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Transitions Abroad Magazine March/April 1999 Volume XXII, No. 5


Inside Kosovo

The View Form the Ground
Human rights worker Amelia M. Bookstein takes us inside the refugee camps of war-torn Kosovo. It is hard to make sense of the brutality, she writes, but perhaps one doesn't need to try to define it as much as observe it and feel compassion for those caught in the conflict, as well as for those who are working to solve the country's problems from the inside.

Special Interest Vacations
Combine the things you most like to do with the places you most want to go. These programs will help you plan your next trip abroad. From language study in a Florentine villa or in a Guatemalan jungle, from arts workshops in Asia to research expeditions worldwide. . . Vacations that offer the highest rewards for the fewest dollars.

Study Abroad Directory
Our seventh annual listing of programs abroad for enrolled students details credit-bearing summer, semester, and academic year programs, listed by country. From women's studies in Namibia to Shakespeare studies in Cambridge, England. . . . Many programs are also open as non-credit courses for adult learners.

Students' Guide to Study Abroad

Student Writers' Contest
From the dozens of entries in this annual contest the editors compiled a Students' Guide to Study Abroad:

  • The Benefits by Aliena Fields, Dirk Padfield, Jeff Talbert, Gregg Cummings, and Kelly Beth Rich
  • Preparation by Josh Lawlor, Loretta Ramirez, and Lisa Cantey
  • The Experience by Lauren Benotti, Tracy Rundstrom, Rebecca Seebert, Heather Mansfield, and Aimee Walker
  • The Aftermath by Kate Pope.


Information Exchange

Travel News to Use

Worldwide Travel Bargains

Ireland: Seeing Ireland Together
Ireland: Family Hosteling
Europe: Senior Rail Passes
India: Living in Monasteries
Aruba: Beyond the Beach

Back Door Travel

Riding Europe's Rails By Rick Steves

Independent Traveler

The West Highland Way By Robert E. Buckley

Education Abroad

Study Abroad Adviser:
Marketing on the Internet By Heather O'Connor

Program News & Notes


Backwoods Bulgaria
By Metodia Hristova

Welcome Abroad

If you’re reading Transitions Abroad for the first time, welcome to a new kind of travel publication. After 22 years, the publication remains unique: It’s both a magazine for resourceful independent travelers and a resource directory for all who go abroad for a purpose—whether it’s to pursue a personal interest, to volunteer or find paid work, or to take part in a program of study.

Whatever your particular reason for travel abroad and whatever your age or financial status, Transitions Abroad is for all travelers who want to learn more about the world and our place in it by engaging with the people of other cultures.

Vacations with a learning or work component provide the highest rewards for the fewest dollars: Study Italian for two weeks in a 16th century Renaissance palace in the heart of Florence for the cost of a one-night stay in a mid-town Manhattan hotel (page 37). Immerse yourself for a week in the language, culture, and ecology of Petén, Guatemala for $200 all inclusive (page 36). From arts workshops in Asia or France to research expeditions worldwide, the list goes on.

This time our travel focus is Europe and the emphasis is economy: low-cost family vacations (page 21), lowest train fares (pages 23, 26), and the cheapest and some say the best way to travel, walking (page 31).

Next time (May/June) we publish our annual directory of language programs around the world.

Meanwhile, if you need immediate answers to your travel questions please consult our resources or go to our website, Happy travels!

Editor and Publisher
Dr. Clay A. Hubbs

Managing Editor
David Kline

International Education Editors
William Nolting, William Hoffa

Contributing Editors
Dianne Brause (Socially Responsible Travel)
Susan Griffith (Work)
Deborah McLaren (Ecotourism)
Karl Newmann (Traveling Healthy)
William Nolting (Work)
Kent St. John (Independent Travel)
Ted Shoemaker (Europe)
Rick Steves (Budget Travel)
Susan Sygall (Disability Travel)
Kathy Widing (Travel Books)

Jean Bran
Naval Band, Brittany, France

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