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Student Work Abroad Programs

Short-Term Placement and Exchanges

The bad news about working abroad is that you can’t just hop a plane to any country and start looking for a paid job. To work would be illegal without a permit, which you cannot acquire without a job offer, and — Catch 22 — very few employers abroad will offer you a job if you don’t already have a work permit. The good news is that a number of organizations can help you cut the red tape and acquire a legal work permit or place you in a job.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to experience total cultural immersion, or to simply earn your way through an adventure abroad, here’s a good place to start. The emphasis is on exchange, since your participation in most of these programs enables someone from abroad to have the equivalent experience in the U.S.

The two main work abroad program types are:

  1. Work Abroad exchanges, which enable students to get a work permit in advance, then look for a job on site with assistance from overseas offices.

  2. More commonly, overseas job placement programs offered by a number of private U.S.-based work exchange organizations.
— William Nolting

Working Holiday with Interexchange.

Work and Learning Abroad Programs

InterExchange, a nonprofit organization with more than 50 years of cultural exchange experience, offers work programs for U.S. citizens in a variety of countries, including during the summer.

Working Holiday Programs are offered in Australia and Canada (18-35).
Group Tours in Costa Rica and the U.K.
Fellowships worldwide.

Working Holiday in Canada.

Work & Travel Canada

Our program enables US Citizens ages 18-35 to obtain a Working Holiday Visa in Canada for up to one year.

For our department:

Internship work in the UK BUNAC
Working Holidays and Internships Worldwide
Since 1962, BUNAC have been enabling all young people to discover the world through life changing work and travel adventures. We are experts in providing programs that span a long list of countries: the UK on our Intern in Britain program, and Intern in Ireland programs. We provide assistance in getting your work permit and job hunting support in-country in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other locations. To find out more information, visit our website. 

AIESEC is a worldwide student-run organization which generates thousands of paid internships each year in nearly 110 countries. The internships range from those with a business or technical focus to teaching English. You can only apply through campus chapters.

American-Scandinavian Foundation
Offers placements in Finland for teachers of English as a foreign language. Teachers work in public schools, private institutes, or private firms. Time commitment is from 2 months to an academic year. Eligibility: native English-speaking U.S. university students or graduates age 21-30 who have completed at least their junior year in college. Housing is arranged but participants are responsible for rent. ASF also offers placements for engineering, business, and agriculture students throughout Scandinavia. ASF can also assist with work permits for those who have a job offer.

Camp Counselors USA, Outbound Program
Offers programs in Australia and Croatia which are similar to those of BUNAC and CIEE. The Australian program requires student status. Placement in camp with full room and board and a symbolic stipend (not enough to cover program fee). Minimum requirements include experience with children, knowledge of the appropriate foreign language desirable but not always required, and teaching/coaching experience. Fee includes roundtrip airfare from New York, visa, travel insurance, orientations (not training) in New York, and support during the 4- or 8-week program.
Camp counselors also needed in Canada as well as many other volunteer programs worldwide.
CCUSA also offers internships and a extensive volunteering opportunities around the world.

Cultural Vistas
Intern and Work Outside the United States
Offers a wide variety of prestigious internships, fellowships, work-study, and other programs in Germany and in a countries worldwide. See website for details about each of the cultural exchange programs offered to students.

Paid Internships Worldwide in STEM
Offers paid internships in 100+ countries, and virtual, for students of engineering and science. Lowest fees of any placement program.

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