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The Guide to International Careers

How to Plan, Find or Create Long-Term International Jobs

International careers don’t just happen. They're carefully planned and built up over a period of time. International employers insist that you have international experience before sending you to work abroad. The key to gaining experience abroad is to dive into all things international while you are at university, traveling outside of your home country as much and as long as possible, engaging in internships outside of your home country, and by taking a gap year. You need to build up a host of overseas experiences of all kinds before you are ready to start applying for professional jobs abroad. And the great thing about building up your international resume is that you can have a blast doing it! — Jean-Marc Hachey in Build an International Employment Profile.

  Guides to International Careers and Jobs
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  Articles by Experts on International Careers and Long-Term Jobs

Build an international employment profile. Paris Pyramid at the Louvre. How to Build an International Employment Profile by Jean-Marc Hachey
A practical overview of the steps leading to careers or jobs overseas laid out clearly by an experienced author and expert.
Student international career preparation in London. Student Work Overseas: Preparation for an International Career by William Nolting
The best time to seek a job overseas and prepare for an international career is while you are a student or right after graduation.
Finding a first job overseas. Kayaking in French Riviera. How to Find Your First Paid Job Overseas by Zahara Heckscher
I understand the dilemma of the first time international job seeker: You cannot get work overseas unless you have experience. But how do you get experience if you cannot get a job? I will share five proven strategies to break out of this Catch-22...and provide a worksheet.
International career expert Jean-Marc Hachey. Living and Working Abroad an Interview with Jean-Marc Hachey
An eminent international career expert shares his insights regarding employment trends. He offers practical, inspirational, and creative advice on how to prepare for international jobs and careers.
Finding work by networking at a cafe, How to Network for Jobs Abroad: A Guide to Finding International Employment by Zahara Heckscher
This guide is targeted to people seeking an international job. The detailed tips can be used to find short-term or long-term assignments, and will be helpful for recent college graduates, mid-career professionals, and retired people eager for new adventures.
Create an international resume. Man on his laptop. How to Write an Effective International Resume by Jean-Marc Hachey
Creating a resume for international employment is significantly different in kind from those you create in your home country. Here is an overview on how to do so successfully, with all the major criteria to consider in this key document.
Searching for overseas jobs How to Search for Overseas Jobs by Leslie Strazzullo
As part of a series geared to current and potential expatriates, a long-time expat in Italy offers practical advice and strategies on how to plan your job search and obtain your desired work overseas.
Teach English as an International Career Teaching English Overseas: A Stepping Stone to International Careers by Jean-Marc Hachey
One path many have taken that leads to an international career or long-term job is to start by teaching English. Jean-Marc explains how teaching can lead to options allowing development of your cross-cultural skills and to find employment in other fields. Many international business careers have been initiated networking while a working as a teacher.
Nursing work in Saudi Arabia Work Abroad as a Nurse
A nurse describes her experience overseas and provides resources for the many nursing jobs available worldwide.
Finding international work at the United Nations How to Get Jobs with the United Nations: The Unauthorized Guide by Amy E. Robertson
A guide to the many ways to get a job in the United Nations. Explanations of the many and varied UN organizations and a plethora of resources are provided.
Cooking classes in Italy How to Find a Job with an International Non-Profit (NGO) by Amy E. Robertson
If you are looking for work in a field where you can make a difference in people's lives, here is what you need to know.
International jobs in web development How to Work Internationally as a Freelance IT Professional by Brett Dvoretz
The author develops a freelance web development business while living as an expatriate in Cambodia, and made it flourish even as he enjoyed life in what is a personal paradise.
Teaching jobs at an international school Teaching at an International School — Five Key Facts You Should Know by Cynthia Nagrath
An exploration of perception versus reality regarding the many opportunities and options to realize a career as a professional teacher.
Women and international careers Women and International Careers by Leslie Strazzullo
When it comes to work, the author believes that women should not allow gender to prevent them from realizing their dreams and provides her "survival tips" at the workplace abroad.
Study abroad for international jobs How to Use Study Abroad to Launch an International Career by Zahara Heckscher
10 tips on how to plan and leverage your study abroad experience to find international jobs.
Graduate study from international career How to Choose a Graduate Degree Program for Your International Career by Zahara Heckscher
Advice for those selecting from the many great graduate degree programs with the goal of pursuing opportunities abroad.
Tram while living in Milan How to Manage Transitions in Your International Career and Life Abroad by Leslie Strazzullo
Advice on how to cope and even gracefully handle being in the midst of corporate downsizing or restructuring — a common experience in these economic times — while working in another country.
Find International Internships How to Find the International Internships You Seek by William Nolting
A comprehensive overview of the primary global internship opportunities for Americans.
Internships with AIESEC What is the Value of an International Internship in Today's Job Market? by Carly Vandergriendt
In an interview with AIESEC, the largest internship organization in the world, we ask senior members key questions and receive useful answers.
International nursing work Starting a Business in Europe: How to Create Your Own Career by Volker Poelzl
A guide to the core issues and resources relating to visas, work permits, legal requirements, as well as the best countries and cities in Europe to start a business.
Woman working at an international corporate office How Young Corporate Professionals Can Find Work Abroad by Jennifer Hamm
One excellent way for young professionals to find employment overseas is through corporate transfers. The author describes the qualifications, research, and attitude necessary to successfully pursue an international career in the corporate world.
International Aid Worker How to Become an International Aid Worker by Matthew Bolton
Practical advice and links from a professional on getting started in a career as an aid worker based upon his own broad, intense, and personally rewarding experience.
Internaional business meeting Business Etiquette Around the World by Darcie Connell
Knowing about cultural rules and mores in international business, using 10 economically important countries as examples, may help you network your way into a job.
Rolf Potts' Vagabonding Advice to Travel Writers by Rolf Potts
The talented author and web-savvy author provides practical tips for those who seek location-independent and often international careers as travel writers.
Scuba diving How to Become a Professional PADI Scuba Diver as an International Job or Career by Brittney Bush
Inside information describing how to turn a hobby into an international job or career.
Freelance translator jobs worldwide Freelance Translators Can Work Anywhere in the World by Tegan Cathleen Raleigh
How to find the many freelance gigs available for professional translators internationally.

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