkably affordable budget in a country not known these days for being cheap.
Rome on Foot Rome on Foot: Roam the Ancient City on a Budget
A self-guided walking tour through ancient Rome which is an aesthetic and cultural feast, affordable to almost any budget traveler with an adventurous spirit.
Budget Travel in Spain Budget Travel Bliss in Spain
Inside tips on how to travel blissfully on a budget in Spain, including great accommodations, transportation and food.
Street musicians on Prague The Guide Visiting Prague on a Budget
A view inside daily life in Prague and how to enjoy the still very affordable and beautiful city.
Adventure surfing in Cornwall An Adventure Surfing on the Cheap in Cornwall, England
Learning to surf at a school in Penzance, a port in Cornwall, England.
Cheap travel in Latin America 10 Tips for Cheap Immersion Travel in Latin America
Sometimes when I’m in a renowned part of Latin America, such as Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, I meet people on their round-the-world trip. They stay two days; I stay two months. They see the highlights of countries all over the world, often look stressed out, and perhaps never backpack or revisit the site again. I relax, learn Spanish, make friends, find the best clubs and restaurants, and save so much money that I can do it again next year in another part of the world.
Central America Honduras locals Budget-Friendly Destinations in Central America
How to visit America on a budget while connecting closely with the local people and culture
Train travel in Bangkok Guide to Cheap Train Travel in Southeast Asia
The guide to train travel in Southeast Asia, with many resources and tips. Bangkok, Thailand is the hub.
South Africa travel How to Enjoy Cape Town on a Budget
Cape Town, the beautiful mother city of South Africa, is overflowing with enjoyable activities of all kinds that fit most travel budgets.

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