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Since 1977, Transitions Abroad—first as a travel magazine, now as a travel webzine—has been the leader in providing practical information and inspiration for those wishing to travel abroad while seeking greater understanding of other cultures through direct participation in the daily life of the host community.

We emphasize cultural immersion and educational travel abroad while offering the finest selection of ArticlesPrograms, and Websites.

 Featured Articles on Travel Abroad

Tunisian food: Octopus couscous Hospitable Tunisia and its Tantalizing Cuisine: "A Moveable Feast" For the Budget Traveler by Lies Ouwerkerk
Tunisia has so much to offer the budget traveler who loves great food, rich culture, varied landscapes, sophisticated architecture, and hospitable people.
South Africa elephant Camping Safari in Northern South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe by Lies Ouwerkerk
An illustrated series of varied adventures through remarkable regions and countries while in a small group, camping and seeing spectacular wildlife and natural wonders, while meeting some local people along the way.
Solo Culinary Travel in France 10 Creative Alternatives for Solo Travelers to Wine and Dine in Paris by Lies Ouwerkerk
Imaginative and off-the-beaten-path experiences for foodies in a city with a very rich and varied culinary tradition.
Culinary budget travel in Europe
How to Eat Well on a Budget in Europe
Some of the many options for dining well on a budget when traveling in Europe, where great cheap local food is available everywhere.
Sustainable Mexican tourism A More Sustainable Face of Mexican Tourism by Tim Leffel
Sustainable tours in Mexico for those who wish to explore regions of the country without taking a generic package.
South Africa travel Cycling South Africa’s Cape and Winelands by Lies Ouwerkerk
A physical and cultural adventure on and around Cape South Africa combining cycling, wine tasting, and other much more.
Budget travel in France: an apartment.
France on a Budget — Yes, It is Possible
Rewarding travel on the cheap in France is still possible, especially with the recent rise in the value of the dollar. Here are many options for affordable trips, preferably taken slowly, to some of  the most enjoyable locations in France, with links to accommodations, dining, and transportation that can fit many budgets this summer and fall.
Travel by Cargo Ship Around the World Travel by Cargo Ship Around the World by Friedel Rother
Imagine for a moment that you are on the deck of a ship, sipping a glass of wine. You turn your head towards the water just in time to spot a pod of dolphins swimming by. After lingering in the sunshine for a while, it's time to head inside for a 3-course evening meal and a splash in the pool before retiring to bed. Now, what kind of vessel are you on?
Solo Traveler Tips 10 Tips From a Seasoned Solo Traveler: How to Make the Best of Your Travels Abroad by Ted Campbell
Advice derived from years of solo travel, mistakes and all, by one who has seen the world from many perspectives.
Slow food and travel abroad 9 Ways Slow Food and Slow Travel Enhance Experiences Abroad by Jonathon Engels
Why slow food and slow travel are perfect partners in the growing movement to return to more authentic and respectful ways of living and traveling — and eating really well.
Europe rentals Budget Vacation Rental Apartments in Europe with Local Hospitality by Lies Ouwerkerk
Staying in vacation rentals in Europe is an inexpensive and immersive way to travel while also enjoying local hospitality.
Street food in Istanbul Culinary Treats in Istanbul: Food by Foot by Lies Ouwerkerk
A culinary tour of the many and varied street foods in Istanbul turns into a feast without end among very hospitable locals.
Overseas travel insurance Overseas Travel Insurance: Why You Need It and When You Don't by Nora Dunn
An author and very experienced traveler provides a practical no-nonsense guide on how to select the best overseas travel insurance coverage, emphasizing why you may or may not need such paid security.
Picking grapes in Andalusia, Spain Olive Picking and Traditional Cooking in Hidden Andalucía by Martin Li
In Southern Spain, the magical region of Andalucia offers options such as working on the olive harvest, learning to taste and distinguish the olive oils, while enjoying traditional cooking.
Slow Travel Costa Rica A Guide to Slow Immersion Travel in Playa Samára, Costa Rica by Paul France
How to learn to embrace slow immersion travel and living in idyllic Playa Sámara, Costa Rica
World Cheapest Destinations Budget Travel in Mexico and Central America
Budget Travel in South America,
Budget Travel in Asia, and
Budget Travel in the New Eastern Europe are part of a series of articles by expert budget travel and living author Tim Leffel on regional options for a richer form of travel on the cheap.
Slow Immersion Travel: Learning by Experiencing Slow Immersion Travel: Learning by Experiencing by Dr. Jessica Voigts
How to practice the type of educational travel that motivates many fascinating explorers and writers currently and historically.
Being an explorer
Four Ways You Are Already An Explorer by Amy Gigi Alexander
"Exploration today is about our own human potential—whether it is an inner journey or one based on discovery outside of ourselves."
Authentic Food in Mexico
The Ultimate Guide to Authentic Eating in Mexico by Ted Campbell
The author has literally eaten his way across Mexico, and describes many of the wide variety of delicious national and regional dishes to be enjoyed, including where to find the most authentic food.
Ferrying around the Greek islands. Ferrying Around the Greek Islands on a Budget by Veronica Hackethal
...Fortunately, journeying in the land of heroism does not require an unlimited bank account. The tried and true way of traveling—taking the ferry—is an economical option with advantages over luxury routes. Ferries move slowly, allowing travelers to gaze at islands along the way and to talk with locals...
Transitions Abroad has offers a rich and varied selection of articles by experts on various modes of travel abroad to participant reports by travelers coming from all walks of life who share a desire for discovery of the fascinating world about them.

Whether you seek of new adventures abroad, wish to slow down and appreciate the people, and immerse yourself in the culture and locations you have long wished to visit, the following sections offer articles and resources which will provide you with ideas to make it happen.

 Adventure Travel Abroad
 Budget Travel Abroad
 Culinary Travel Abroad
 Cultural Travel and Tours Abroad
 Europe with Rick Steves
 Family Travel Abroad
 Independent and Solo Travel Abroad
 Responsible Travel and Ecotourism Abroad
 Senior Travel Abroad
 Teen and Student Travel Abroad
 The Resourceful Traveler with Tim Leffel
 Travel Writing
 Women Travel Abroad
Climbing Kilimanjaro in Kenya Narrative Writing Contest

Browse the many fine travel writing winners of past contests covering themes of all kinds.

 Featured Travel Abroad Programs

Women Volunteer Abroad Cross-Cultural Solutions: Volunteer Abroad for the Experience of a Lifetime!
Experience another culture like never before while making a real difference in people’s lives. You’ll gain perspectives and insights into the local culture and yourself while working side-by-side with local people on community-led initiatives. Placements are available in the areas of social services, education, and health. Choose from 9 countries—Brazil, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Morocco, Peru, Tanzania, and Thailand.
Volunteering Worldwide with GVI Global Vision International
GVI has a huge range of volunteer programs to suit the environmentally conscious traveler who seeks adventure and new experiences around the globe. Be it training as a safari field guide in South Africa, teaching English in Laos, or diving as part of a marine research team in the Indian Ocean, you will find a huge range of exciting opportunities with GVI. Visit our website for further details
Animal Rescue in Galapagos with Lead Advenures Volunteer in Ecuador and the Galapagos with Lead Adventures
Interested in helping to rehabilitate the endangered wildlife, rather than looking at animals from far away or on TV? This program will give you exactly what you want. As local experts we offer you the chance of a lifetime—3 different animal rescue centers in only 4 weeks! Explore the Amazon Rainforest, the Andes Highlands and the Coast of Ecuador while helping in the rescue centers of each region. This one-of-a-kind program also offers you a one-day training of animal handling before starting your adventure.
Tours and Vacations for Women Sights and Soul Travels
Experience the ultimate Tours and Vacations for Women. Sights and Soul travels slowly, in small groups, enjoying exclusive experiences, fine dining, boutique hotels, and personalized services. Join us in Spain, Portugal, Holland & Belgium, New York, Greece, France, Eastern Europe, Iceland, Croatia, Poland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Argentina, Peru or Germany.
The Women's Travel Group The Women's Travel Group: Smart Tours for Smart Women
We offer "smart" group tours for women. Itineraries about the country, the culture and the people, not about free time, cooking or shopping. You experience country highlights as well as less visited gems + some exotic destinations. We hire speakers, always add museum visits, and include UNESCO Heritage Sites. Groups are small. Tours are inclusive with few options. Shares and Singles are available.

Find a variety of programs and tours—covering all budgets and ages—for small group travel allowing intimate contact with the land, people, and cultures being visited.

Cultural Travel and Special Interest Vacations
Unique programs and tours that combine the places you most want to go with the things you most like to do.
Educational Travel Programs
Learning programs designed for those with a variety of interests, from archeological tours of Greece to biking tours of Italy to safaris in the Amazon.
Responsible Travel Programs
Regional listing of programs and tours that respect local cultures and the environment while making a positive contribution to the host community.
Senior Travel Programs and Tours with Substance
Travel programs worldwide which take into account the interests and concerns of today's mature travelers, including volunteer vacations.
Teen Study and Travel Programs
Student travel organizations that sponsor exchange programs and teen programs for high school age students.
Women Travel Tours and Clubs
Tours and clubs designed specifically for women who seek to travel together abroad.

 Best Resources for Travel Abroad

We have compiled extensive resources, articles, and participant reports for the following specialized forms of travel.
Disability Travel Resources
Organizations, publications, travel and tour agencies, and websites that provide travelers with disabilities opportunities to expand their options.
Family Travel Resources
Where to find everything you need to know about traveling with children, and the unique requirements when traveling as a family.
Home Rentals, Homestays, Hostels and other Accommodations Abroad
From Hostels to Vacation Home Rentals, there are a variety of exciting, relaxing, or adventurous ways to experience travel overseas.
Responsible Travel Resources
A directory of organizations, publications, and websites dedicated to responsible travel and ecotourism abroad.
Senior Travel Resources
Organizations, meaningful tours, and publications with the most useful information for the mature traveler.
Women Travel Resources
An extensive list of articles, websites, tours, and other resources which address the unique concerns of women when traveling — whether solo or in a group setting as part of a club.
As the scope of the Web grows by the day, there are more and more sources of information to help you plan your travels—both in the practical sense and in terms of inspiration.

While we provide plenty of information, here are some of our favorite specialized "best of" sites:

 Accommodations Abroad
 Country Information for Travel
 Embassies, Visas, and Work Permits
 Festivals Abroad
 Health, Safety and Insurance Abroad
 Money Matters Abroad
 News and Radio from Abroad
 Staying Connected While Abroad
 Transportation Abroad
 Travel Blogs
 Travel Forums
 Travel Guidebook Series
 Travel Planning and Informational Websites
 Travel Portals (Worldwide)
There are so many modes to travel around the world that one might conclude that the categories are almost endless, and often overlap.

Nonetheless, we have found that there are certain key ways to travel which are quite popular and descriptive of your interests and unique needs:

 Budget Travel Abroad
 Cultural Immersion Travel Abroad
 Family Travel Abroad
 Independent Travel Websites
 Responsible Travel Abroad
 Senior Travel Abroad
 Women Travel Abroad

Volunteer and travel abroad with GVI
Volunteer Abroad with GO ECO
Adventure travel in Ecuador with Lead Adventures
Budget workshops in France with Aliore
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