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International careers don’t just happen. They are carefully planned and built up over a period of time. International employers insist that you have international experience before sending you to work abroad. The key to gaining international experience is to dive into all things international while you are at university and by taking a gap year off. You need to build up a host of international experiences before you are ready to start applying for professional international jobs. And the great thing about building these experiences is that you can have a blast doing it! Jean-Marc Hachey in Build an International Employment Profile.

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Networking Manifesto for International Employment
The Networking Manifesto for International Employment by Zahara Heckscher
This guide is targeted to people who seek their first international job. Most of the examples will be taken from the nonprofit, journalism, and educational sectors, although the principles apply to business and government as well. The tips can be used to find short-term or long-term assignments, and will be helpful for recent college graduates, mid-career professionals, and retired people eager for new adventures. We will cover virtual networking as well as in-person strategies...
Living and Working Abroad
Jean-Marc Hachey shares his insights into international employment trends and offers inspirational advice to short- and long-term job seekers in an interview with Transitions Abroad.
Jean-Marc provides an overview of the key steps leading to international jobs in Build an International Employment Profile and in Teaching English Overseas: A Stepping Stone to International Careers. In Create an International Resume he explores practical ways to prepare for an international career.
Use Study Abroad to Launch Your International Career: Planning Your Study Abroad Experience with a Focus on Your Future 
Zahara Heckscher offers practical inside tips on how to leverage your study abroad experience to start an international career.
How to Choose a Graduate Degree Program for Your International Career
Zahara Heckscher provides advice based upon her experience for those selecting from the many great graduate degree programs with the goal of pursuing an international career.
"Do What You Love," Say the Experts in International Careers 
Editor Sherry Schwarz interviews Ron and Caryl Krannich — authors of many classic books on international careers and jobs for travel lovers — and asks them to discuss trends in international employment.
The Expat's Survival Guide: Searching for International Jobs
In the first of a series, Leslie Strazzullo offers practical advice and strategies on how to plan your search and get your desired jobs overseas.
Women and International Jobs: Don't Let Gender Get in the Way
Leslie Strazzullo suggests that when it comes to international jobs, women should not allow gender to prevent them from realizing their dreams and provides "survival tips."
Surviving Change in Your International Career
Leslie Strazzullo on how to cope and even gracefully handle being in the midst of corporate downsizing or restructuring—a common experience in these troubled economic times—while working internationally.
Finding an International Job Post Crisis — I Did It!
Leslie Strazzullo describes how she managed to find another job to continue her internatonal career in Italy in a tough employment environment while providing solid practical advice.
Work at web development
How to Work Overseas as a Freelance IT Professional
Brett Dvoretz describes how he has developed a freelance web development business while living as an expatriate in Cambodia, and made it flourish even as he enjoys life in his personal paradise.
Starting a Business in Europe: How to Create Your Own International Career
Volker Poelzl, in an extensive 2-part article, explores the core issues and provides resources relating to visas, work permits, legal requirements, and the best countries and cities to start a business—even in these economic times.
Business Etiquette Around the World
Darcie Connell describes cultural rules and mores in international business, using 10 countries as examples.
Gen X Goes Abroad: The Challenges and Rewards of International Life and Work
Margaret Malewski, author of GenXpat, talks to Transitions Abroad about young mobile professionals living and working overseas.
Gen X Goes to Work Abroad 
Jennifer Hamm on a hot trend for young professionals - international jobs with corporate assignments abroad. She describes the qualifications and attitude necessary to pursue an international career in the corporate world.
How To Create a Great Web Resume for an International Job 
AJ Hoge provides practical directions regarding how to create a great resume when seeking to land an international job - in his case as an ESL teacher.
Want to Work Abroad? Learn Another Language 
Jennifer Hamm reports that there is one extremely valuable key to an international business career: Learn to speak at least one other language.
International Jobs as a Nurse
Caroline A. Polt, RN, describes her work experience as a nurse in Saudi Arabia and documents the enormous demand for trained nurses internationally.
Work as a Volunteer Travel Advisor
Heidi Resetarits provides a practical overview of an exciting new international career opportunity as a volunteer travel advisor in a growing industry dedicated to improving life for those less privileged abroad.
Become a Professional Scuba Diver
Brittney Bush describes how to turn a hobby into an international career.
Working and Networking in Italy 
Emma Bird provides inside tips for finding work in Italy, where networking for jobs can be as important as your credentials, according to a woman who has found  work abroad as a journalist, an English teacher, and a freelancer.
Working in France: How Non-Europeans Can Work Legally 
Finn Skovgaard is an experienced and creative expert who provides the inside information necessary to work in France as a non-European legally - a process which requires a sense of humor.
Working in Switzerland: Hospitality Schools Welcome Professionals
Sarah Muxlow-Jacquet describes the schools in Switzerland dedicated to hospitality and tourism and provides an overview on how to find the type of job which leads to an international career.
Becoming an International Aid Worker 
Matthew Bolton offers practical advice and links for getting started in a career as an international aid worker based upon his own broad, intense and personally rewarding experience.
Teaching as an International Career 
Tamara Studniski and Peter Burnside provide inside tips and resources for those who seek a career abroad teaching subject matter other than English. Their advice is based upon varied experiences working overseas the past five years.
Information Technology Careers in India 
Siddharth Srivastava describes a new phenomenon; the international migration of careers in Information Technology from the U.S. to India.
Paid Internships in India 
From our correspondent in India, Transitions Abroad offers you a glimpse of what could be your next summer job in India’s dream software company, based in Bangalore, South India — a fascinating new opportunity for an international job.
Freelancing in Spain: Work Permits and Teaching English in Spain 
Victoria Fontana offers her experience acquiring work permits and freelancing teaching English in Madrid, as well as other practical advice for starting an international business in Spain.
Freelancing in France: Living and Working on the French Riviera
Kelby Hartson Carr describes freelancing alternatives to the work permit in order to survive and thrive in long-term international jobs on the French Riviera.
Freelance Work in Germany
Stephanie Barton suggests that you hire a tax consultant to navigate German law when accepting long-term jobs in Germany.
Find a Job in Spain: A Successful Job Seeker Tells How
Sharon Lina Pearce provides tips based upon her experience about how to find "real" jobs in Spain and provides links to many Spanish job sites.
An International Career Move Down Under: A Primer on Landing Entry into Australia and Finding Work There
Sarah Muxlow offers a practical primer for finding work and moving to Australia.
Become a Foreign Trade Show Salesman 
Seth Leighton describes his work for the growing export business in Thailand, which can supplement the many jobs teaching English or become an interesting short-term gateway to a long-term career abroad.
Freelance Translators Can Work Anywhere in the World
Tegan Cathleen Raleigh discusses the many international freelance jobs available for professional translators.
Protocol Officers Work With International Visitors in the U.S.
Renee Brooks Catalos on the opportunities to meet international dignitaries at home working as a Protocol Officer.
Advice to Travel Writers
The talented author and internet savvy Rolf Potts provides practical tips for those who seek a career as an international travel writer.
Want to Work in France: Where There's a Will There's a Job
Liza Hall on how to find both short and long-term jobs in France, as a student and beyond.

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