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Featured Articles
Photo journey around the world. 
Photo Journey Around the World: Unique People, Places, and Practices
by Senior Contributing Editor Lies Ouwerkerk
Some richly illustrated and wide-ranging experiences you might want to add to a list of future explorations.
Teaching English online Teach English Online, from Anywhere
by John Clites
A flexible way to earn income at home or on the road!
Living Abroad in Mexico Living in Mexico: The Why, How, and Where
by Tim Leffel
A travel writer and publisher who has lived in Mexico for years describes the many compelling reasons, the process, and the best locations.
Greek Islands budget travel How to Ferry Around the Greek Islands on a Budget
by Veronica Hackethal
Now that Greece has opened up and is very open to tourism, the time is right to go.
Virtual jobs Why a Virtual Job is the Best Job for Working Abroad
by Tim Leffel
The nature of work continues to involve more and more remote possibilities while abroad in more desirable or exotic locations of your choosing.
Teaching english resume The Guide to Landing Your First Job Teaching English Abroad
by John Clites
A very experienced and successful teacher provides an overview, including a step-by-step process to create an excellent resume for that first job.
Vacation rental apartments in Europe Budget Vacation Apartment and Home Rentals in Europe
by Lies Ouwerkerk
Teaching in Costa Rica Teaching English and Living in Costa Rica
by Constance Foss
A country that is now open offers many different options for teaching.
Living in Mexico An Insider's Guide to What You Need to Know to Move, Live and Work in Mexico
by Ted Campbell
A writer and young professor describe life in Mexico.
Top Internship Programs Abroad Top Programs Offering Internships Abroad
by Chelsea Baldwin
Top Volunteer Abroad Programs Top Volunteer Abroad Programs
by Jessica Voigts
Teaching English online How to Find a Job as an English Teacher Online
by Linda Dunsmore
Includes many valuable resources to start teaching online from anywhere in the world.
Living in Panama Living in Panama: The Why, How, and Where
by Penny de Vine
What you need to know to move and live abroad in Panama, one of the easier countries in the Americas open to relocation. The country is now open to visit.
Location Independent Work How to Live and Work Overseas While Freelancing on the Web 
by Nora Dunn
Many people dream of a life working abroad, with scarcely a care in the world besides finding an internet connection. Such a location-independent life is not as hard to achieve as it might seem at first blush, and now the world is opening back up.
Guide to teaching English abroad Guide to Teaching English as a Second Language Abroad
by Ted Campbell
10 practical tips in an essential guide, including key resources provided by an experienced expat who has taught extensively in Mexico, South Korea, and China.
Get work at the United Nations How to Get Jobs with the United Nations: The Unauthorized Guide
by Amy E. Robertson
Featured Organizations and Programs
Teaching English Worldwide Teach English Abroad with InterExchange — Perfect for New and Experienced Teachers 
InterExchange offers Teach English programs in Europe and Asia, from teaching in formal classroom settings to private family settings as a Home Tutor. Our current locations include Costa Rica, France, Italy, Spain, and Thailand.
Course for Teaching English Abroad ITTT: 50-hr course in Teaching English Online (CTEO)
With online learning experiencing a worldwide boom, our 50-hour Teaching English Online Specialization course has been designed for those who would like to gain a qualification to teach English in an online setting. Through this course we will show you how to adapt your existing skills and knowledge to suit this specific area of the teaching world. One added benefit of the course is that on completion you will gain access to a unique graduate network, connecting you to ITTT alumni currently employed by many of the major employers in online teaching.
ITTT also offers courses at many locations around the world.
Internships worldwide Intern Worldwide with ELI Abroad
Get a head start on your career through an international internship! ELI works with a variety of private companies, NGOs, and governmental organizations worldwide. Interns can work in the fields of healthcare, legal aid, human rights, engineering, IT, communications, wildlife management, fashion, economic development, marketing, law, finance, and more. Working in another country challenges interns to develop cross-cultural competencies, independence, self assurance, and flexibility—all traits desired by employers.
Interexchange Working Abroad
Internships Abroad with Intern Group
International Summer Schools Cambridge University
Teach Abroad with TIEOnline
Volunteer Abroad with GO ECO
GlobeAware: Volunteer work in Costa Rica
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