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Internships Abroad: Top International Programs

Are you a student, recent graduate, or seeking summer internships? Now is the perfect time to embark on international internships, whether paid or unpaid. These experiences offer adventure, cultural immersion, language growth, and a resume boost.

Internships Abroad

Articles and Resources for International Internships
Find International Internships Discover International Internships
Looking to enrich your career with global experience? Dive into this article on international internships and find invaluable resources for your journey.
Boost resume with International Internship Why Internships are a Great Way to Boost Your Resumé
Both paid and unpaid internships overseas demonstrate your adaptability and are crucial for personal and career growth. Explore top programs offering internships abroad and discover unique travel experiences.
Top Internship Programs Abroad Review of Top Programs Offering Internships Abroad
Explore the best international internships: Now is the perfect moment to think about an internship. It's a special opportunity to live life as both a foreigner and a local, providing incredible travel experiences. Internships, onsite and remote, are highly valuable today for gaining experience and earning trust with future employers
Short-Term Jobs for Students Internships Abroad and Jobs for Students and Recent Graduates
Discover opportunities, including paid internships, with major student work abroad and work exchange programs. A work abroad expert provides insights into the options available for students and recent graduates.
Internships with AIESEC What is the Value of an International Internship in Today's Job Market?
Explore the value of international internships in today's job market through our interview with AIESEC, the largest internship organization globally.
Milan expo Mastering the Art of Finding Great Internships in Italy  
Seeking inspiring internships in Italy? Get practical tips and learn about prime programs in this highly desired destination, where art is part of everyday life.
Internship in Jaipur in India 5 Essential Tips for an Intern Going to India
Prepare for a journey to India on an internship with inside tips provided by a participant who went through the AISEC India chapter.
Internship in Madrid Life on an Internship in Madrid
Gain insights into working as an intern in a private hospital in Madrid, improving your knowledge of Spanish while contributing to your career. Explore the city and culture with your homestay and new friends.
Work at the United Nations How to Get Jobs with the United Nations: The Unauthorized Guide.
Explore various paths to secure a job at the United Nations, with links to UN internship programs and real-life success stories.
United Nations in Switzerland. Intern Abroad in Switzerland at the United Nations
Realize how an internship at the United Nations in Switzerland leads to professional growth and personal cultural learning, according to participant Mary Ware.
Internship in Geneva The Quick and Dirty Guide to Interning in Geneva.
Get a realistic overview of what you need to know if you're accepted for an internship in the great international city of Geneva.
Medical internship. International Internships and Volunteering
Compare and contrast international internships and volunteer work, as the Director of ELI Abroad provides insights into these valuable experiences.
Internships versus volunteering. Internships versus Volunteering Overseas
Discover the distinctions, similarities, and options for internship and volunteering opportunities abroad through an interview with author Zahara Heckscher.
Dream internship in China How an Internship in China Can Lead to a Dream Job
Discover how an internship in exciting Shanghai, China, can be a rewarding educational and cultural experience, offering both short- and long-term personal and professional benefits.
Internship work in China. Intern Opportunities for Students in China
Learn how to find a variety of paid internship opportunities in China and access key resources to secure a great opportunity.
London bridge Internships in London in Business
Gain inside information on internships in London, particularly those emphasizing business.
Internship on farm in Italy Intern at an Organic Farm in Tuscany 
Enjoy a summer internship program in picturesque Tuscany, Italy, where participants work on a traditional farm, performing various tasks.
Intens in Peru. An Internship in Peru
The story of a successful adapation to working for a company in Peru.
Bundestag building in Berlin. A Paid Internship Program for Young Professionals in Germany
Learn from the author's experience studying and interning in Germany through The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX) program, including receiving a stipend.
Tips for creating internships Three Tips For Securing An International Internship — And Getting The Most Out Of One
Receive advice on obtaining self-created or existing internships, based on experience working on Human Rights in Papua New Guinea.
Microfinance internships in India. Microfinance Internships Abroad
Explore the rapid expansion of microfinance globally and discover incredible internship opportunities at the intersection of business and development, available in every region of the world.
Microfinance internships in India Internship with an Ethiopian NGO
Uncover the rewarding experience of interning in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with insights into various unexpected benefits.

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