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Transitions Abroad Magazine November/December 1998 Volume XXII, No. 3


Going Solo in Remote Ethiopia
Well, maybe not exactly solo. There's the driver. And the young man with a gun you need to hire in each town. Jackie Garvey's incredible photos illustrate this one-of-a-kind journey to an isolated corner of Africa. She found rough travel conditions but warm and beautiful people living in a tough and often dangerous part of the world.

Key Resources: Responsible Travel

Two Wheelin' the World
Bikes get you out into a community and provide direct contact with local people. Deborah McLaren talks to some of the pioneers of eco-friendly bicycle tours.

Responsible Travel Resources
Responsible travel is more than just a label; it describes a relationship. Deborah McLaren and Rob Ramer compile the key ecotourism and responsible travel organizations and resources that help keep that relationship healthy. Also: Korey Capozza on an eco-lodge retreat.

Belize's Community-Planned Sanctuary
Gianna Scaralia visits Belize's Community Baboon Sanctuary. Both the animals and the local people benefit from visitors.

The Endless Bummer: Puerto Escondido
Scott Bass explains why rapid growth is threatening to eliminate this tiny surfing paradise in Mexico.

Responsible Travel Directory
Each year we ask tour organizers and study-travel programs to assess their commitment to responsible tourism practices. Their responses are contained in a country-by-country listing of responsible travel programs. Also Ron Mader on the Gaviotas experiment in Columbia and Rob Ramer on how and why to travel responsibly with children.


Information Exchange

Travel News To Use

Worldwide Travel Bargains

Egypt: Sinai Safaris
Greece: The Quieter Islands
Cyprus: Underwater Wonders
Newfoundland: French Islands
England: Cheap London Stays

Abroad in Books

Marvelous Morocco by Kathy Widing

Back Door Travel

Seasonal Europe by Rick Steves

Letter From Europe

Getting Married Overseas by Ted Shoemaker

The Independent Traveler

Enjoying La Paz by Kent St. John

The Learning Traveler

Learning to Cook in Tuscany by Clay and Joanna Hubbs

The Working Traveler

Ins and Outs of Teaching by Julie Ann Powell
Teaching in Greece by Joshua B. Mulholland
Opportunities in Chile by Kim Kizer-Mouls

Education Abroad

Experiential Education by Heather Ford

Program Profile:
The ICADS Example: Interview with Sandra Kinghorn

Study Abroad Adviser:
Writing Winning Proposals by Julie C. Taylor

Program News & Notes



The Tastes of Tuscany

From the Managing Editor

You can’t hide from us. Now we know who you are—at least collectively. As we tabulate the results of our latest readers’ survey, it’s fascinating to learn—at least in general terms—who actually reads all the great information on life-changing travel we send out every other month. Even more fascinating, for me, is what you’d like to see more of in each issue.

We call ourselves “The Guide to Learning, Living, and Working Overseas.” It turns out we have the right readers. 40% of respondents have participated in a study abroad program, 29 percent in a language immersion program abroad, and an amazing 45 percent have worked and lived overseas.

And you travel like nobody’s business. A total of 62 percent of respondents have traveled abroad more than twice in the last two-year period, 59 percent have taken two to five trips during that time. And nearly as many stayed abroad for one to three months (28 percent) as went for a two-week jaunt (30 percent).

Now that you know a bit more about who you are, please continue to tell us about us. Keep those emails and letters coming. And if you haven’t received a survey form, there’s one online at Thanks again for helping us provide you with the kind of travel information and ideas you want and need.

Happy travels,

David Kline

Editor and Publisher
Dr. Clay A. Hubbs

Managing Editor
David Kline

International Education Editors
William Nolting, William Hoffa

Contributing Editors
Dianne Brause (Socially Responsible Travel)
Susan Griffith (Work)
Deborah McLaren (Ecotourism)
Karl Newmann (Traveling Healthy)
William Nolting (Work)
Kent St. John (Independent Travel)
Ted Shoemaker (Europe)
Rick Steves (Budget Travel)
Susan Sygall (Disability Travel)
Kathy Widing (Travel Books)

Bedoin boy, Sinai, Egypt
Photo by Elizabeth Archangeli

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