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Susan Griffith's Bio

Contributing Editor for Work Abroad for Transitions Abroad and Co-Editor of Work Abroad

Susan Griffith
Susan Griffith

Susan Griffith is a freelance editor and writer who has specialized for more than 35 years in writing books and articles about travel, especially working and volunteering abroad. The first edition of her best known book Work Your Way Around the World was researched in 1982 mainly by listening attentively to the stories of travelers met abroad and by interviewing people summoned to the Nag’s Head (the pub behind her publisher’s office in Oxford). At that time she had plenty of personal experience of working abroad since she had left her native Canada after doing a degree in English at the University of Toronto to study at Oxford and then decided to stay on working in England.

In the early 1980s so few guidebooks about funding yourself on the road were available that travelers were grateful for any scrap of information and encouragement. The world of travel has changed dramatically since then. Working abroad has become such a mainstream idea that it has given rise to scores of websites; student travel agencies have specialist working abroad departments and a huge infrastructure has developed for those who want to combine work and travel. Work Your Way has grown up with the travel industry and now takes account of all the shortcuts to fixing up work abroad that now exist. Personally updated every other year since its beginnings, it is now an acknowledged classic in the field. Other titles which Susan has written and regularly updates include Teaching English Abroad which gives a comprehensive account of that booming business, Taking a Gap Year, and Gap Years for Grown Ups.

Susan was a contributing editor to Transitions Abroad since the early days of its publication. She also writes on a regular basis for and contributes to the travel pages of the Independent, an online British daily newspaper.

Susan's consistent aim has been to make her writing as concrete and up-to-the-minute as possible, to cut out vague generalities and meaningless waffle.

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Susan Griffith's Selected Bibliography
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Work Your Way Around the World
Teaching English Abroad
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Gap Year for Grow Ups

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