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 Living in Greece

Expatriate Articles and Key Resources

  Expatriate Resources and Articles on Greece

Find Resources for Expatriates and Living Abroad


 Global Expatriate Resources

Featured Articles on Living, Working, Studying, Traveling, and Volunteering in Greece
Ferrying Around the Greek Islands: Planning Your Own Odyssey Without Athena's Aid by Veronica Hackethal
Embracing Ancient Greek Traditions in Poros and the Peloponnese by Senior Contributing Editor Lies Ouwerkerk
The Beckoning of Mount Lycabettus: Sacred Sentinel of Athens by Sonja Holverson
Return to Mochlos, Crete by Linda Lappin
A Retired Year Abroad in Athens, Greece by Eileen Pappas
Rediscovering Ancient Greece in Sicily: A Solo Odyssey on a Sacred Island by Veronica Hackethal
Doing “As Little As Possible”...And Somehow Also as Much: Living on the Iconic Island of Mykonos in Greece by Julia Reynolds
Volunteer Work at an Archeological Dig in Greece by Josiah Ramsay Johnston
A Panhellenic Circuit: See the Sites of the Ancient Olympics by Drew Colenbrander
Greece's Samos Island: Adventure Sports Tourism May Help Sustain the Environment and Economy by Donia Lilly
Greek Island Hopping: To Save Money and to Meet the Greeks, Do It Off Season! by Sandra Downs

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 Expatriate Resources and Websites for Greece Living in Greece as an Expatriate is a directory of resources and blogs related to expatriate life.

Expat Arrivals Greece has consolidated valuable information for the expats moving to India and includes articles, interviews, and resources.

Expat Focus: Move to Greece Easily provides information and resources for many countries, including forums and blogs for expats.

Internations: Expat Community in Greece is a social networking service for expatriates living across the world, featuring in-person meetings and events, as well as tips, information, and online forums. Registration is required.

Justlanded: Greece provides resources and background for living in the country.

Numbeo: Cost of Living in Greece is a fine crowdsourced site that provides much aggregate and itemized information about the cost of living in the country, the main cities, and bigger towns which should help prepare you for the transition.


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 Recommended Reading on Greece
Lonely Planet Greece 15 (Travel Guide)
Lonely Planet Greek Islands
The Rough Guide to Greece
Greece: Athens & the Peloponnese by Rick Steves

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 Travel Information for Greece

Greek National Tourism

Greece Country Guide — Lonely Planet provides a ton of useful travel information.

Travel Guides Greece — Rough Guides offers a lot of useful travel advice and information for most countries.

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