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Jonathon Engels
Jonathon Engels

Jonathon Engels's Articles and Columns for Transitions Abroad

Jonathon Engels is a versatile author who regularly writes on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from living abroad to permaculture, lifestyle activism, and environmental issues. In addition to contributing to Transitions Abroad, his writing appears regularly on several travel and green living sites. He also maintains a website, The NGO List, which assists independent volunteers find grassroots NGOs looking for help. He strives to be an all around good guy while providing some readable fodder for folks in the meantime.

In addition to writing, Jonathon has spent ample time living and working abroad. He began his career as an indefinite expat while teaching EFL in several countries, including the Czech Republic, Korea, Guatemala, Turkey, Palestine, and Russia. Operating for Las Manos de Christine, he also helped to establish an English after-school program in a small village called El Hato. While abroad, he has worked as an NGO fundraiser, volunteer coordinator, guesthouse manager, dinner chef, house sitter, and permaculture project developer—to name but a few. All-in-all, he has lived a decade abroad spread across 12 countries.

Some of his travel highlights include spending Christmas in Bethlehem, watching New Year’s fireworks over St. Basil’s cathedral, and disappearing into the jungles of Colombia during Semana Santa. Low lights include such offending acts as sleeping in the shelter of a strip mall in Panama, loitering in bus stations and airports for hours to avoid the costs of another night at the hostel, and peeing behind a church in England, one of many public buildings to be honest. Somewhere in between, he has scuba dived with sharks, gardened in an Ecuadorian cloud forest, and helped to build an earthbag house.

See his personal website, "A Life Abroad," for more about Jonathon and his many and varied adventures as an itinerant expat and his work as green living exponent at One Green Planet.

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