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The Guide to Cheap and Rewarding Travel Overseas

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Transitions Abroad combines the best ideas and info on ways to maximize the overseas experience by avoiding the superficial tourist routine. The most economical and rewarding way to travel and live abroad is to do it like a native. Whether for a short vacation or a longer stay, Transitions Abroad has long been known as the premier tool for intelligent independent and budget travelers—where to go, who to see, what to do, and how to get off the bus tour and beyond the postcards. The featured articles reflect this perspective on budget travel and are packed with practical travel tips.

 Featured Budget Travel Articles
Cheapest Destinations travel blog

Budget Travel in Mexico and Central America

Budget Travel in South America

Budget Travel in Asia

Budget Travel in the New Eastern Europe

A series of articles by travel writer, extensive traveler, and authority Tim Leffel on regional options for smart travel on the cheap.

Budget Travel in Europe Andy Steves’ Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget
An interview with Andy Steves on his new book based on his extensive independent experience as well as while leading group tours. He offers advice on how to explore and get the most out of visits to 13 great cities.
Off-season budget travel in Europe
8 Great Reasons for Off-Season Travel in Europe
The many advantages to choose off-season travel in Europe, from maintaining a budget to greater opportunities for immersion to encounters with welcoming locals.
Budget travel in France: an apartment.
France on a Budget
Rewarding travel on the cheap in France is still possible, especially with the recent rise in the value of the dollar. Here are many options for affordable trips, preferably taken slowly, to some of  the most enjoyable locations in France, with links to accommodations, dining, and transportation that can fit many budgets this summer and fall.
Culinary budget travel in Europe
How to Eat Well on a Budget in Europe
Some of the many options for dining well on a budget when traveling in Europe, where great cheap local food is available everywhere.
Europe rentals Budget Vacation Rental Apartments in Europe with Local Hospitality
Staying in vacation rentals in Europe is an inexpensive and immersive way to travel while also enjoying local hospitality.
Budget Travel in Spain
Budget Travel in Spain
Inside tips on how to travel blissfully on a budget in Spain, including great accommodations, transportation and food.
Ferrying around the Greek islands.
How to Ferry Around the Greek Islands on a Budget
...Fortunately, journeying in the land of heroism does not require an unlimited bank account. The tried and true way of traveling—taking the ferry—is an economical option with advantages over luxury routes. Ferries move slowly, allowing travelers to gaze at islands along the way and to talk with locals...
Cheap travel in Latin America
10 Tips for Cheap Immersion Travel in Latin America
Sometimes when I’m in a renowned part of Latin America, such as Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, I meet people on their round-the-world trip. They stay two days; I stay two months. They see the highlights of countries all over the world, often look stressed out, and perhaps never backpack or revisit the site again. I relax, learn Spanish, make friends, find the best clubs and restaurants, and save so much money that I can do it again next year in another part of the world..
Budget cultural travel in Tunisia Hospitable Tunisia and its Tantalizing Cuisine: "A Moveable Feast" For the Budget Traveler by Lies Ouwerkerk
Tunisia has so much to offer the budget traveler who loves great food, rich culture, varied landscapes, sophisticated architecture, and hospitable people.
South Africa travel How to Enjoy Cape Town on a Budget: 12 Must-Dos
Cape Town, the beautiful mother city of South Africa, is overflowing with enjoyable activities of all kinds that fit most travel budgets.
Budget adventure travel Budget Adventure Travel: Do It Yourself by Tim Leffel
How to research and book budget adventure travel abroad on your own, as laid out by a long-time world traveler and author.
How to Create a Checklist for Budget Travel
Rob Sangster offers tips for creating a budget travel checklist appropriate for your destination.
Off-Season Travel in Europe
A selection of favorite destinations in Europe during the off-season, which are light on the budget and provide the option for more interaction with the locals.
Know Your Seasons for the Best Travel Bargains
Resourceful Traveler columnist Tim Leffel tours the calendar to describe the best seasons for those traveling on a tight budget.
Travel and Learn Something
Tim Leffel suggests a variety of ways a traveler can study abroad on a budget—whether by participating in volunteer work, taking part in language programs, or other inexpensive forms of educational travel.
Budget Adventure Travel: Tour the World on a Bike
Friedel Rother describes the many options for bicycling abroad or anywhere in the world—which range from independent to luxury group travel.
Seeking and Finding Extraordinary, Locally Owned Accommodations: A Guide for Budget Travelers
Michael Gonchar provides tips, advice, and links to help you find memorable accomodations which suit your budget.
Europe's a Sweet Deal...for Smart Travelers
Options for budget travel in Europe for the smart traveler, where there still remain deals to be had.
Lodging on a Budget in Europe
Kelby Hartson Carr describes some of the many options for cheap but enjoyable lodgings when for budget travelers in Europe.
Apartment Rentals in Europe
Jennifer M. Eisenlau on how her son led her to a new way to travel which allowed her to meet local people, eat native foods and sleep well.
Five Ideas for Budget Sightseeing in Europe: Avoid the Tour Buses and Enjoy Art and History at Your Own Pace
There are far richer ways to see Europe's sights when traveling on a budget, according to Kelby Hartson Carr
Getting Around Europe on a Budget: Take Advantage of the Many Transportation Options
Kelby Hartson Carr on the many transportation options.
Cheap Air Travel in Europe: Low-Cost Options for Flights Are on the Rise
Volker Poelzl provides tips on how to book flights and researches the best budget airlines within Europe while providing resources.
Budget Flights to Europe
Rick Steves outlines a variety of strategies to get a cheap flight to Europe, but suggests you still consult a travel agent to guide you through the fare confusion, while they still exist.
Budget Flights Within Europe
Rick Steves provides advice and web links for low-cost air travel within Europe.
How to Benefit from Budget Air Travel Within Europe
Author Luciano Di Gregorio offers inside tips and strategies for budget travelers to find cheap airline tickets in Europe.
Tips for Budget Train Travel in Europe
Luciano Di Gregorio offers inside tips and strategies for budget travelers to find cheap train tickets in Europe.
Budget Travel Tips for Europe: The Dollarwise Grand Tour
Volker Poelzl provides tips for budget travel in Europe—when, how, and where to go—even as the US Dollar continues to plummet against the Euro.
Off-Season Travel in Europe: Save Money and Meet the Europeans
Rick Steves desribes the advantages and disadvantages of off-season travel in Europe and where to go to meet the natives.
Motor Homing in Europe
Steve Hunt provides tips, resources and links for motor homing in Europe - one of the best budget travel modes allowing for long-term cultural immersion.
Car Camping Through Europe
C.B. Heinemann on budget travel in Europe via their diverse and sophisticated superhighway systems.
Solo Backpacking Through Europe
Sarah Protzman provides practical tips and perspectives on solo backpacking through Europe.
Budget Transportation in France
Finn Skovgaard offers an insider's tips on the various ways of getting around France, and in Budget Travel in France: A Practical Insider's Tips, Finn covers other ways to travel more cheaply.
Learning about Burgundy Wines on a Budget
Experienced oenophile and tour guide Michael Kerwin takes you on a trip through Burgundy and offers tips for drinking great wine on a budget while cycling to enjoy the beautiful countryside of this region of France.
Affording Italy: Camping Leads to Savings and Local Culture
Drew Colenbrander and Sarah Wiley show us how amazing vacations in Italy are possible on a remarkably affordable budget in a country not known these days for being cheap.
Italy 101
Rick Steves offers his practical budget travel tips and advice when traveling through the magical lands of Italy.
Rome a Piedi
Anne Woodyard describes an incredible walking tour through ancient Rome which is an aesthetic and cultural feast, affordable for almost any budget traveler with an adventurous spirit.
Budget Travel Along Croatia's Coast: Between the Mountains and the Sea
Budget travel tips for those visiting the beautiful and historic coast of Croatia provided by Volker Poelzl.
Budget Travel Bliss in Spain
Regina Winkle-Bryan offers practical inside tips on budget travel in Spain, including accommations, transportation and dining.
10 Tips to Explore Vienna on a Budget
Alison Gardner offers budget travel tips and ideas for a visit to Vienna, Austria.
Affordable Scandinavia
Inside travel tips for budget-minded travelers who wish to experience some of  the many treasures Scandinavia has to offer.
Frugal Travel in Antigua and Barbuda: What You Need to Know to Enjoy the Island Nation
Christopher Beale provides inside tips on enjoying the beautiful Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda on a budget.
Budget Travel in Honduras, Naturally
Terry Redding on the budget travel options in the beautiful and undeveloped country of Honduras.
Safari in South Africa on a Budget
David A. Smith describes a safari adventure tour in South Africa which was relatively light on the budget while rich in experience.
Buenos Aires on a Budget
Suchi Rudra takes you inside Buenos Aires and manages to provide a guide to some deals in a city which is rapidly becoming more expensive.
Homestays on Lake Titicaca, Peru
David A. Smith describes his budget travel experience between Peru and Bolivia.
Taking Cargo Ships to Remote Pacific Islands
Inveterate adventure traveler Tom Booth takes a trip aboard cargo ships deep in the Pacific, and returns to tell the story and provide a lot of very practical information about his exotic idea for budget travel.
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