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Living Abroad in Argentina

Expatriate Articles and Key Resources

Tango dancing in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tango can break out in many places in the streets and dance studios of the city.
Photo by Sophie Mendel.

  Expatriate Resources and Articles on Argentina

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 Global Expatriate Resources

Featured Articles on Living, Working, Studying, Traveling, and Volunteering in Argentina
Lake in Bariloche, Argentina. Living in Mystically Beautiful Bariloche, Argentina by Shanie Matthews
A practical overview of the options for living abroad in Bariloche, Argentina, and what you need to know to find work and enjoy life in a beautiful part of the world.
Patagonia, Argentina Moving Abroad to Buenos Aires: Creating a New Life by Sophie Mendel
Patagonia, Argentina Living in Buenos Aires: Enjoy a Better Life in the Capital of Argentina by Shanie Matthews
Patagonia, Argentina Living in Buenos Aires on a Budget is Possible by Suchi Rudra
Adventure travel in Patagonia. Explore Remote Patagonia on an Adventure Tour with Local Guides by Lies Ouwerkerk
Patagonia, Argentina A Guide to Culture and Life in Argentina by Heather Markel
Expat Life in Buenos Aires: The "Paris of South America by Hannah Shanks
Jobs in Buenos Aires: How to Live, Write, and Teach to Pay the Bills and Enjoy the City by Joshua Rapp Learn
Teaching English in Buenos Aires: English Classes Are Popular by Cara Pulick
Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Argentina by Shanie Matthews
Living and Working in Argentina: I Always Knew I Would Return by Wade Alexander
Living Abroad and Choosing a Student Program in Córdoba, Argentina by Mary MacKenty
Cultural Travel in Buenos Aires: Exploring the Arts by Daniel Gabriel
Living in Mendoza, Argentina: The Best of Both Worlds by Shanie Matthews
Buying a Property in Bariloche, Argentina by Shanie Matthews
Moving to Argentina and Sending a Child to School by Molly McHugh
WWOOFing in Argentina by Lorraine Jenkin
Volunteer Teaching English with Road2Argentina in Buenos Aires and Much More by Isabel Eva Bohrer
Faces of Tango: The Buenos Aires Tango Festival by Veronica Hackethal
Love in Argentina: Tango Dancing is Central to the Culture by Andrea Gourgy
How to Plan Your Study Abroad Experience: Living as a Student in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Megan Jones
Study Spanish in Córdoba: Immerse Yourself in Argentina’s Rich Culture by Volker Poelzl
Adventure Activities in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina: Ten Diverse Ways to Explore a Beautiful Region by Shanie Matthews
Trekking in Patagonia: Explore Argentina's Pristine Mountains and Support Native Communities by Volker Poelzl
Preserving the Flora and Fauna at Iguassu: The Border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay by Isabel Eva Bohrer
The Ends of the Earth: Take a Bargain Trip to Tierra del Fuego by David Rich

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 Expatriate Websites and Resources for Argentina

BAExpats is a community site of of expatriates living in Buenos Aires

Internations: Your Expat Community in Argentina is a free membership-only site exploring expatriate life in Argentina, and includes forums, guide, and many groups.

Justlanded: Argentina provides forums, guides, job postings, housing, and classifieds for expatriates.

LandingPadBA is a site for both expatriates and novice travelers. It is an "alternative guide" to living and visiting Buenos Aires — providing many useful resources and helpful articles.

Numbeo: Cost of Living in Argentina is a crowdsourced site that provides much aggregate and itemized information about the cost of living in the country, the main cities, and bigger towns which should help prepare you for the transition.

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 Recommended Reading on Argentina

Lonely Planet Argentina 12

The Rough Guide to Argentina

Moon Patagonia by Wayne Bernhardson

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 Travel Information for Argentina
Lonely Planet Argentina Travel makes it easy for travelers to deal with the daily challenges independent travelers face: how to get around, where to stay, where to eat, and much more.
Rough Guides Travel Guide describes various attractions and destinations, while also providing practical travel tips about transportation, safety, and other travel essentials.

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