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The best time to seek paid or unpaid work in an international internship and to prepare for an international career is while you are a student, in the summer, or soon after graduation. You may be considering an overseas work experience for many reasons: an adventure, a chance to gain in-depth knowledge of another culture and of yourself, an inexpensive way to improve foreign language proficiency, or as preparation for an international career.— William Nolting

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 Featured International Internship Programs
Internships Abroad in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and France with Experiential Learning International
Wildlife Conservation, Safari Field Guide, Teaching, Community Development, and PADI Diving Internships Overseas with Global Vision International
Intern Abroad for the Experience of a Lifetime with Cross-Cultural Solutions
Career-related Internships in Argentina, China, Ireland, South Africa and Spain! with Connect-123
Internships in Argentina with Road2Argentina
Internships in the UK with BUNAC
Work Experience Australia with Alliance Abroad
Internships in Spain with European Internships
Internships in Europe with EPA
Journalism & Photography Internship Seminars | Madrid, Spain | Havana & Trinidad, Cuba

 Featured Articles on International Internships
Find International Internships How to Find the International Internships You Seek
A comprehensive overview of the primary internship opportunities abroad by William Nolting of the University of Michigan.
Top Internship Programs Abroad Review of Top Programs Offering Internships Abroad
Participating in a international internship offers a travel experience like no other as you are both a foreigner and live the life of a local. Internships are the key to gain experience and earn greater credibility with future employers...
Short-Term Jobs for Students Short-Term Jobs and Internships Abroad for Students and Recent Graduates
An overview of the opportunities, including paid and unpaid internships, with major student work abroad and work exchange programs by William Nolting.
Internships with AIESEC What is the Value of an International Internship in Today's Job Market?
In an interview with AIESEC, the largest internship internship organization in the world, we ask senior members key questions and receive useful answers.
Boost resume with International Internship Why Internships are a Great Way to Boost Your Resumé
Both paid and unpaid internships overseas demonstrate your adaptability, and are now more than ever important as personal and career decisions.
Work at the United Nations How to Get Jobs with the United Nations: The Unauthorized Guide
A guide to the many ways to get a job at the United Nations. If you read the piece carefully, you will see links to UN internship programs and an extensive report by one who started as a UN intern and is now doing very important work in a senior position.
Word abroad checklist Student Internships and Short-Term Jobs Abroad: A Checklist for Success
Tips for students for working overseas on increasingly important internships and short-term jobs.
Medical internship International Internships and Volunteering
The Director of Experiential Learning International, Kevin O'Neill, compares and contrasts international internships and volunteer work. He concludes that often the differences are far less important than the cultural immersion learning experience they both offer for participants.
Internships versus Volunteering Internships versus Volunteering Overseas
We interview author Zahara Heckscher in order to clarify the distinctions, similarities, and options for the many internship and volunteering opportunities abroad. Zahara provides detailed examples of each form of international service learning, and emphasizes the fact that internship programs are generally for students who seek to learn skills useful for their career ambitions.
Tips for creating internships Three Tips For Securing An International Internship—And Getting The Most Out Of One
Advice on obtaining internships, either self-created or existing, based upon experience working on Human Rights in Papua New Guinea.
Dream internship in China How an Internship in China Can Lead to a Dream Job
An internship in exciting Shanghai, China proves to be very fruitful in terms of the author's career, just as it is rewarding educationally and culturally. In a period when more young people are going to China to study and intern, and more employers are valuing such internships for a variety of reasons, Rebecca Shapiro points out how interning is a great short- and long-term personal and professional investment.
Environmental NGO internship in China Working with an Environmental NGO in China: An Internship that Makes a Positive Difference
Shaked Atia describes, from experience, how it is now possible to make a positive difference while learning much about China by working as an intern at an environmental NGO.
Internship work in China Internship Opportunities for Students in China
Christopher Moore describes how he found a variety of internship opportunities in China.
Ancient medicine in China Internships Studying Ancient Medicine in Modern China
Lucy Hordern describes a fascinating internship in China, where, according to her, ancient and modern medicines and science are studied and applied with great success.
Milan expo Internships in Italy: Why They Are Important, How to Land Them  
Practical of tips and sample programs for those seeking an internship in a very desired destination.
Internship on farm in Italy Internships at an Organic Farm in Tuscany 
Katherine Pittore on a unique internship program in idyllic Tuscany, Italy, where participants work on a traditional farm and are asked to perform a variety of tasks.
Internship in Madrid Life on an Internship in Madrid 
Working as an intern in private hospital in the north of Madrid with physicians in the ER, pediatric ward, labor and delivery, and pharmacy. The 20 hours of experience each week were also by far most instrumental in improving knowledge of Spanish.
United Nations in Switzerland Interning Abroad in Switzerland: An Experience at the United Nations
How an experience on an internship at the United Nations in Switzerland results in both professional growth and personal cultural learning, according to participant Mary Ware.
Paid internships in India Paid Internships in India 
From our correspondent in India, Transitions Abroad offers you a glimpse of what could be your next summer job in one of India’s dream software companies, based in Bangalore, South India—a fascinating and potentially lucrative opportunity for your future career.
Internship in Jaipur in India 5 Must-Read Tips for Interns Going to India
Inside tips to help interns go to India offered by Carly Vandergriendt, who went via the AISEC India chapter.
Brandenburg gate A Synergistic Internship Program for Young Professionals in Germany
Matthew M. Pierle studied and interned in Germany via the CBYX exchange program at the satellite campus for Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.
Finding International Business Internships
Mike Kerlin describes in practical terms how to use cold calling and networking to find prime international business internships in the private sector—as he did in Mexico and Brazil.
Internships in London with the Mountbatten Internship Programme
Alexander Hadden provides inside information on his internship with the Mountbatten Internship Programme in London, and offers tips for those who wish to apply for the program.
Tips on Internships in Germany 
Johanna Lee provides inside tips on how to prepare for and procure internships in Germany — whether on your own or through a program .
Teaching Internship in the Interior of Maharashtra, India 
A teaching assistant program undertaken by Shruti Manian in a rural setting leads her to new and valuable realizations.
Internship as an Aerospace Engineer in Spain with IAESTE
Account of an internship in the aerospace department of an engineering company located outside Madrid.
Internships Working in Germany with IAESTE
An internship at the Institute of Nutritional Science in Germany.
Microfinance Internships Abroad
"...The rapid expansion of microfinance throughout the globe presents an incredible opportunity for anyone interested in getting involved in this dynamic sector though an internship. At the crossroads between business and development, an internship in the microfinance industry provides an experience relevant to an exceptionally broad range of professions. And because of the truly global reach of the industry, microfinance internships are available in every region of the world...."
Microfinance Internships in Africa 
Michael D. Kerlin describes the options for finding internships though network organizations.
Internship for an Ethiopian NGO
Sara Cornish describes her internship in Ethiopia in Addis Ababa.
Teaching Internships Aiding Communities
Brianne Goodspeed on the Global Routes Teaching Internship Program, which enables young adults to teach and aid communities in the developing world.
An Internship in Peru: Culture Shock at Work
Amy Smart describes her internship in Peru, the enjoyment she derived from the experience, as well as the unique form of culture shock involved in her work.
Embassy Internships
Find an embassy internship and immerse yourself in a foreign culture while building your resume, as Shawn Abrams did in Australia.
Working as an Intern in the Foreign Service in Florence
Victoria Grisanti describes her experience in an internship with the U.S. Department of State in Florence.
U.S. State Department Internships: Positions Available in Embassies Around the World 
Kristin Stewart reports that U.S. State Department internships may be of interest to students interested in foreign policy, business, environmental issues, human rights, and cultural affairs or related international issues. Positions are available in embassies abroad in the consular, political, economic, or public affairs sections and in various bureaus in Washington, DC.
An Internship in Washington D.C.: Preparation for a Career Here and Abroad
Heather Powers on international internship opportunities in Washington D.C.

Internships Abroad in Australia with the ELI
Internships Abroad with Connect123
Internships Abroad with GVI
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Internships in UK with BUNAC
Intern with United PlanetWork Experience Australia with Alliance Abroad
Internships Abroad with Geovisions
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