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  Living Abroad Money Matters Abroad for Expatriates and Travelers
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Money Matters Abroad for Expatriates and Travelers

Money Matters Abroad

"Among the biggest challenges for travelers and expatriates is managing their finances while traveling or living abroad as well as maximizing the value of their currency. Travelers and expats have to deal with the ever-changing exchange rates, and different fees and commissions charged by exchange houses and banks.

In addition, economists predict that the U.S. dollar will remain low against the world’s major currencies for several years to come. Such an economic envonment makes it even more important to wisely manage your funds while traveling and your finances back home when living abroad.

The featured articles and listed resources provide a variety of financial tools to help you get the most out of your travel and living budget. We have included resources for sending money abroad, as well as websites that provide updated exchange rates for currencies worldwide. In addition you will find links to ATM locators worldwide for the most popular credit cards." —Living Abroad Contributing Editor Volker Poelzl, author of Making Your Dollars Last Abroad.

Photo by Ted Campbell.

 Featured Articles on Money Matters Abroad
Making Your Dollars Last Abroad by Volker Poelzl
Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Cash in Europe by Rick Steves
How to Manage Your Money While Traveling Abroad: Currency Conversion Rates by Nora Dunn
How to Manage Your Finances at Home While Living Abroad by Nora Dunn
How to Manage Your Money Safely on the Road in Latin America by Ted Campbell

 Key Resources to Manage Your Finances Abroad

Currency Conversion

The are a plethora of currency conversion sites, many with useful tools such as the one below, providing quick access.

FXConverter — 164 Currency Converter provides updated exchange rates. The printable Currency Cheat Sheets are very practical. is a useful site that offers a currency calculator. Rate values are gathered from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, representing the 12 noon buying rates and the International Monetary Fund, according to their availability.

XE Currency Converter is an online currency converter, listing exchange rates for currencies worldwide.

ATM's Around the World

American Express ATM Locator lists ATMs around the world where American Express cards are accepted.

Mastercard/Maestro/Cirrus Global ATM Locator, provides Mastercard/Maestro/Cirrus ATM locations for most countries.

Visa/Plus Global ATM Locator lists Visa/Plus Automated Teller Machines in most countries worldwide.

Money Transfer Networks

Paypal allows you to send and receive Internet money transfers in multiple currencies in countries worldwide.

Western Union has over 500,000 agents worldwide for sending, receiving funds, as well as paying bills.

General Resources

Rick Steves' website offers Money Tips for travel in Europe.

American Express Travel Office Locator provides information about over credit cards with no foreign transaction fees.

IRS: Tax Information for Aliens and U.S. Citizens Living Abroad offers essential information from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service for anyone working abroad.

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