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Learn Spanish in Costa Rica at an Peaceful Pace

Lush landscape in Costa Rica
Costa Rica is one of the most lush, spectacular, relaxed, and peaceful countries to learn Spanish.

Of the many countries in which one can study Spanish, the majority of students choose Spain. This is a shame because there is so much to be learned from the unique cultures of Latin America, where dances like salsa and merengue originated, piñatas were born, and continuous rain for half of the year allows for a lush climate that provides a habitat for more species of birds than anywhere on the planet.

Among the many countries in Latin America with democratic governments and developing infrastructure is Costa Rica, a peaceful place where travel is extremely cheap, the beaches are beautiful, and the native Ticos are notoriously friendly. It is one of the most easygoing and least intimidating countries in which to learn the Spanish language.

The program I attended, University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), offers undergraduate study in Costa Rica for either a semester or a full year. USAC arranges for students to live with families in one of two locations: Heredia, outside the capital of San Jose, or Puntarenas, a small town off the coast. Both locations offer a range of group activities, including a 1-week fieldtrip.

With Costa Rica's affordable and convenient bus system, travel throughout the gorgeous country is easy for students to do on their own. Nicaragua, Honduras, and Panama are all easily accessible as well.

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University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) is the Spanish language program I attended.

There are many other Spanish language programs that offer semester or year-long study in Costa Rica, including International Studies Abroad (ISA) and API in Costa Rica.

Intensive Spanish language programs can be found at websites such as the Costa Rica Language Academy and Intercultura Spanish School.

See's Spanish Language Learning in Costa Rica directory for many more Spanish language immersion options in Costa Rica.

See Essential Costa Rica for tourism information.

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