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Worldwide Portals for International Careers and Jobs

Web sites in this section list mainly career positions, most of which require previous experience. These sites rarely include listings of exchange programs for work abroad, internships, short-term jobs, volunteering, teaching English abroad.

 For More Info on International Careers and Jobs

Dave’s ESL Café,, by Dave Sperling. Site has a staggering amount of information about teaching and other types of work abroad; links to hundreds of job databases of particular interest to teachers, college students, and liberal arts graduates. A recommended resource for anyone interested work as an English teacher abroad.

Global Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison,, The Go Global! site assists UW-Madison students and others as they prepare and search for internationally-oriented employment. Included are links to campus resources and contacts but also a host of career development tools (including resume help, guides to international job hunting, etc.) and links to websites and pages that specialize in posting career opportunities and resources worldwide., This site’s claim of tens of thousands of organizations “under one roof” says it all. Excellent search provisions give useful results using “internship” or “volunteer.” Also has lists of volunteer, internship and job opportunities. Search possible by country, type of work, and many other variables. The “browse by country” section lists organizations according to their work focus. Site includes organizations worldwide, not only U.S.-based ones.

Impact Publications, by Ronald L. Krannich and Caryl R. Krannich. This publisher carries one of the most extensive selections of books on working abroad and international careers.

International Career Employment Center (Carlyle Corporation), Not a jobs website, this nonprofit organization publishes two of the best listings of international jobs: International Career Employment Opportunities (weekly) and International Employment Hotline. The site offers examples of their listings but does not list current openings without a subscription.

International Center: University of Michigan,, is a treasure-trove of resources for students seeking work abroad — as well as providing extensive study, living and travel abroad information.

Jobs & Consultancies in International Development, NGO & Environment Sector, A subscription site which offers many job postings.,, is an outstanding site for bilingual Americans or Latin Americans seeking work in the U.S. or abroad.

The Monster Board,, is a database site which lists jobs by international locations.,, has been working for well over a decade to provide employers easy access to a wide, targeted audience of job seekers. As a niche on-line job board the mission is to provide an easy to use, simple forum where employers and job seekers can connect with one another. The site offers employment opportunities across the globe for experienced professionals, contractors and expatriates looking to expand their horizons through work abroad and an international career.

Peace Corps Career Track, Even if you’re not interested in the Peace Corps, this website has lots of information about international work and careers.

The Riley Guide,, offers resources for international job opportunities, business career options, and a living and working guide.

United Nations Competitive Recruitment Exam Programme,, offers exams which open up professional and language positions to highly qualified individuals within the U.N.

The U.S. Department of State, Foreign Service, Civil Service and Student Internships provide unique services in support of foreign policy at one of hundres of posts worldwide or in Washington, D.C. Specialists are an integral part of a team dedicated to representing America's interests in other countries.

Wall Street Journal, . An outstanding site geared towards those interested in international careers, though most jobs are in business and require previous experience.

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