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Transition Abroad Magazine March/April 2003

Information Exchange
Get Paid to Make Friends
Free Trips for Educators
How Dangerous Is Indonesia?
Not Too Old to Volunteer
Not So Sunny Saipan
No Weapons Please

Travelers’ Almanac
March/April International Events Bryan Cook

Independent Traveler
The Perfect Balance: Between Independent Travel and a Package Tour Joanne Morgan

Working Traveler
Volunteer Service Programs
Russell Carlock; National Trust Holidays M.T. Blay

Study Abroad
And Then You Can Do Anything:
Planning for Study Abroad in Developing Countries Meredith Alt

Educational Travel Directory


Transitions Abroad
A Revolutionary Education by Jennifer Re
The Ride of your Life by Kimberly Singletary

From the Editor

Welcome to a condensed 26th anniversary issue of Transitions Abroad. As Abroad View editor Sherry Schwarz explains on page 6, this abbreviated issue is a way of helping us make the transition to a new publisher, the Abroad View Organization. I will remain as editor and hand over the publishing responsibilities for Transitions Abroad (and its profits) to Abroad View. By seeing the two magazines printed together this time, readers can easily see the differences between them: Abroad View is for students; Transitions Abroad is directed to all who travel to learn.

In March 1977 I announced that “Transitions [will be] a new kind of travel publication. Its purpose is to provide the non-touring traveler with practical and usable information on educational travel and study abroad.” The title, I explained, was meant to suggest the changes that occur as a result of immersion in a foreign language and culture.

Travel that changes us, travel that is mind-expanding, travel that involves learning—this has been the focus over the last 26 years as the magazine has covered all the opportunities to enrich one’s life through travel. This focus will continue as I now turn my full attention to editorial content.

Every issue of Transitions Abroad emphasizes one of the five ways to get the most from your time and travel dollars abroad; more importantly, it provides the detailed resource information you need to do it. Travel and Work—either paid work (Jan/Feb and Sep/Oct) or volunteer work and internships (Sep/Oct); Travel and Study—either formal study (Mar/Apr) or informal programs, including language study (May/Jun and Jul/Aug); Travel and a Special Interest—planning a vacation around activities or hobbies you most enjoy at home (Mar/Apr and Jul/Aug); Travel and Living—moving abroad or immersing yourself in another culture through home and hospitality exchanges (Jul/Aug); finally, Travel and Adventure—active vacations that respect the cultural and natural environment of usually “exotic” Third World destinations (Nov/Dec).

In this shortened issue we publish the winning essay in our annual Student Writing Contest. Meredith Alt describes how she has made the most of study abroad and how others can do it. Brief reports from Jennifer Re and Kimberly Singletary describe how their study abroad experiences changed their lives. Next time our focus is on language vacations throughout the world—dollar for dollar probably the most rewarding of all vacations abroad.

Until then, happy transitions abroad!

Dr. Clay A. Hubbs

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