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International Teaching Careers

K-12 and University School Jobs

Teacher at international school in class
Teaching at an International School:
5 Key Facts You Should Know

International Teaching: The Essential Resources
International Teaching Advisor 
International Teaching Participant Reports 
Key International Teaching Programs and Organizations
Recruitment Fairs for International Teaching Abroad
Best Websites for K-12 and University International Teaching Careers and Jobs
Featured International Teaching Organizations
TEFL Training with ITTT The International Educator (TIE), located in Hyannis, MA, is a non-profit organization that for over 25 years has been dedicated to developing links among teachers and the extensive American and international schools network worldwide. TIE publishes a quarterly newspaper featuring the latest in international school news and developments for K-12 educators around the world. TIE’s website,, offers the widest selection of K-12 teaching and administrative jobs available anywhere in the world.

International Teaching Advisor
Teaching at an international school Teaching at an International School: 5 Key Facts You Should Know by Cynthia Nagrath
An exploration of perception versus reality regarding work at international schools. Here are key misconceptions should not keep you from great job opportunities worldwide.
Teaching as an International Career
Tamara Studniski and Peter Burnside provide inside tips and resources for those who seek a career abroad teaching subject matter other than English. Their advice is based upon varied experiences on jobs overseas during the past five years.
International School Teaching Jobs: How to Plan a Successful Interview
Jarett Emert, who is working as a teacher of literature at an American school in Italy, describes how to research and prepare for interviews for jobs teaching abroad.
Teach Overseas: The International School Route
Cory Scott provides tips and insights on a myriad of possibilities for starting a career teaching abroad.
International Teacher Exchange Programs: An Excellent Opportunity to Work Abroad
Sarah McGregor on international teacher exchange programs — the Fulbright Exchange in this case — which offer a great job opportunities to teach abroad and be paid while doing so.
An International Teaching Job Fair: The Inside Story
Joseph W. Keleher takes you inside a job fair for overseas work placements and offers practical advice for any prospective participant seeking employment.
Insider's Guide to Landing an International Teaching Assignment: Real Advice from Real Teachers
Nicholas J. Klenske interviews several teachers who describe their personal experiences finding assignments to teach abroad.
Recently Retired Teachers and International Schools
Kathy Fritts describes everything you need to know to start an adventurous new job or career at an international school.
Teaching Jobs in Internationals Schools: A New Opportunity for Non-Teachers
Meredith Alt describes how those who wish to work abroad can teach K-6 via the FAST TRAIN program.
Summer Jobs Leading International Programs for High School Students
John B. Linsley describes the skills required to lead high school student programs abroad and provides a list of student travel companies to approach. John suggests that such an experience can be a stepping stone to future work in study abroad, teaching abroad, or other international careers.
Teach Abroad in a Summer Camp
Deborah Clark discovers a great option in Poland teaching English in a summer camp.
Summer Jobs Abroad Leading Student Groups
Slawka G. Scarso describes a variety of summer programs which provide rewarding teaching jobs abroad.
Travel and Teach Abroad
T.J. Fournier on his experience teaching abroad, and how to find rewarding K-12 jobs overseas.
International Teaching Stories
Teach in Japan: Jobs at Colleges and Universities
Aaron Paulson offers a realistic assessment and practical description of career options in Japan teaching as a Professor and also provides ample resources.
Teaching College Prep in South Korea: A Higher Paid, Shorter Term Alternative to ESL
Alexis Sathre Wolff describes the advantages of teaching college prep courses in South Korea.
Teach at K-12 Schools in the U.K.: How to Find the Right Job
Jo-Anne Woodward provides ten valuable tips to help you find the many available international teaching jobs in the U.K..
Study Abroad Work in Italy: More Than 100 Schools Hire Teachers and Administrators 
Michael P. Gerace offers practical steps for finding jobs in Italy in the Study Abroad field, whether as a teacher or as an administrator.
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