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Key Expatriate Websites and Resources

Articles on Taiwan
Expatriate Websites and Resources
News and Media in Taiwan
Recommended Reading on Taiwan
Travel Information on Taiwan

Featured Articles on Living, Working, Studying, Traveling, and Volunteering in Taiwan
Living in Thailand or Taiwan Live and Teach English in Thailand or Taiwan? A Guide to Choose the Best Country for You by Michael Plews
Fortunately for anyone with experience who is trying to compare the merits of these two unique countries, both currencies now have a very similar exchange rate... We will make a comparison, inherently somewhat subjective, of some of the key aspects of each country that can make living and teaching a memorable and rewarding experience...
Teaching English in Taiwan: A Lucrative Endeavor in a Culturally Rich Environment by Newley Purnell
Three Reasons to Teach English and Live in Taiwan by Matt Gibson
Teaching English in Taiwan: The Vital Information by Matt Gibson
A Teacher's Tour of Duty in Taiwan: Rockets, Temples, and Tonal Languages by Brian Johnson

 Expatriate Websites and Resources in Taiwan is a worldwide directory of blogs related to expatriate life, with listings for Taiwan.

 News and Media in Taiwan,, provides continuously updated links to thousands of online radio stations worldwide, including Taiwan.

Online Newspapers,, lists over 1000 links to online newspapers worldwide, including Taiwan.

 Recommended Reading on Taiwan
Lonely Planet Taiwan by Robert Kelly and Joshua Samuel Brown
Insight Guide Taiwan by Vivien Kim
National Geographic Traveler: Taiwan by Phil Macdonald
Taiwan: A Political History by Denny Roy
Forbidden Nation: A History of Taiwan by Jonathan Manthorpe
Culture Shock! Taiwan: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette by Chris Bates and Ling-Li Bates

 Travel Information in Taiwan

Taiwan Tourism Board,

Lonely Planet Worldguide offers plenty of useful travel information, including Taiwan.

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