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Key Expatriate Websites and Resources

Articles on Saudi Arabia
Expatriate Websites Expatriate Websites and Resources
Recommended Reading on Saudi Arabia
Travel Information for Saudi Arabia

Featured Articles on Living, Working, Studying, Traveling, and Volunteering in Saudi Arabia
Working Abroad as a Nurse: A Great Demand for Nurses in Saudi Arabia and Worldwide by Caroline A. Polt, RN
Teaching English and Living in Saudi Arabia as a Woman by Kim Lyon

 Expatriate Websites and Resources

FAWCO (Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas),, is an international network to support American women living abroad with over 60 member clubs worldwide, including Saudi Arabia: American Women of the Eastern Province (AWEP). is a worldwide directory of blogs related to expatriate life, with listings for Saudi Arabia.

 Recommended Reading on Saudi Arabia
Lonely Planet Saudi Arabia by Anthony Ham, Brekhus Shams, Anthony Madden.
A History of Saudi Arabia by Madawi al-Rasheed.
Saudi Arabia Exposed: Inside a Kingdom in Crisis by John R. Bradley.
Living and Working in the Gulf States & Saudi Arabia by Robert Hughes, Joe Laredo.
Culture and Customs of Saudi Arabia (Culture and Customs of the Middle East) by David E. Long.
Saudi Arabia in the Balance: Political Economy, Society, Foreign Affairs by Paul Aarts, Gerd Nonneman (editors).

 Travel Information for Saudi Arabia
Lonely Planet Worldguide provides a lot of useful travel information, with a section on the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia.


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