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Accommodations Abroad
Guide to Bed and Breakfasts to Home Rentals to Real Estate Overseas

Country Vacation Home Rentals
Off-season home rentals are an enjoyable deal at a castle and winery in Provence, France. Photo © Transitions Abroad.
 Articles on Accommodations Abroad
 Accommodations Abroad Advisor
Finding a Home Abroad by Volker Poelzl
5 Ways to Get Free Accommodation Around the World by Nora Dunn
Rest Your Weary Head: Find the Best Room at the Lowest Price by Rob Sangster
How to Find Long-Term Accommodations Abroad by Jennifer Fandel
How to Find Extraordinary Budget Travel Accommodations by Michael Gonchar
Localized Accommodation in Italy: More Privacy than a B&B and More Authenticity than a Hotel by Amy E. Robertson
Reservations About Reservations: Advanced Travel Lodging Planning is Not Always a Good Idea by Tim Leffel 
Study Abroad Accommodations: Which Housing Arrangement is Best by Jessica Brown
Radical Sabbaticals: Planning for a Career Break by Susan Griffith
Family Travel: Seniors Take the Whole Gang Along by Arline Wills
Lodging on a Budget in Europe by Kelby Hartson Carr

 Long- and Short-Term Vacation Home Rentals Abroad
Europe rentals Budget Vacation Rental Apartments in Europe with Local Hospitality by Lies Ouwerkerk
Staying in vacation rentals in Europe is an inexpensive and immersive way to travel while also enjoying local hospitality.
Rentals in Paris How to Enjoy Your Stay in Paris on a Budget: Rent an Apartment by Transitions Abroad Senior Editor Joanna Hubbs
Tips for staying in Paris on an affordable budget using vacation apartment rentals by Dr. Joanna Hubbs, who has traveled and lived in the great city extensively over the years.
Rent and Live in Nice, France Like a Local by Kelby Hartson Carr
Living in Limousin: Vacation Rentals in the Heart of France by Volker Poelzl
Slow Travel: Long-Term Rentals in Europe by Pauline Kenny
Apartment Rental Hunting in Paris by Amber Foster
Rent a Gîte in a Forgotten Region by Pierre Epstein
A Gîte in Beaujolais: a Taste of Paradise by Anne Woodyard
Short-term Rentals in the Netherlands by Jennifer Colvin
Apartment Rentals in Europe by Jennifer M. Eisenlau
Cheap Accommodations in Bangkok: Location is Key to Choosing Long-Term Rentals by Chris Mitchell
Finding Home Rentals in Shanghai by Alison Harley
Living Local in the French Caribbean: Vacation Home Rentals in the Martinique by Michele Peterson
The Paradors of Spain by Mary Jo Blackwood
Ecuador’s Authentic Hotels and Haciendas from North to South by Sandra Kennedy

 Bed & Breakfasts and Farmstays
Europe's B & B's, Rentals and Agriturismos by Rick Steves
How to Know You are Staying in an Authentic Italian Agriturismo by Linda Weinberger
Experience Italian Cultural Immersion at an Agriturismo in Italy by John Tennant
Two Bed and Breakfasts in Italy by Diana Saluri Russo
An Agriturismo in Italy by Diana Saluri Russo
Farmstays in the Spanish Countryside by Michele Peterson
The English Bed and Breakfast by Martee Fansher
German Farm Stays on a Budget by Ted Shoemaker
South American Eco-Lodges by Nathan Ward

 Home Exchanges, Housesitting and Caretaking Abroad
Home Exchanges Enrich Travel Experience by Shelley Seale
Home Exchanges: A Cheap Way to Live Abroad by Catherine Price
Caretaking Abroad by Nora Dunn
Housesitting Abroad by Nora Dunn
Vacation Swapping: Home Exchanges Can Cost No More than Staying Home by Linda Lewis
Home Exchange Tips by Ruth Marvin Webster
Seven Great Reasons to Exchange Homes by Carol Dalton Sebilia
How to Exchange a Home and Live Irish by Isabel Bearman Bucher
Home Away from Home: Have a "Second" Home For Price of Planefare by Jeri Magg

 Homestays and Hospitality Exchanges Abroad
The Real Portugal: Experience Tradition and Preserve the Countryside with Historic Homestays by Volker Poelzl
Homestay Programs: Lay Down Your Head but Not a Lot of Cash by Tim Leffel
Servas: How to Travel and Build Peace at the Same Time by Julie Schumacher Cohen
Paris Homestays by Bradwell Jackson
Latin American Homestays by Jim Baird
Homestays on Lake Titicaca, Peru by David A. Smith
Homestays in Malaysia by Michele Peterson
Youth Exchange Programs by Jennifer Viale

 Real Estate Abroad
House Hunting in France: The Languedoc Offers Reasonable Prices and Good Weather by Sharon Goldstein
Buying a Home in France: It Only Takes a Little Money and Nerve by Lorren L. Repton
Property in France: How to Find It, Buy It, And Live in It by Phyllis Cohen
Buying a Property in Spain as an Expatriate by Carla Acheson
Buying a Home and Living in Southern Spain by Allan Ashton
Living and Buying Property in Tenerife, Spain by Joe Cawley
Real Estate in Latin America by Tim Leffel
Building a House in Mexico by Rachel Hartman
Buying a Property in Bariloche, Argentina by Shanie Matthews

 Convents and Monasteries Abroad
Convents and Monasteries in Italy by Patricia Gilbert
Convent Stays in Rome by Bob Wilson
Staying in the Religious Houses of Italy by Ken Harbinson
Religious Housing in Rome: Choose Hotel-Like Stays or a Convent by Diana Saluri Russo
Monastery Stays in Spain by Tom McGuire

 Hostels Abroad
Lodging Comfort on a Budget: Safe, Reliable, Budget Travel with Hostelling International by Pearl Harris
Jobs at Youth Hostels: Extend Your Travels Abroad by Isabel Eva Bohrer
Volunteer at a Youth Hostel in Europe for Room and Board by Lisa Cordeiro
Eco-Friendly Hostels by Wendee Holtcamp
Hosteling for the Senior who is Young at Heart by Bill Hrick
Travel with an Infant: Hosteling is a Fabulous Way for a Family to See the World by Gillian Wynne Grimm

 Camping Abroad
In Wadi, Jordan Desert Sage Tea and Starlight in Wadi, Jordan by Amy E. Robertson
Family travel to a desert camp turns into a genuine physical and cultural adventure, guided by the Bedouins, and staying in localized accommodation—in this case a tent.
Motor Homing in Europe by Steve Hunt
Camping Around Europe by C.B. Heinemann
Tenting in Europe by Edward Newton
Car Camping Through Europe by C.B. Heinemann
Camping in Italy by Drew Colenbrander and Sarah Wiley
Camping in Scotland by Janice Porter Hayes
Seaside Camping in Europe by Carol Mickelsen
Car-Camping Europe by Carol Mickelsen
Off-Beat Camping in Europe by Carol Mickelsen
Camping in the South of France by Catherine Spaeth and Shaun McElhatton
Camping for Cash in Antartica by David Devere
Camping in Dalmatia by Carol Mickelsen
Camping in Africa by Janet Williams
Namibian Camping Safaris by Anne Loxton

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