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Volunteer in Australia on an Organic Farm with WWOOF

Work Your Way Down Under

Australia farm

Willing Workers on Organic Farms International (WWOOF) is an organization that helps travelers connect with organic farmers all over the world. It was an ideal way to get around the many challenges I faced in Australia — a limited budget, meeting others as a solo traveler, and traveling long distances.

With WWOOF Australia, I could give four to six hours of labor each day in exchange for a night’s food and lodging. Organizing my WWOOF experiences around my travel itinerary helped me to break up long journeys between destinations.

The more than 2,000 hosts all over Australia give you plenty of options from which to choose. For example, work is available at a horseback riding business in Tasmania, a sheep station in outback Western Australia, a yoga center in Sydney, and an artists’ retreat in Queensland.

In addition to the WWOOF positions available in the book, being a member of WWOOF can provide travelers with other spontaneous work opportunities. While at a hostel in Adelaide, South Australia, I found an advertisement on the notice board seeking two “WWOOFers” to housesit for 10 days on nearby Kangaroo Island. And in the Australian outback, I helped an artist restore her art gallery.

Becoming a WWOOF Australia member is easy. The cost is AUD$70.00. You can become a member by visiting WWOOF Australia’s website, which has many resources, including videos, and much information, including an FAQ. WWOOFING is open to any nationality.

WWOOFING in Australia is limited to those at least 18 years old with a tourist visa. Many hosts are happy to have children stay, but they will not be covered by the insurance plan.

To find a suitable host, you can use the site for search for hosts via a Map Search, List Search, or WWOOF Noticeboard. Make a contact for offers that interest you, and call to ask any questions before making a decision. Choosing a host with whom you have something in common makes a critical difference.

Helpful Tips

  • Give of yourself. The WWOOF Australia: “If you see your host as free food and accommodation, your host will see you as cheap labour.”

  • If you’re from outside Australia, share your culture:offer to cook your national dish and bring photos so your hosts can learn about you, too.

  • Don’t say you’ll stay for two weeks and then decide halfway through to leave early. Instead, please wait a few days (the minimum is two) and see how it goes. If you are getting on well with your hosts, they may agree to extend your stay. WWOOFERs have been known to stay for more than a year!

  • Have your own travel insurance as the plan included in the membership is limited. The site does offer a plan for your time in Australia.

  • Many hosts can accommodate multiple workers, so you can consider traveling with a signficant other or friends.
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