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Transitions Abroad Magazine January/February 1999 Volume XXII, No. 4


Information Exchange

Travel News To Use

Worldwide Travel Bargains

Cuba: The Back Road
Singapore: Strong Dollar Time
The Philippines: Ideal Island
Thailand: Take the Train
Worldwide: Tickets Online

Abroad in Books

Happy New Century! by Kathy Widing

Back Door Travel

The Backdoor Internet by Rick Steves

Letter from Europe

Gypsy Holidays by Ted Shoemaker


Bhutan: The Last Shangri-La. In this illustrated essay, Deborah McLaren explains how development in Bhutan takes place at a slow and sustainable pace–a lesson to us all. The country's king has insisted on the protection of the environment and Bhutanese culture before anything else, including increased tourism.

Key Resources: Short-Term Work

Short-Term Work: The Key Employers
Susan Griffith lists the most likely employers worldwide for short-term jobs.

Working in Western Europe
Charlie Morris reviews the intricacies of obtaining a work permit.

Teaching ESL in Asia
Tim Leffel outlines how the economic crisis in East Asia has changed the climate for teaching English. But the jobs are still there!

Travel and Teach Worldwide
T.J. Fournier explains how to use headhunting organizations and recruitment fairs at home to find jobs in schools overseas.

Travel Industry Jobs
$1.01 billion is spent every day in the U.S. on travel. Kent St. John tells you how to become a part of this booming industry.

Networking Pays
Robert Kirk reports on how he and his wife found their overseas jobs - in their case in Ecuador.

Work Abroad Exchanges
You can't just go overseas and expect to find a paid job. Expert William Nolting details how you can be assured of work abroad.

ESL Training and Placement Programs
If you lack experience or credentials, you may want some formal study before heading overseas in search of an English language teaching position. These organizations can help you get certified and find a placement teaching English overseas.

Senior Travel

Off-Season Switzerland by Dolores B. Tillett

The Independent Traveler

China: Hiking the Three Gorges by Stewart W. Herman

Mongolia: Big Sky Country by Margot Wilson

Getting About in India by Calvin Wilbert

Learning Traveler

Planning Group Trips by Drew Colenbrander

Education Abroad

Study Abroad Adviser

Predeparture Orientation by Laila S. Dahan

Reentry: Empowerment by Marcia Waller

Student to Student

Culture Shock vs. Ego Shock by Marina Wolf

Teen Travel

Adventure of Study Abroad by Vanessa Relli-Moreau

A Day in the Life of a Student in China by Josh Friedman

Program News & Notes



Transformations in Thailand by Peter J. Davidson

From the Publisher

Transitions Abroad is the only magazine that starts with the premise that the most enlightening—and thus the most rewarding—travel is full-immersion travel. In choosing what goes into each issue the editors ask: “How can the unforgettable experience of actually living in another country be duplicated—even on short visits?”

One of the best ways to get to know another place is to settle in and work a while. So in every issue we cover the range of opportunities for employment abroad. This time we concentrate on short-term paid jobs: Susan Griffith (“The Key Employers,” page 41) offers her annual country-by-country list of contacts for short-term jobs. Keep in mind that most “casual” work tends to pay just enough to cover room and board. But if it’s the experience you’re after, there are plenty of worthwhile jobs to be found. Students and recent graduates see “Work Abroad Exchanges” (page 88).

For the rest of us, there’s a lot more in this special issue—travel bargains are everywhere. Get a sense of what’s out there from Rick Steves’ recommendations in “The Backdoor Internet” (page 33). But if you want to go low-tech, try a horse-drawn caravan vacation in Ireland (page 39) or take the back road to Cuba (page 23) or visit an island idyll in the Philippines (page 26). And if you really want to get away from it all (like to Mars maybe), check out Kathy Widing’s “Happy New Century” (page 31).

Next issue is our big catalog of special interest travel and study around the world—everything from historical tours of Greece to Russia on your own. See you then! -

-Clay Hubbs

Editor and Publisher
Dr. Clay A. Hubbs

Managing Editor
David Kline

International Education Editors
William Nolting, William Hoffa

Contributing Editors
Dianne Brause (Socially Responsible Travel)
Susan Griffith (Work)
Deborah McLaren (Ecotourism)
Karl Newmann (Traveling Healthy)
William Nolting (Work)
Kent St. John (Independent Travel)
Ted Shoemaker (Europe)
Rick Steves (Budget Travel)
Susan Sygall (Disability Travel)
Kathy Widing (Travel Books)

Jean Bran
Naval Band, Brittany, France

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