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Solo Woman Travel and Women's Tours

Solo Woman Travel and Women's Travel Tours
Women's travel columnist Beth Whitman with friend in Kerala, India.

"My own view is that there is a pernicious mythology surrounding the lone female traveler, whether it be as a hitchhiker around Britain or a traveler in Southeast Asia. Many people instantly exaggerate the perils and dwell on a single woman’s vulnerability. Often this doom-ridden response is just an excuse for their own timidity of spirit. In fact, traveling around most of Asia is far safer, and more pleasant, than traveling on the Lexington Avenue line in New York City." —Susan Griffith from Traveling Solo as a Woman in Asia.

 Women Travel Advisor
Travel Myths and Realities Solo Travel: Myths and Realities by Lies Ouwerkerk
As if my sometimes off-limits travel destinations are not frowned upon enough already, my preference for solo travel seems even more reason to doubt my sanity. The truth is that when I travel on my own, I am hardly ever alone...
Solo Women Travel Safety Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers by Beth Whitman
Practical safety tips for women travelers based upon extensive experience traveling alone and leading tours in India.
Women Travel Health Health on the Road for Women by Beth Whitman
All travelers must deal with health issues at some point or another while on the road. However, there are a number of conditions and problems specific to women...
Women Group Travel Women Group Travel: Wandering Women Enjoy Traveling Together by Beth Whitman
In recent years it has become more and more acceptable for women to travel without their husbands, significant others, or children. However, this trend does not mean that women are all traveling solo. While I have enjoyed my solo travels tremendously and I am a big advocate of women hitting the road on their own, I have also experienced the immense joy of traveling with other women...
Being an explorer
Four Ways You Are Already An Explorer by Amy Gigi Alexander
"Exploration today is about our own human potential—whether it is an inner journey or one based on discovery outside of ourselves."
Women Traveling: Looking Back We See Ourselves by Phyllis Stoller
Ten Rules to Safe, Solo Travel for Women by Lisa McCallum
Finding Inner Strength While Traveling as a Solo Woman by Beth Whitman
Safety Issues for Women by Zahara Heckscher
How to Find Freedom and Friendship as a Woman Traveling Alone by Kerry O'Brien
Rewards for Women Traveling Alone by Kate Galbraith
The Solo Woman Traveler by Holly Wilkinson-Ray
Traveling Alone as a Young Woman by Isabel Eva Bohrer
Chasing Away the Travel Burnout Blues by Leyla Giray
A Woman's Traveling Advantages by Hannah Freeman
5 Keys for a Great Women-Only Tour by Larissa C. Kulczycky
Women and the Global Generation: Study Abroad is a Vehicle for Women's Empowerment and Leadership by Sarah S. Bush and Christina Madden
Women Studying Abroad by Susan Gass
Women and International Jobs: Don't Let Gender Get in the Way by Leslie Strazzullo
An Interview with Jen Leo: Women's Travel Writing with a Large Dash of Humor by Jessica Hayden
Traveling Solo During Pregnancy by Susan Griffith
The Woman Traveling Alone by Risa Laib
Sex and Love Abroad by Marina Wolf
Solo Woman Travel: A Simple Formula by Joanne Paul
Two Years on the Highway by Rachel Pettus
 Women Travel Reports
Solo Travel in Japan Solo Travel in Japan by Lies Ouwerkerk
When my plane touches down on Tokyo's Narita airport, I sense a split-second of panic: will I be able to survive in this totally unknown territory without one word of Japanese or the ability to decipher Japanese characters?...
Women travel in India 10 Ways Women Can Stay Safe in India by Beth Whitman
The author provides inside tips based upon her vast experience traveling in the vast and unique land of India.
Solo woman travel in europe Solo Woman Travel in Europe for the Adventurous by Rick Steves
Every year, thousands of women, young and old, travel to Europe on their own. To do a trip like this is to be part of a grand group of adventurers. Traveling alone, you’ll have the chance to make your own discoveries and the freedom to do what you like. It becomes habit-forming. Here are some tips—assembled with the help of female travelers on my staff—on meeting people, dealing with men, and traveling smart.
Tour of Bhutan Women Touring Bhutan by Beth Whitman
We were 17 strong. Making our way into each hotel, restaurant and dzong (monastery), we received plenty of attention, in the best possible way. We were on a journey through Bhutan, the tiny Himalayan Kingdom nestled between Northeast India and Tibet. While small groups of women are not uncommon, our large group was an unusual sight for the locals.
Solo women travel in Asia Traveling Solo as a Woman in Asia by Susan Griffith
The people of India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan were mystified by the ideal of a single woman traveling for pleasure. The women were especially dumbfounded. This is not surprising in view of the fact that they would not dream of traveling further than the local market without an escort.
Art That Makes a Difference: Women Helping Women in Mexico by Michelle Peterson
Mother India for Women Travelers by Beth Whitman
For Women Traveling to India: Preparing for Safe and Culturally Respectful Immersion by Beth Whitman
Solo Woman Travel in India: Train Travel Safety Tips and Advisories by Jessica Tuerk
Solo Woman Travel: Hiking the Pyrenees by Beth Kohn
Safe Solo Travel Tips for African-American Women in Europe by Brande Nicole Martin
How To Make it Seven Years (Or More) as a Single Woman in Asia by Sarah Maurer
Traveling Solo and as a Woman in South America by Amy Stix Miller
Solo Woman Travel in Oaxaca, Mexico: A Little Paranoia Never Hurt Anyone by Beth Whitman
Volunteer as a Woman at a Kibbutz in Israel: Relax But Be Careful by Rachel Trager
Jordan's Ancient Wonder: Experience the Country's Beauty and Bedouin Culture as a Solo Woman Traveler by Meryl Sargent
Traveling Solo as a Woman in the Middle East by Susan Scott
Solo Woman Traveler: East African Etiquette by Terrie Chilvers
 Featured Women Travel Tours and Group Vacations
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