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Featured Articles on Living, Working, Studying, Traveling, and Volunteering in Australia
Book Review of Moon Living Abroad in Australia by Volker Poelzl
Work in Australia's Tropical North: Take Advantage of the Country's New Working Visa by Laurie Pritchard
A Career Move Down Under: A Primer on Landing Entry into Australia and Finding Work There by Sarah Muxlow 
Career English Teaching in Australia: Preparation Is Important in a Tight Market by Sarah Muxlow
Multicultural Activities in Australia: Connecting with Sub-Communities is Easy and Rewarding by Sarah Muxlow
Teaching in Australia: Students Can See Another Country While they Fill their Graduation Requirements by Peter Burnside
A Working Holiday in Australia: "No Problem Mate" by Lydia Horrex
Seasonal Fishing Jobs Abroad in Australia: Big Dollars and Big Adventures Down Under by Amy Knapp
Work Adventures in Sydney: If You’re Under 30, Apply for a Working Holiday Visa by Alison Lapshinoff
Adventures Working in Australia by Lauren Fitzpatrick
Summer and Seasonal Work in Australia by Lisa Ponefract
Working in Australia: Be a Part of the Action by Judy Van Rhijn
Teach in Australia: Positions Available in New South Wales' Public Schools by Margot Pimentel
Volunteering in Australasia: The Top Opportunities by Nora Dunn
The Wallabies of AACE: Wildlife Volunteering in Australia by Jane Stanfield
Volunteer in Australia Through The Conservation Experience: Travel Down Under at Rock Bottom Prices by Kathy Ludanyi
Volunteer in Australia: The Great Outdoors Promises Great Opportunities by Claire Moss
Mammal Monitoring: Join Conservation Volunteers in Australia's Grampians National Park by Inger Vandyke
Experiencing Australia as a Volunteer: Conservation Groups Welcome Volunteers by Susan Griffith
WWOOF in Australia: Work Your Way Down Under by Coran Lill
Rainforest Volunteering in Australia by Anselm Bradford
Saving Australian Wildlife as a Volunteer: Reintroducing Native Species Down Under by Raelene Allen
Study Abroad in Australia: "The Best Six Months of Your Life" by Andy Schell
Study Abroad in Australia: Immersion Enhances the Experience by Jennifer Fromal
Living and Studying Abroad in Australia: Total Cultural Immersion is the Best Way to Experience the Land Down Under by Carolyn Mueller
Study at Bond University in Australia: Its Academic Calendar Matches Our Own by Jackie Desmarais
Go For the Full Degree in Australia: Direct Enrollment at Bond University by Everett Sizemore
Study Abroad in Australia: A Practical Guide to the Land Down Under by Christian Thorkildsen
Study Abroad in Australia: If You Have the Chance, Take It! by Lisa Sholk
Study Abroad Advisor Point:Counterpoint: Do Students Really Study in Australia? by Cheryl Lochner-Wright
Youth For Understanding: An Australian Exchange by Chelsea Fosse
Kid-Friendly Australia: Plan a Trip That’s Affordable and Easy by Adam Worcester
Planning a Campervan Trip in Australia by Nora Dunn
Taking a Train Through Australia by Nora Dunn
Falling in Love With Lightning Ridge, Australia by Nora Dunn
Tasmania in the Slow Lane: Cycling as Seniors Across One of Australia's Most Beautiful Islands by Cherie Thiessen
More Than Kangaroos: Explore Australia’s “Most Wanted” Eco-Island by Alison Gardner
Discover Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef: Visitors Tread Lightly and Learn about a Delicate Ecosystem by Charlotte Francis
With More Time, Travel for Less: Australia and New Zealand Welcomes Independent-Minded Seniors by Marilyn C. McDonald
Dreamtime Travel in Australia: Ethical Travelers Can Support Aboriginal Tourism by Margaret Ambrose
Journey to Aboriginal Dreamtime: Visit Australia's Last Remaining Tribal Nomads by Benjamin John Doman
Exploring Australia’s Indigenous Culture by Graeme Lister
Accessible Melbourne by Anne Vize

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 Business and Economy in Australia

American Chamber of Commerce in Australia, . Suite 4, Gloucester Walk, 88 Cumberland Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia;

International Monetary Fund promotes financial stability, international trade and economic growth among its 188 member countries. The website provides country information (with a section on Australia) and a number of publications, including the World Economic Outlook.

U.S. Government Export Portal publishes Country & Industry Market Reports, Commercial guides, and other essential information for doing business abroad, including export business in Australia.

World Trade Organization regulates trade rules between its member countries, and provides information on economic data, trade regulations,disputes and agreements about its members, including Australia .

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 Expatriate Websites and Resources for Australia

Asia Expats Forum is a community forum for expatriates living in Asia, with country-specific discussion groups including an Australia/New Zealand Expat Forum.

Expat Blog is a worldwide directory of blogs related to expatriate life, with listings for Australia. is an online community for expatriates, has a section on Australia, with classified ads, links, and a bulletin board.

Living in Australia,, is another website about emigrating to Australia and living In Australia.

Life in Australia,, is a section of the website of the Australian Department of Immigration and Cultural Affairs, providing useful information on working and living in Australia.

Live in Victoria,, is a government website providing information about immigrating to Australia and living in Victoria.,, is an online immigration service, providing useful information for those wanting to live, work and study in Australia.

Working in,, provides information for those interested in working and living in Australia.

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 News and Media in Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald,,,, provides continuously updated links to thousands of online radio stations worldwide, including Australia.

Online Newspapers lists over 1000 links to online newspapers worldwide, including Australia.

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 Recommended Reading on Australia

Australia Eyewitness Travel Guides

Fodor's Australia (Fodor's Gold Guides)

Frommer's Australia

Lonely Planet Australia

Let's Go Australia

Living And Working In Australia: A Survival Handbook

Moon Living Abroad in Australia

Moon Handbooks Australia

The Rough Guide to Australia

Travelers' Tales Australia

Living and Working in Australia

Working & Living Australia

National Geographic Traveler: Australia

Culture Smart! Australia

The Fatal Shore: The Epic of Australia's Founding

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 Travel Information on Australia
Tourism Australia,, is the official site of the Australian Tourist Commission.

Fodor's provides destination guides for most countries in Australasia, including Australia

Frommer's provides destination guides for countries worldwide, with a section on the South Pacific, including Australia.
Lonely Planet Worldguide provides a lot of useful travel information, with a section on the Pacific, including Australia.
New York Times Travel provides Destination Guides for most countries, with a section on the Pacific, including Australia.
Rough Guides Destinations offer a lot of useful travel advice and information for most countries, with a section on Australasia, including Australia.

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Moon Living Abroad in Australia
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