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Monitoring Macaws in Costa Rica by Theodore G. Manno
Scarlet Macaws in Costa Rica

Scarlet Macaws at a feeding station in Costa Rica.

Photo by Theodore G. Manno.

Upon arriving at the San José airport, a three-dollar ride quickly took my aspiring career as a wildlife biologist to La Casa de Margarita in the Giralda neighborhood of Alajuela. There, I enjoyed Central American hospitality and lived with other travelers while learning the ropes of the 'Amigos de las Aves' captive breeding and wild release program for endangered scarlet macaws. I helped chop mangoes and bananas to feed toucans at the breeding center just down the street, and I dined on the decadent chicken burritos and cinnamon fried plantains that were included with the room and laundry services for $12 a day. Meetings with colleagues and careful study of biological records prepared me to learn about each macaw at the release-site on the Panama border...


Short-Term Jobs in Barcelona by Alexandra Kain
Jobs in Barcelona

It has become quite difficult to find work in Europe without a proper work permit, but I found that with a little bit of creativity and tenacity, it is still possible to find short-term work and odd jobs. In my case, I managed to work and survive in the Catalan capital of Barcelona for a whole year. After spending my entire sophomore year in a study abroad program at the University of Barcelona, I knew I couldn't go home right away. There were far too many amazing and undiscovered places to see and there was no reason not to start now...


Leading International Programs for High School Students by John B. Linsley
Leading International Programs for High School Students

When introducing myself at a recent alumni event for my college, I spoke of teaching history and managing a boys' dormitory at a boarding school. The crowd's reaction was, "you run a dorm, very brave." When I mentioned my summer job of leading high school students to Africa, the response was "even braver!" Maybe they had a valid point. Leading sixteen adolescents on a month of community service work and safari in rural Tanzania does come with great responsibility. If you think you are not qualified to work with high school students abroad, stop and consider what you have to offer, and you might just find that your resume is more competitive than you thought.

Many student travel companies offer international summer programs for high school students. Group size varies, but usually hovers in the teens with two co-leaders. Lengths generally fall between three and six weeks. Program themes range from community service to language acquisition, cultural exploration, academic study, global issues, and wilderness adventure. In the past, programs outside of Europe and North America were rare, and while these destinations remain popular, programs in South America, Asia, and Africa are now a hot commodity among adventurous teenagers. A European summer program presents its own set of challenges. However, programs in the developing world demand that leaders have the skills to meet program objectives, amid unforeseen obstacles, and often without access to first world resources...


Travel is a Life Changing Experience by Intentional Travel Columnist Michael McCarthy
Phnom Penh Street Kids

The boat was packed. Of the 125 passengers jammed into the main cabin and perched atop the roof in the baking sun, about 95 percent were foreigners, mostly Europeans with a smattering of Aussies and a few Canadians for ballast. Most have been to tour Angkor Wat , the world famous jungle temple complex in northern Cambodia, and taking the fast ferry back to the capital of Phnom Penh was an adventure. Nobody knew that it would be a life-changing experience...


TAzine Editorial
We are proud to launch TAzine as a monthly Webzine which continues the 30-year tradition started by Transitions Abroad magazine. TAzine features many of the same columnists who wrote for the magazine, a growing group of new columnists, while featuring many freelance writers who wish to share their experiences and expertise within the context of our innovative alternative coverage of work, study, travel, and living abroad.

Founded in 1977 by Dr. Clayton Allen Hubbs, Transitions Abroad magazine was the only print publication dedicated to work, study, living, volunteering, and immersion travel abroad. Its purpose — in print and now as a Webzine — is the dissemination of practical information leading to a greater understanding of other cultures through direct participation in the daily life of the host community.

Send in your submissions for the webzine on the subjects of travel, work, study, internships, teaching, volunteering, living abroad, and much more in accordance with our detailed Writer's Guidelines!

Ask the Expert Q&A
Civil Liberties Abroad
by Living Abroad Contributing Editor Volker Poelzl
Volker Poelzl
I recently received an interesting question in response to my article The Lure of Foreign Lands. The reader asked the following question: Of the countries that I had listed as the most attractive destinations for expatriates, which would I classify as "least intrusive" in terms of personal privacy and oppressive government regulations on its citizens...


Book Excerpt
Marti Li Inca Trails

Inca Trails: Journey Through the Bolivian and Peruvian Andes
by Martin Li

Rounding a corner on a wooded headland, I was immediately engulfed by the overwhelming solitude so characteristic of Lake Titicaca...


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