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Transitions Abroad Magazine May/June 2002 Vol. XXV, NO. 6


Information Exchange

Traveler's Almanac

The Independent Traveler


This month Clay Hubbs talks with budget travel expert Jens Jurgen about Travel Bargains and how to avoid price gauging.

The Learning Traveler

Sue Gersten describes Assignment: Cuba, a documentary project for photographers.
In Tuscan Women Cook Anne Woodyard reports on a school that teaches the traditional cooking of Tuscany.
Hannah Freeman describes how best to capitalize on A Woman's Advantages.


Robert and Daisy Kunstaetter provide info on Ecuador's Uncrowded Trails.
Vivien J. Davies takes us to her childhood home for A Castle Tour of Wales.
Whatever your interest or desired level of challenge, Barbara Ballard discovers that Wales Has It All.
Brenda Kiser explores The Painted Caves of the Perigord. Craig Guillot has all the details on Buses Through Latin America.


Adventure Overland
From Cusco to La Paz The adventure begins when you fly into the Incan city of Cusco. Spend two overnights on the trail to Machu Picchu before boarding a train through the mountains to La Paz, Bolivia. Kathleen O'Donnell is the guide.

Craig Guillot in Lake Titicaca Bargains finds the best deals.

Alternative Tours
Mary Jo Blackwood visits the gorges on the Yangtze River, soon to be China's Paradise Lost.
Sian Wu selects some of the most interesting and instructive tours for the learning traveler in the months ahead.

Back Door Travel In Rick's Thrifty Fifty Rick Steves outlines 50 ways to make your European travel dollars carry you further.

Abroad in Books
After a long stint of travel and research Kathy Widing is back to describe the best Gastronomic Guides to the Globe.
Paris for Eating in Paris Guidelines.

Special Issue

Volunteer Vacations

Volunteering in Nepal
Claudette C. Fisco reports that visitors to Nepal are happiest when they find the right volunteer opportunities.
Participant Stories: Dan Green in Volunteering in Venezuela reports on working with a wild animal preservation association and
Rivka Galchen in Volunteering in Peru reports on working with homeless youth in Lima.

Language Vacations

Learning Italian in Florence Kathryn Casey takes a 2-month crash course and finds that immersion Language Learning includes frustrations as well as rewards.

Nicole Rosenleaf Ritter explains how to Make the Most of an Intensive Language Course.

Participant Stories: In Study in the Wilderness Tim King reports on combining the study of language and forest conservation in Guatemala

Susan Armstrong on the options for Language Learning in Guatemala and Honduras

Kent E. St. John on Study in Mexico's Silver Cities

Ron Mader answers questions about study in Latin America In Spanish Language Schools FAQs .

In Nica Spanish Schools Joshua Berman says the best deals on language schools are in Nicaragua.

Education Abroad

Program Directory

Language Programs
ESL Training
Senior Programs
Teen Programs
Volunteer Programs
Special Interest Travel
Student Programs
Responsible Travel
Educational Travel

Living Abroad

In Adapting to Life as an Expatriate Daniela Montabaur describes the 5-stage cycle of crosscultural adjustment.

Education Abroad

In Virtual Reality or Virtual Disaster? Kurt Olausen considers distance education and study abroad.

Student to Student
Judy Van Rhijn describes how you can be a part of the action by Working in Australia.
Wendy Lyons and other former students reflect on what they did and what they should have known beforehand in How to Study in France.

Disability Travel
Marie Sharp goes to Venezuela and overcomes all barriers in Adventures in Teaching.

Work Abroad
Larry M. Lynch says the country is still a great place to live and work in Teach English in Colombia.

Program News & Notes


Graeme Lister on Learning Languages in Situ.

From the Publisher

My interview with Jens Jurgen in this issue reminded me of how many publications with goals similiar to ours have appeared since we began more than 25 years ago. Inexpensive flights were just becoming available in the 1970's (the promotion of which was something that Jens pioneered), and for the first time in history large numbers of Americans young and old could afford trips that fulfilled their desire to learn about and immerse themselves in the places they had come to visit.

For a variety of reasons "packaged tourism: is still not a thing of the past, but today most travelers are finding ways to see the world for themselves and get to know its people. (For some at least, the events of 9/11 were further encouragement to travel to previously unkown places: our next destination is Yemen.) In the 1980s the popular guidebook writer, Arthur Frommer, underwent a midlife conversion and wrote in The New World of Travel that travel "is scarcely worth the effort unless it is associated with people, learning, and ideas." Travel should "challenge our perceptions...cause us to rethink our assumptions...make us broad-minded and more understanding.

That the reward for travel is to bring fundamental changes in perception (transitions) was my starting point in the 1970s. Many others — particularily on the Web — have since joined in promoting the opportunities to travel to learn.

Next time, in our annual Overseas Travel Planner issue, the editors will select the best resources (publications, organizations, and websites) — based upon age, physical ability, and special interests — for learning travelers. We will also honor the memory of one of our original contributing editors, Barbara Burn, who died suddenly while this issue was in production.

— Clay Hubbs

Editor and Publisher
Dr. Clay A. Hubbs

Managing Editor
Sian Wu

International Education Editors
William Hoffa, William Nolting

Contributing Editors
Dianne Brause (Socially Responsible Travel)
Bryan Cook (Traveler’s Almanac)
Susan Griffith (Work)
Cynthia Harriman (Family Travel)
Zahara Heckscher (Volunteering)
Ron Mader (Latin America)
Deborah McLaren (Ecotourism)
William Nolting (Work)
Volker Poelzl (Living)
Kent St. John (Independent Travel)
Rick Steves (Budget Travel)
Susan Sygall (Disability Travel)
Christine Victorino (Volunteering)
Kathy Widing (Travel Books)

Business Manager
Lisa Green

Joe Obeng

(J.Worker) Ollantaytambo village girl, Peru

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