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Living Abroad in North and Central America

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The neighboring countries of the U.S. top the list of favorite destinations for American expatriates. Over one million American citizens live in Mexico, and nearly 700,000 live in Canada. Central American countries such as Costa Rica and Panama are also popular with expatriates. All these countries are relatively politically, economically, and socially stable and have a sizeable expat community. They are also reasonably affordable destinations for expats from North America and are only a few hours' air travel away from the U.S.

Transitions Abroad has compiled the best resources for the most popular countries in North and Central America for current expatriates and those who dream of moving and living abroad.

To look at a specific country's resources, click on a country on the map or select a country from the list below.

—Living Abroad Contributing Editor

 Country-by-Country Living Abroad Resources for North and Central America
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