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The acronym WWOOF has two translations: Willing Workers on Organic Farms or Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. The second option is used in countries where there are problems with migrant workers, to avoid issues with local authorities. But the philosophy is the same for both: a worker offers their labor in return for room and board. WWOOF farms exist all over the world, including New Zealand. Visits can last for a week or several months, depending on the needs of the host farms.

The organization was the brainchild of British secretary Sue Coppard who, in 1971, set out to provide city people with a rural experience and arranged working weekends on organic farms. Nearly four decades on, the aims are still the same: to let volunteers experience life in a rural setting and learn about organic farming... Read more
Tour guide abroad
One of the attractions of working as a tour guide is the lack of routine. No two days will ever be the same: You work in different cities or countries, visit various sights, eat in new restaurants and stay in unfamiliar hotels. You rarely know where you will find yourself from one tour to another. For some, this can be daunting... Read more
WWOOFing in New Zealand
Sweeping fine-grained sand in the narrow cracks between bricks, I feel my work paying off. With the bricks now flush, the space looks somewhat polished and functional. I had been working as a WWOOFer for almost a week in the small and lovely coastal village of Waitiati, just outside Dunedin on the South island of New Zealand. I looked down on the brick patio, then across the ocean and Blueskin Bay, and concluded that WWOOFing is an altogether different travel experience than anything I have done in the past... Read more
Working Abroad in France by Volker Poelzl
Work in France
Despite the current economic downturn in France, there are still jobs available for foreigners in a variety of fields and work schemes....Keep in mind that in the current economic climate it is easier for young people and students to find short-term work and internships than it is for experienced professionals to find legal employment in France... Read more
Teaching English in Barcelona by Regina Winkle-Bryan
...So you adore Barcelona and you are determined to stay? Good! Working as an English teacher in Barcelona is never going to make you rich, but it will pay your bills and give you a flexible work schedule. While there are plenty of folks who offer conversation classes and have no formal training, this is not the way to go in the current economic climate. Nowadays, there are plenty of teachers in Barcelona with experience, training and degrees, and in order to complete with them you need to have a teaching certificate... Read more
Au Pair Life Abroad
I lived in uptown Barcelona for seven months without writing a single rent check or mailing one utility bill. I did not even pay for groceries. Before that I spent two months free of charge in a medieval town by Oxford. How did I manage to stay so long in Europe gratis? I was an au pair-an unfamiliar concept I have struggled to explain to my friends and family in the United States... Read more
Teaching English in Southern China by Rensina van den Heuvel
Teaching China
...The Internet is flooded with teaching positions in China.

Some positions require you to hold an advanced degree in TEFL or the like, but requirements slide down in scale to just being able to speak good English. That was my selection as that was where I fit in.

The most important thing is to do lots of research before you go. Then decide which part of China you would like to live in. If possible, make contact with at least one person who has been to China and taught English. You can save yourself a lot of grief if someone else has paved the way for you and can recommend a School, Training Center, or Agent... Read more
Pusan, Korea
...To illustrate the unusual kindness I found in Pusan, one of my fondest memories occurred when I was jogging by an elementary class on a local bike path. All fifty of their little faces lit up. Every one of them waved and said hello as if I was a rock star. Needless to say, I started to feel like one after a few months... Read more
Jobs in Buenos Aires
...Perhaps still high on the sense of accomplishment from hitchhiking to the southernmost city in the world, I felt capable of doing anything. I had also published several travel articles in newspapers back home, so I had some clippings and a little writing experience under my belt. Besides that, I had recently applied for a master's degree in journalism at several universities and was keen to gain a little hands-on experience while I waited to hear back from them. I began by searching the Internet and travel guides for English publications based out of Buenos Aires... Read more
Hostel Jobs
...Are your travels more limited by money than by time? Then finding work at a hostel might be a remedy for your dilemma. Working in exchange for accommodations, or even food, is becoming more and more common among travelers. In fact, in some places, it almost seems as if foreigners are running the local establishments entirely. Travelers know how to cater to travelers. Here's how you can become part of the catering in South America... Read more
Volunteer in Peru
What is your idea of a family getaway? Two weeks on a beach in Costa del Sol, a week in Disney World, or a fortnight of voluntary work building houses in the Cambodian jungle? Most families have never even considered replacing their annual holiday with a volunteer placement in a developing country. But an ever-increasing minority of families are beginning to give the option some serious thought, and upon closer inspection, it really is not a bad idea at all... Read more
Volunteering in Peru
...I began working at Mantay on April 1st. During my time at the home I volunteered in the guardería, or nursery. A rare gem in Peru, the guarderíawas clean, safe, and well equipped with supplies. The babies I cared for ranged from two years to four months when I arrived, and two years to four days when I left. My time in the guardería consisted largely of washing, changing, feeding, mopping floors, and wiping down sticky tables, chins, and fingers. But this was not my true work. My true work was something entirely different. It was teaching Gabriel a new word, getting to watch his joy as his tiny mouth formed the correct sounds... Read more
Humanitarian Jobs
Sometimes seeing the world just is not enough.

There is a gnawing need inside, a pull to do more, to have an impact, to make a difference. For some of us, this means finding a humanitarian job-helping people who have been struck by disaster or misfortune.

Sometimes, it is hard to sit by and just watch the earthquakes, floods, famine and war unfurl on the news... Read more
Humanitarian Service
As the Expeditions Director of CHOICE, I am responsible for organizing all humanitarian trips abroad to the five countries of our current operation: Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Nepal, and Kenya. Such service-related expeditions allow volunteers to work hand-in-hand with native villagers in what proves to be a valuable intercultural exchange of ideas, cultures, and friendships. These life-changing experiences grant participants the chance to broaden their perspectives. Combining the thrills of adventure with the rewards of service, I am able to provide others with unique experiences similar to those I witnessed in Argentina... Read more
Protecting Your Laptop and Sensitive Information Abroad
Professional Hobo Columnist Nora Dunn
Nora Dunn
These days, traveling without some kind of access to an Internet connection is almost unheard of. Increasingly travel-friendly laptops are being released, and smartphones and other handheld devices make Internet access a cinch. But how do you store all of your user names and passwords and back up your data securely? With hackers and petty thieves at every turn and new security issues arising regularly, traveling securely while protecting your laptop and sensitive information is becoming an art... Read More
Internships Abroad Can Boost Your Resume
Living Abroad Contributing Editor Volker Poelzl
Volker Poelzl
Internships have long been valued as a vital tool for college students and graduates to gain important work experiencing before embarking on a career path. But it has only been little over a decade that international internships and work abroad experiences have become ever-more-popular. In particular during the past few years—due to a rapidly growing international work environment in many careers and companies—internships abroad have caught the attention of companies, educators, and students as a valuable career tool .. Read More
Alison Gardner
It is not hard to identify volunteer needs in many developing countries like Ecuador. However, there is always a challenge in finding in-country organizations and projects with a track record of efficiently matching the willing individual volunteer with creative, reliable service projects, while making all living and working arrangements, and shepherding volunteers through their chosen experience from arrival to departure... Read More
Lies Ouwerkerk
...Once the idea was born to help local underprivileged children with their school work, the pousada started to receive small donations from their guests who passed through and witnessed the need with their own eyes. The books, pencils, and educational tools they were able to purchase, generated more enthusiasm from the kids in turn. Soon the project outgrew its limited capacity in the pousada, and a house of its own was needed... Read More
Traveling Without Going Broke: Work and Travel
Long-Term Traveler Columnist Friedel Rother
Friedel Rother
Scratch beneath the surface though and you will find an increasing number of people who are managing to dove-tail their skills and careers successfully with a traveling lifestyle.
Some go by the name "digital nomads." Others describe themselves as "location independent"... Read More
Freelance Travel Writing in a Shifting Economy
Women's Travel Editor Beth Whitman
Beth Whitman
It is not easy being free. And by free I mean a freelancer. A contract worker cannot be sure where their next paycheck will come from... Read More
Volunteer Work with Animals Abroad
"Where is She Heading" Columnist Jane Stanfield
Jane Stanfield
For many volunteers an international vacation is a chance to at least see and possibly interact with animals, both the common and extraordinary.
What Is Available?: Everything from helping people "pet the animals" to working side by side with a rehabilitator, veterinarian, or scientist.
Why Work With Animals Overseas?: The agencies, normally non-profits, may not have a large budget and need volunteers who are willing to pay to help. You will get an experience with an animal you have never seen, or in a culture or country that is very far from home... Read More
Matt Gibson
At one time or another every travel junky has dreamed of finding the perfect travel job. Such a mystical occupation would be wildly fulfilling.�It would require only a laptop and an Internet connection. It would empower him/her to create, explore, and affect others' lives. Of course, it would pay six figures. Such a job would be easy, even enjoyable, to do day in and day out from bungalow porches and cafe patios around the world. If that is the job that you are looking for, then... Read More
Volunteering as a Family on Farms Abroad
Family Travel Columnist Alice Griffin
Alice Griffin
...When we first thought of volunteering on a farm we were not aware of the specific communities that now easily connect hosts with helpers and instead we searched the Internet for hours before we stumbled, completely by chance, on a forum thread by a lady requesting help with hay-making. At that point we had been traveling around France in our camper for a while and although enjoying ourselves we felt there was something missing, as though somehow we were lacking a true experience of the country and its people. Granted, the family we stayed with were British-born, but they introduced us to their French friends and took us to local fetes (festivals) and parties, which gave us a real experience of rural France... Read More
TAzine Editorial
TAzine is a monthly Webzine which continues the 30-year tradition started by Transitions Abroad magazine. TAzine features many of the same columnists who wrote for the magazine, a growing group of new columnists, while featuring many freelance writers who wish to share their experiences and expertise within the context of our trailblazing coverage of work, study, travel, and living abroad.

Founded in 1977 by Dr. Clayton Allen Hubbs, Transitions Abroad magazine was the only print publication dedicated to work, study, living, volunteering, and immersion travel abroad. Its purpose—in print and now as a Webzine—is the dissemination of practical information leading to a greater understanding of other cultures through direct participation in the daily life of the host community.

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