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Living Abroad in Asia and the Pacific Region

The Essential Expatriate Resources

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Asia and the Pacific region are increasingly popular destinations for American expatriates, in part due to strong economic ties to the U.S. and the region's increased global importance. Australia, China, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines are among the most popular destinations for American expatriates. has compiled the best country-by-country resources for current expatriates and those who dream of moving and living abroad.

To go to the resources of a specific country, click on a country on the map or select a country from the list below or read an introductory summary 7 Tips for Living Abroad in Asia Successfully, among the many articles you will find on the countries below. —Living Abroad Contributing Editor Volker Poelzl

 Country-by-Country Living Abroad Resources for Asia and the Pacific
Australia Japan Singapore
China Malaysia South Korea
India  New Zealand Taiwan
Indonesia Phillipines Thailand

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