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Vacation Rentals Abroad
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Articles on Rentals Abroad
Home Rentals in Italy and Worldwide
Rustic country homes like this and luxury homes on the sea in Italy are rented to visitors year-round or for shorter-term vacations.

"Vacation rentals are a great alternative to staying at a hotel. Not only will you save money on your accommodations, but you can also prepare your own meals using fresh food bought at local markets while enjoying all the other conveniences that come with renting a full home. Since many rentals are weekly, travelers have a chance to spend more time in one region and explore the surroundings in more depth, and can meet the hosts and interact with local people on a deeper level than most hotels allows. In addition to articles about staying in vacation homes, we have also compiled a list of online resources where travelers can look up vacation rentals from all around the world and book their stay directly online." — Volker Poelzl

"In most European countries, you can rent apartments in towns and on farms and houses in the countryside through agencies or directly from the local owner. The Italians call them 'agriturismos;' the Brits call them 'self catering apartments;' the French call them 'gites;' the Swiss and Germans call them 'ferienwohnungen.'
Vacation rentals come equipped with everything you need to live comfortably: sheets, towels, pots and pans, dishes, and cutlery. The house or apartment is cleaned before you arrive. Food is generally not provided, so you will need to shop for basic groceries when you arrive.
Rentals range from very simple apartments on working farms that rent for $500 or less per week to luxury villas that sleep 12 or more and rent for $5,000 or more per week." — Pauline Kenny from Slow Travel: Settle Down in a Vacation Home Rental

 Articles on Vacation Rentals Abroad
Europe rental apartments Budget Vacation Apartment and Home Rentals in Europe by Lies Ouwerkerk
Vacation rentals in Europe provide a comfortable, often inexpensive, and immersive way to travel while also allowing you to enjoy local hospitality. You can live in the rhythm of locals, cook when you wish, sightsee when the mood strikes you, meet your budget needs, and experience your trip at the pace you wish.
Rentals in Paris How to Enjoy Your Stay in Paris on a Budget: Rent an Apartment by Transitions Abroad Senior Editor Joanna Hubbs
Tips for staying in Paris on an affordable budget using vacation apartment rentals by Dr. Joanna Hubbs, who has traveled and lived in the great city extensively over the years.
Rent and Live in Nice Like a Local by Kelby Hartson Carr
Living in Limousin:Vacation Rentals in the Heart of France by Volker Poelzl
Slow Travel: Long-Term Rentals in Europe by Pauline Kenny
Europe's B & B's, Rentals and Agriturismos by Rick Steves
Cheap Long-Term Rentals in Bangkok by Chris Mitchell
Living Local in the French Caribbean: Vacation Home Rentals in the Martinique by Michele Peterson
Apartment Rental Hunting in Paris by Amber Foster
Rent a Gîte in a Forgotten Region by Pierre Epstein
Finding a Flat Overseas by Nicholas Gill

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