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The Guide to Responsible, Ethical and Sustainable Travel

Farm jobs: Permaculture forest
Photo from Permaculture Jobs, Sustainable Living and Endless Travel by Jonathon Engels.

 Responsible Travel Programs and Ecotourism by Region
Worldwide Responsible Travel Programs and Ecotours
Asia and Australasia
Latin America
 Featured Responsible Travel Programs and Ecotours
Responsible Volunteering Worldwide with GVI Global Vision International
GVI has a huge range of volunteer programs to suit the environmentally conscious traveler who seeks adventure and new experiences around the globe. Be it training as a safari field guide in South Africa, teaching English in Laos, or diving as part of a marine research team in the Indian Ocean, you will find a huge range of exciting opportunities with GVI. Visit our website for further details.
Volunteering in Europe European Volunteer Adventures!
GoEco offers a diverse selection of wildlife, humanitarian and environmental projects in Europe. You have the opportunity to choose among several exciting initiatives in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic and the UK! Whether you’re interested in sea turtle conservation or a hospitality internship, you can expect the volunteer experience of a lifetime!
Sea Turtle Conservation In Costa Rica with United Planet
Cross-Cultural Solutions: Volunteer Abroad for the Experience of a Lifetime!
Volunteer in Ecuador and Experience 4 Worlds with Lead Adventures Ecuador
Authentic French Experiences with Aliore Worldwide Workshops
Adventure Travel in Central America with Marvelus Travel
Volunteer & Travel Program in Asia with Idex
 Responsible Travel and Ecotourism Advisor
Nicholas Kristof A Path Appears A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Community
An Interview with Nicholas D. Kristof

Nicholas D. Kristof discusses an important new book cowritten with his wife, "A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Community," with John Dwyer and Nicholas goes on to discuss related issues such as volunteering abroad, and other ways individuals can make a positive impact around the world in terms of changing lives and tackling huge issues of inequality.
Educational Travel: Ethics and Pleasure How Travel Can Change the World: One Journey at a Time by Dr. Jessica Voigts
Experienced travelers and experts illustrate and agree that in travel there is a false choice between ethics and pleasure.
Practical Eco Traveler How to be a Practical Eco Traveler by Victor Paul Borg
As a lifelong lover of green travel, the author cuts through the hype and jargon to get to the core of what is involved in being a conscientious yet practical eco traveler...
Cuban man playing guitar Ethical Travel: Voting With Our Wings by Jeff Greenwald
The executive director of describes the methodology used to select the "The World’s 10 Best Ethical Destinations" every year, and why they are chosen.
Organic farming abroad Permaculture Jobs, Sustainable Living and Endless Travel by Jonathon Engels
Over the past decade, there has been an enormous growth in interest and activities relating to permaculture jobs as a means of farming abroad, sustainable living, and the endless travel this enables.
10 Ways to Travel Abroad Authentically 10 Ways to Experience a Culture Authentically While Traveling by Jonathon Engels
For many fellow travelers, “experiencing another culture,” means something far different from visiting museums, archeological ruins, and national monuments. While trying to visit the Pyramids and Colosseums of the world, these ancient icons do little in the way of illuminating the culture in another country...
Educational Travel and Pleasure Simple Steps to Vacations and Travel with Purpose by Amy E. Robertson
How to enjoy and create purpose in your travels while meeting and contributing financially to the local community. Travels with purpose is another way of describing a form of responsible tourism.
Responsible Travel Handbook (2 meg PDF) by various authors
Transitions Abroad and at Home: Moving from Aggression to Peacekeeping, From Consumption to Fair Sharing by Rob Sangster
Eco-Friendly Travel: Simple Strategies that Result in Cost Savings for You and the Planet by Tim Leffel
Defining Ecotourism and Responsible Tourism by Ron Mader
Sustainable Travel and Responsible Tourism An Interview with Deborah McLaren
Responsible Travel and Ecotourism: The Big Picture A Conversation with Ron Mader And Deborah McLaren
The Business of Ecotourism Ron Mader interviews Carol Patterson
Final Call: In Search of the True Cost of Holidays Ron Mader interviews Leo Hickman
Rural Tourism: Fostering Responsible Travel Outside Urban Areas by Ron Mader
Good Travel is Thoughtful Travel by Rick Steves
Responsible Travel in Action: Helping to Preserve Endangered Species and Ecosystems by Volker Poelzl
How to Be an Ecotourist by Volker Poelzl
Culturally Sensitive Photography by Jim Kane
Geotourism: Preserving Travel Experiences for Future Generations by Tracy Baginski McGinnis
Ecotourism Guidelines: How to Choose the Organizations and Businesses You Support by Dianne Brause
Tourism and Poverty by Ron Mader
Community Travel Resources by Ron Mader
Choosing Where to Go and What You Do Once You Get There by Ron Mader
The Future of Travel by Volker Poelzl
Travel Responsibly and Give the World a Break by Rick Steves
Eight Ways to Become Part of a Community Abroad Within Two Weeks by Nora Dunn
Whirled Transformations: The History and Future of Inter-Cultural Caring by Ann McLaughlin
Why Giving Matters by Tim Leffel
Follow Your Bliss: Travel with Purpose and Awareness by Michael McCarthy
Pollo, Por Favor: Cross-Cultural Bonding by James Citron
Educational Travel as a Model for Responsible Tourism by Shoshanna Sumka
Citizen Diplomacy by Sherry Lee Mueller
Eco-Friendly Hostels: Sleep Green and Save! by Wendee Holtcamp
 Responsible Travel and Ecotourism Participant Reports from Latin America
Sustainable Mexican tourism A More Sustainable Face of Mexican Tourism by Tim Leffel
Some sustainable tours in Mexico for those who wish to explore regions of the country without taking a generic package.
Guatemalan Eco-lodge Vacationing or Volunteering in an Eco-Friendly Guatemalan Mountain Lodge by Lies Ouwerkerk, Senior Contributing Editor
Imagine waking up to the first rays of sunshine casting their spell on smoke puffing volcanoes and a lush valley just in front of you. And then realizing where you actually are: in a comfortable, rustic king size bed inside a secluded, window-walled tree house, with a hammock waiting for you on a private deck, your own bathroom with a hot shower just down the stairs, and a message pinned on the wall: "Welcome! This tree house is built into the oak tree. If the wind is strong, it will sway a little bit..."
How to Practice Responsible Travel and Ecotourism in Mexico and Central America by Ron Mader
Xochimilco Gardens: Tourism Maintains Jobs for Thousands of Worker by Ron Mader
Life's a Beach: But There's Also Much More to the Mexican Communities You Visit by Michele Peterson
A Waterfall Lover's Paradise: Chiapas Community Group Preserves Eco-Trail in Mexico by Michele Peterson
Mayan Community Tours Enrich a Visit to Mexico's Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve by Alison Gardner
Responsible Shopping at the Markets of Oaxaca by Ron Mader
Honoring Tradition in Oaxaca, Mexico, for the Day of the Dead by Jim Kane
Tenjapa Homecoming in Mexico by Jim Kane
A Mayan Experience in Eastern Mexico by Robert Gosnell
Volunteer, Vacation and Community Travel on a Ranch in Chiapas, Mexico by Tim King
Preserving Pink Flamingos: Visitors to Celestun, Mexico are Treated to a Colorful Spectacle by Gerhard Buttner
Conserving Sea Turtles in Mexico: Volunteer at an Eco-Friendly Resort by Jodi Helmer
Wildlife Conservation Monitoring Macaws in Costa Rica by Theodore G. Manno
Rafting to a Jungle Lodge in Costa Rica: Indulge in a Sustainable Adventure by Katherine McIntyre
Rural Community Tourism—Costa Rican Style: Get to Know the People, Their Culture, and Their Environment
Helping Out in Costa Rica
A Sustainable Vacation: Nicaragua’s Selva Negra Combines Old and New
Travel in Honduras, Naturally by Terry Redding
Ecotourism in Honduras by Michele Peterson
Train Nature Guides in Central America, Change Lives in Central America
A Day in the Life of a Mayan Village: Community  Tourism in Guatemala by Volker Poelzl
Eco-Volunteering in Guatemala: Work for the Good of Others and the Environment.
South American Eco-Lodges for the Responsible Traveler by Nathan Ward
The Coca Plant Paradox: A Simple Little Leaf With a Complicated History in South America by Tim Leffel
Community Tourism in Ecuador: Development Model Is Transforming Villages by Eric Hartman
Man vs. Man: Saving the Galapagos by Tim Leffel
Galapagos Islands: Fragile and Fabulous by Alison Gardner
Galapagos Travel: Education Is the Key to Sustainable Tourism in the Galapagos
Saving Machu Picchu by Tim Leffel
Making a Positive Impact with Culture Xplorers by Jim Kane
Living Festivals: Getting Into the Local Spirit by Jim Kane
Preserving Peru’s Textile Tradition by Jim Kane
Visiting Rio de Janeiro's Favelas by Jim Kane
Eco-Volunteer in Argentina with GAIA
Responsible Travel in Brazil: The Race to Save the Amazon by Volker Poelzl
The Other Brazilian Vacation: Studying the Jaguar in the Pantanal with Earthwatch by Marsha Johnston
Honey Island: A Brazilian Eco-Friendly Destination as Sweet as its Name by Dan Moore
Trekking in Patagonia: Explore Argentina's Pristine Mountains and Support Native Communities by Volker Poelzl
Amazon Fantasies and Realities: A Responsible Traveler Takes a Magical Mystery Tour by Dianne Brause
Trinidad's Back Roads: A Sustainable Ecotourism Destination by Alison Gardner
 Responsible Travel and Ecotourism Participant Reports From Europe
Preserving Greece's Samos Island: Adventure Sports Tourism May Help Sustain the Environment and Economy
Explore the U.K. as an Insider with The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers
Learn How to Make the Desert Green in Spain with Sunseed Desert Trust
Nature Vacations in Tenerife, Spain
Going Deep in Poland: Make a Connection with the Local People by Jim Kane
Agro and Ecotourism in Romania: Discover Village Life and Assist in its Preservation
 Responsible Travel and Ecotourism Participant Reports From Asia and Australasia
An Elephant Escape: South India Elephant Sanctuaries Double as Eco-Lodges and Learning Centers by Deborah McLaren 
Ethical Travel in China
Travel to Bhutan: The Land of the Thunder Dragon
Ecotourism in a Bhutan Village
Beyond Ecotourism in the High Himalyas with Crooked Trails
Harvest the Himalayas with the Ladakh Farm Project, an Ecological Program
The Rebirth of an Island: Thailand ’s Koh Phi Phi Dive Camp Is Open for Business 
Conserving Elephants in Thailand 
Ecotourism in a Southern Province of Thailand: Libong's Bounty by Victor Paul Borg
Wwoofing in Japan: Cultural Immersion Through Volunteer Vacations
How to Visit Burma: Why Traveling to the Country May be in the People's Best Interest
Unspoiled Laos: With Barriers Down, Responsible Travelers Are Warmly Welcome
Australia's Eco-Island by Alison Gardner
WWOOF in Australia
Discover Western Australia's Ningaloo Reef: Visitors Tread Lightly and Learn about a Delicate Ecosystem by Charlotte Francis
Experiencing Australia: Conservation Groups Welcome Volunteers by Susan Griffith
Preserve Rainforests in Australia by Anselm Bradford 
 Responsible Travel and Ecotourism Participant Reports From Africa
Traveling Responsibly in West Africa: For Those Who Seek Raw Adventure Writ Large by Jason Motlagh
Community Ecotourism: Similar Opportunities and Challenges in South Africa and Mexico by Gerhard Buttner
Letter from Ethiopia by Clay Hubbs
Kidnapped in Rwanda by Robert Powell Sangster
Journey Botswana: New Safaris are a Lesson in a Ecology by Robert Powell Sangster
Walking with Gorillas: Tracking Mountain Gorillas in Southwest Uganda
Nature Travel in Ghana, West Africa's Threshold
Kenyan International Village Offers Hope and Meaningful Exchange by Paige Stringer
Namibian Safaris for the Responsible Traveler
Rural Tourism in Morocco: Women's Cooperative Promotes Development
Diving With Sharks in South Africa: Combining Ecotourism and Adventure
 Responsible Travel Resources
Arranging Responsible Travel
Education Centers for Responsible Travel
Engage and Learn About Responsible Travel
Insider's Views on Responsible Travel
Take Action for Responsible Travel
Volunteer Worldwide with GVI
Volunteer Abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions
African Conservation Experience
Volunteering in France with Aliore
Volunteer Abroad with GO ECO
Travel and volunteer with Idex
Women's tour to Kenya
Outbounding Travel Community
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