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 Living in Chile

Expatriate Articles and Key Resources

Spectacular mountain cliffs: The Towers in Paine National Park in Chile, part of Patagonia.

  Expatriate Resources and Articles on Chile

Find Resources for Expatriates and Living Abroad


 Global Expatriate Resources

Featured Articles on Living, Working, Studying, Traveling, and Volunteering in Chile
Teaching English in Chile: A Guide to Work and Living in Santiago by Britta-Lis Perry
Teaching English to Teenagers and Living in Santiago, Chile by Caitlyn O'Brien
Teaching English in Santiago, Chile: Inside Tips for Finding a Job by Heidi Resetarits
A Successful Semester Teaching English in Chile by Alison Climes
TEFL Jobs in Chile: The Need for Teachers is Urgent by Jacquelin Zammuto
Teaching English in Chile: Jobs Are Available for Untrained Teachers by Emily Tell
How To Select the Right Courses Abroad: A Semester in Santiago, Chile by Stephane Alexandre
Study Abroad in Chile: Learning Acceptance of New Ideas by Tamara Smith
Improve Spanish While Kayaking in Chile by Ann Beman

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 Expatriate Resources and Websites for Chile

Expat Exchange provides country-specific resources, classified ads, articles, as well as a forum.The site has a few useful articles and links.

Expat Arrivals Chile has consolidated helpful information for the expat moving to Chile and includes articles, interviews, and resources.

Expat Focus: Move to Chile Easily provides information and resources for many countries, including forums and blogs for expats. Living in Italy as an Expatriate is a resource guide and directory of blogs related to Living in Italy.

InterNations — Your Expat Community in Chile provides essential information with an option for paid registration with an Chilean expat community. Membership allows you access to even more shared opportunities about living in Italy.

Justlanded: Chile offers resources and background on living in Italy.

Numbeo: Chile is a fine crowdsourced site that provides much aggregate and itemized information about the cost of living in the country, the main cities, and bigger towns which should help prepare you for the transition.


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 Recommended Reading on Chile
Lonely Planet Chile and Easter Island
Tasting Chile: A Celebration of Authentic Chilean Foods and Wines by Daniel Joelson

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 Travel Information for Chile

Lonely Planet Worldguide provides a lot of useful travel information. check out the link for Chile. is an award-winning site providing information for visitors to Chile.

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