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Teach English in Latin America

  Find English Teaching Programs, Schools & Jobs in Latin America

 Featured Articles and Participant Stories on Teaching English in Latin America
View of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and teaching English in Latin America. An Overview of Job Prospects for Teaching English in Latin America by Susan Griffith
A country-by-country overview of options for teaching English in the Latin American countries where there is most demand.
Teacher in South America Remote Knowledge: Teaching English on Location in South America by James Burt
The continent has long been attractive for English teachers eager for new experiences involving such activities as Samba music, mountain trekking, and other long, hot summer nightlife pleasures while earning a living teaching English to the locals.
Teaching English and Living in Brazil Teaching English and Living in Brazil by John Clites
There is a very high demand for English teachers in Brazil, and that demand will only increase in the foreseeable future. Demand is fueled by a number of factors: flourishing tourism, expanding international trade, a burgeoning oil and gas industry, and much more...
Teaching English in Brazil
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Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Guadalajara, Mexico
Teaching English in Ecuador: Adventure Awaits at Latitude Zero
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Teaching English in Buenos Aires
Teaching English in Ecuador: Adventure Awaits at Latitude Zero
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Teach English in Santiago, Chile: Inside Tips for Finding a Job
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"The vast region of South America holds an almost infinite range of opportunities for anyone who wants to share their native English. From the specialized training for the business communities of Santiago and Brasilia to the informal conversation exchanges with Mexican fishermen and Venezuelan waiters, the English language provides a link between visitors and residents.

Apart from a few popular cities, seldom do you find the glut of teachers you find elsewhere in the world, possibly because South America is often pictured as a place of poverty and crime, danger and corruption, dictators and drug barons. In fact, South America is home to a staggering variety of charming and generous people from café-culture urbanites to street kids, many of whom are eager to meet travelers and improve their knowledge of the gringos’ native tongue. The stampede to learn English seems unstoppable.

In the big cities the greatest demand for English comes from the business community. And because of the strong commercial links between the two American continents, the demand tends to be for American English. The whole continent is culturally and economically oriented towards the U.S." — Susan Griffith in Work in Latin America.

If you do not see the jobs or training program you want in Latin America, check our Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Mexico pages for much more country-specific information.

Teach English in Ecuador with CEDEI. CEDEI — Teaching English in Ecuador
Needs university-educated native speakers to teach. CEDEI offers a TEFL training courses, as well as Spring and Fall semester group programs and Summer TEFL programs via American universities.

Rowing boat on Amazon river. Teach English in Arequipa, Peru. Via Lingua International
TEFL Program in Arequipa, Peru

Via Lingua Peru provides an intensive, interactive course to gain certification as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Our program is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date in the world in one of the most fascinating regions in the world! The Via Lingua TEFL Certificate includes vital concepts and strategic skills to live and teach effectively abroad and you acquire a variety of cross-cultural skills with which to analyze different cultures, as well as your own. On successful completion of the course, you will receive the internationally recognized and accredited Via Lingua TEFL certificate.

Huatulco Beach, Mexico. Via Lingua International
Huatulco Beach — TEFL Course

Bahias de Huatulco (Bays of Huatulco or Huatulco Beach) is a beautiful beach town in southwest Mexico on the Pacific Coast. The area is well known for being safe and friendly. Besides 7 bays and over 20 amazing local beaches for sun-bathing, swimming, snorkeling, fishing and surfing, the area has sprawling pre-Columbian ruins and a national park with pristine beaches only available to those willing to hike through the rain forest to reach them. Coral reefs, diverse flora and fauna, as well as local Oaxacan food make this destination a fantastic option for taking your TEFL certificate course.

Preparing for TEFL Class in Mexico.

Work and Travel in Guadalajara, México: Learn to Teach English in 4 weeks
Guaranteed paid Job Placement in Mexico, Lifelong Career Guidance & Direct Employment Contacts for Practically Any Corner in The Globe
With more than 40 years of experience in the Teaching English Industry, our TEFL courses in Mexico and online are externally accredited and we have placed 4,500+ graduates in over 45 countries through our Job Offer program.

International TEFL Academy
TEFL Courses: Job Placement Assistance in Latin America
4-week and 11-week intensive courses in TEFL online. Job placement assistance in 15 countries in Latin America for all graduates.

Maximo Nivel
Programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru, and TEFL certification for online training. Maximo Nivel provides TEFL training, job placement, and support. The organization, which emphasizes diversity and inclusion, features a mix of international and local students, volunteers, interns, and TEFL trainees.
(Note: Maximo and LanguageCorps recently merged.)

New Learning Academy in Costa Rica
A language school, founded in 1998, near San José that regularily has jobs teaching English .

Projects Abroad
Volunteer English Language Teaching Assistants in Argentina, Mexico, and Peru
No TEFL background required.

The Wall Street Institute
Teach English in Mexico
If you're looking for an interesting and challenging job, join the Wall Street Institute team. All of teachers need a degree and approved TEFL certification.

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