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Responsible Travel in Latin America

Responsible Travel in Latin America

 Featured Articles on Responsible Travel in Latin America
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                        How to Connect Locally while Traveling Internationally: Budget-Friendly Destinations in Central America
How to visit budget destinations in Central America while connecting to the local people and culture
Guatemalan Eco-lodge Vacationing or Volunteering in an Eco-Friendly Guatemalan Mountain Lodge by Lies Ouwerkerk, Senior Contributing Editor
Imagine waking up to the first rays of sunshine casting their spell on smoke puffing volcanoes and a lush valley just in front of you. And then realizing where you actually are: in a comfortable, rustic king size bed inside a secluded, window-walled tree house, with a hammock waiting for you on a private deck, your own bathroom with a hot shower just down the stairs, and a message pinned on the wall: "Welcome! This tree house is built into the oak tree. If the wind is strong, it will sway a little bit..."
Dominican eco lodge Seeing the Real Dominican Republic: A Stay at Tubagua Eco Lodge by Lebawit Lily Girma
An illustrated description of an off-the-beaten path stay at a magnificent and award-winning eco lodge in the Dominican Republic, far from the usual all-inclusive beach resorts.
Galapagos Island sea lion pup sleeping on rocky beach. Galapagos Islands: Fragile and Fabulous by Senior Travel Editor Alison Gardner
An adventure visiting the Galapagos Islands on an eco-cruise with a tour operator who emphasizes conservation of a fragile ecological environment.
Saving the Galapagos Man vs. Man: Saving the Galapagos by Tim Leffel
A story of the government and locals working together to manage the ravages of tourism using green energy and other more responsible alternatives.
Honoring Tradition in Oaxaca, Mexico, for the Day of the Dead by Jim Kane
Making a Positive Impact with Culture Xplorers by Jim Kane
Living Festivals: Getting Into the Local Spirit by Jim Kane
Responsible Travel and Ecotourism in Mexico and Central America by Ron Mader
Xochimilco Gardens: Tourism Maintains Jobs for Thousands of Worker by Ron Mader
Responsible Shopping at the Markets of Oaxaca by Ron Mader
Mayan Community Tours Enrich a Visit to Mexico's Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve by Alison Gardner
Ecotourism and Volunteer Conservation Work in Costa Rica: Monitoring Wild-Release Macaws Hatched to Fly Free
Rafting to a Jungle Lodge in Costa Rica: Indulge in a Responsible Adventure by Katherine McIntyre
Discover Guatemala's Richness Through its People and Rituals by Jim Kane
Trekking in Patagonia: Explore Argentina's Pristine Mountains and Support Native Communities by Volker Poelzl
Travel to Study the Jaguar in the Pantanal, Brazil by Marsha Johnston
The Coca Plant Paradox: A Simple Little Leaf With a Complicated History in South America by Tim Leffel
Saving Machu Picchu by Tim Leffel
Responsible Travel in Brazil: The Race to Save the Amazon by Volker Poelzl
Preserving the Flora and Fauna at Iguassu: The Border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay by Isabel Eva Bohrer
Slow Tourism in Ecuador: Travel That Raises Awareness by Andres Hammerman
Responsible Travel in Belize: Treasures in Culture and Nature by Volker Poelzl

Lead Adventures
Experience Ecuador and the Galapagos
Lead Adventures are local specialists who know Ecuador & Galapagos intimately. Thirty volunteer programs offered throughout South America. Whether you are young or mature, shy or extroverted, laid-back or adventurous, Lead Adventures has something for everyone (individuals, groups, families). Live with like-minded volunteers and quickly make new friends. Four locations: Andes, Coast, Amazon, Galapagos with these featured projects: Galapagos Experience (3islands/3weeks, volunteer and travel); Animal Welfare & Rescue Ctrs. (Andes, Coast, Amazon), Humanitarian, Sports Coaching (Football, Tennis, Golf) and more!! Time off can be spent exploring the locality and furthering your adventures. Spending time on one of our eco-friendly projects or assisting in a humanitarian project will give you a unique travel experience whilst changing lives forever, including your own!

Supporting a Responsible Rainforest in Peru as a Volunteer, Intern, or Tourist
Fauna Forever is a training, team building and environmental monitoring initiatives located in important biologically and culturally diverse habitats. There are currently two programs based in the Manu Biosphere Reserve, a conservation area in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. The programs are an adventurous yet professional way to experience and learn first-hand about humid tropical ecosystems and indigenous Amazon cultures whilst contributing to valuable on-going research.

Culture Explorers
Custom Immersive Tours Honoring Traditions and Celebrating Culture
Culture Explorers is an award-winning small tour operator that offers tailor-made small tours in such places as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Spain, and Porugal and other locations worldwide. Culture Explorers emphasizes participation in the living culture of the countries visited as part of immersive small group journeys. They will allow you to explore the traditions, meet local friends, support important positive impact projects through their visits. Each departure coincides with an important local festival or celebration.

Ecology Project International
Conservation Programs in Costa Rica, Galapagos and Beyond

EPI partners with world-class scientists and scientific institutions at all of its program sites, but students aren't here for lectures. They assist in on-going research on critically threatened wildlife and ecosystems. Students engage in expeditions for field-based learning. Students also engage in the local communities with cultural exchange.

Intrepid Travel
Enjoyable and Responsible Travel in South and Central America
For travelers with a yearning to get off the track, Intrepid opens up a whole new world. With an average group size of just 10 people, Intrepid gives travelers the freedom and flexibility to get off the tourist trails and really experience local cultures at an affordable price. Intrepid prides itself on its ethical approach to travel, and escorts small groups to countries across South and Central America, with an emphasis on sustainable, community-based and experience-rich travel.

Volunteer, Intern, and Help Conserve the Atlantic Rainfores in Brazil
Located in the Atlantic Rainforest, Brazil we are offering people the chance to learn how to use a Geographic Information System (GIS) in a beautiful, but little visited part of Brazil. GIS is increasingly used in a number of different disciplines to collect and manipulate data — this course will provide the opportunity to learn about this in the context of land management planning. Learning the new skill will provide you with a way to learn more about Brazil. Many other opportunities are described on the website.

La Confluencia
Patagonia Voluntourism and Adventure Travel in Patagonia, Argentina
La Confluencia ecolodge and farm runs voluntourism programs throughout the summer (Nov-Feb.) in Patagonia, Argentina. Participants will help with an number of projects within the Rio Azul Protected Area (part of the world's largest UNESCO Temperate Rainforest Preserve) such as trail maintenance, footbridge construction, and selective eradication of invasive species, as well as social assistance projects involving the local community, such as vegetable garden development, greenhouse construction, and home repairs. Depending on individuals' interest and fitness levels, various wilderness adventure options can be combined such as whitewater rafting and kayaking, trekking, horseback riding, and climbing / rappelling.

Eco-Friendly Adventure Trekking in Guatemala
Quetzaltrekkers is Guatemala´s only all volunteer managed, non-profit trekking/hiking organization. Quetzaltrekkers offers multi-day adventure treks and one day excursions in the highlands of western Guatemala to an international clientele of outdoor enthusiasts. We follow locally sustainable and eco-friendly tourism practices. Volunteer guides are always needed.
At Quetzaltrekkers, we are all working as volunteer guides and we manage virtually all aspects of the organization. In our office you won’t find a boss or a supervisor but you will find a tight-knit team of dedicated volunteers. Working as a Quetzaltrekker guide is an incredibly rewarding experience and a lot of fun!

Rancho Mastatal
Sustainability Education Center in Costa Rica
Rancho Mastatal is a 219-acre environmental center bordering La Cangreja Rainforest Reserve. Offers customized educational programs for all ages, workshops in natural building, renewable energy systems, and tropical agriculture. Organic farming, gardening, and natural building methods practiced. Internships and volunteers encouraged. Beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes. Birds galore. Community focus.

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