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Volunteer in Costa Rica

Map of Costa Rica

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Combine Travel, Language Learning, and Volunteering in Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica United Planet
Volunteer Abroad in Costa Rica for 6 months to a Year
Try a Quest that takes you to one of the most relaxed, welcoming and magnificently beautiful countries on the planet. Costa Rica is rich with biodiversity, dense rainforests, volcanos and gentle, kind people. As a United Planet volunteer, you participate in a true learning exchange whether you are working to conserve the country's precious landscape, assisting teachers in a local school, or making the day brighter for the elderly living in assisted care. In so many ways, this experience will be life changing. Slow down and appreciate a different pace of life – you’ll feel at home in this family-oriented culture.
United Planet also offers short-term (1 week to 12 weeks) volunteer abroad programs and virtual volunteering and virtual internships (1 month to 6 months) in Costa Rica.

Volunteer in Costa Rica in Orosi with Globeaware Volunteer Vacations with Globe Aware
Orosi Valley

Globe Aware’s Costa Rica program takes place about an hour from the city of San Jose in the gorgeous, hidden valley of Orosi. There in Orosi, villagers of the small community of El Yaz enjoy their natural paradise, but struggle to make ends meet as their access to sustainable jobs, hot water, transportation, and proper nutrition are limited. Through this program, volunteers have the opportunity to engage in agricultural work and organic farming and gardening in order to benefit these struggling villagers. Projects often focus on permaculture, reforestation, and environmental issues. Volunteers will stay in a rented house in the midst of beautiful, lush vegetation with running hot water, flushing toilets, and electricity. Leisure activities include nature hikes, horse-back riding, and bathing in natural hot springs. Come enjoy the beauty of the Orosi Valley and help protect and preserve the paradise of the rainforest!

Volunteer in Costa Rica  Globeaware Volunteer Vacations with Globe Aware
Costa Rica Sea Turtle Rescue Volunter Program
Volunteers spend the week supporting scientists and research assistants in fieldwork collecting data about many endangered sea turtles and their living environoment.

Costa Rica Animal Rehabilitation
Volunteers aid and work with veteranarians to take care of sloths, coati, monkeys, kinkajous, and olingos. The center seeks to protect and help endangered Costa Rican wildlife indigenous to the country.

See website for more details on program activities.

Volunteer in Costa Rica International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)
Volunteer in Costa Rica from US$445

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) offer affordable volunteer abroad programs in Costa Rica from only US$445. Volunteers can participate in a variety of projects including Teaching English, Childcare Work, Construction and Renovation, Eco-agriculture Conservation, Healthcare and Turtle Conservation. IVHQ sends thousands of volunteer travelers worldwide annually — you will not find a more affordable, high quality and trustworthy volunteer travel company.

Volunteer in Costa Rica with A Broader View Volunteers Corp

A Broader View Volunteers Corp
Volunteering with a Non Profit Charity Overseas
Volunteer in Costa Rica
A Broader View Volunteers is an U.S. Non profit charity works in 30 countries with over 315 programs, including Costa Rica year round from 1-week to 6-week programs. Volunteer projects are located in San Jose/Escazu include orphanage support, teaching project, supporting the elderly and healthcare work. Sea Turtle projects are based up and down the Pacific and Caribbean Coast line.
With A Broader View (ABV), you'll be immersed in another culture, collaborate with your host community on a development project, and work side by side with local youth while building your own leadership skills.

Amigos de las Americas
Volunteer in Costa Rica this Summer!
AMIGOS operates in various countries throughout the Americas, depending upon the year. With AMIGOS, you'll be immersed in another culture, collaborate with your host community on a development project, and work side by side with local youth meanwhile building your own leadership skills. AMIGOS summer projects range from 2-9 weeks and are open to students from 13-22 with basic Spanish proficiency. AMIGOS programs in Costa Rica focus on youth leadership in the field of environmental sustainability.

Corcovado Foundation
Volunteer in Costa Rica on the Turtle Conservation Project
Duties: Beach cleaning activities, night watch, searching the beach for turtle eggs (mostly at night), taking scientific data, learning about sea turtle habits and population, taking care of the nesting area, construction activities, environmental education activities and the liberation of hatchlings. See website for more details about this and other projects.

Discover Corps
Costa Rica — The Sea Turtle Initiative
Dive into Costa Rica’s animal kingdom, and get up-close and personal with rare and endangered species – and the conservationists who protect them. Help endangered sea turtles, visit an animal rescue center, and explore the rainforest by zip line, river raft and horseback.

Global Choices
Volunteering in Costa Rica in Conservation
Volunteering in Costa Rica gives you a chance to participate in various interesting conservation programmes which would suit not only animal lovers, take part in educational activities in schools and other community projects.
All our projects in Costa Rica give you an opportunity to observe the local flora, acquire new skills, learn a different language and soak up a new culture.

Wildlife Conservation Expedition in Costa Rica
This expedition is based in Tortugero National Park, one of the most remote and breathtaking regions of the Costa Rican rainforest. Work, live and explore the Costa Rican rainforest alongside an international team and contribute to the development and management of long-term wildlife conservation efforts along Central America’s Caribbean coast.
During your time on this expedition you will gain a holistic understanding of the Costa Rican rain forest and its ecosystem by conducting important research on populations of sea turtles (subject to their nesting season), jaguars and aquatic birds.
Jaguar Conservation Program in Costa Rica
Live and work in the rainforest of Costa Rica and protect endangered jaguars.  In the 1950’s there were over 400,000 jaguars living in the Americas.  This population has now dropped to an estimated 14,000.
Our team monitors and tracks jaguars in Tortugero National Park on the Caribbean Coast, and relays data to both the Costa Rica Government and other important Conservation Organizations.  By studying their food sources, habitats and distinct behaviors, you can help provide information that may be critical in helping to preserve these animals. 
This projects offers continuous hands-on training and unique opportunities to learn about the rainforest and the amazing wildlife it supports.
Volunteer with Children in Costa Rica
Journey to Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast and join our community program to help disadvantaged kids. This project operates in the provincial town of Quepos, located just outside of Manuel Antonio National Park.  The main focus of this project is to lend assistance to the local school district, which has a severe shortage of teachers.
Working in the local community will give you an intimate and unfiltered look at Costa Rican culture. You will improve your Spanish, make friends and gain new perspectives, all while contributing to improve the education available to local students.

Kaya Responsible Travel
Volunteer to Help with Various Projects in Costa Rica
With Kaya volunteer and travel in Costa Rica, you can make a difference while having fun in tropical paradise! Choose from a variety of wildlife and environmental conservation projects, including sea turtle conservation, animal rescue, and habitat conservation. Support any number of social services, including teaching English or music, caring for orphans, or empowering women. Or, lend a hand in health projects, such as nutrition, community health in rural clinics, or geriatrics.

Love Volunteers
Volunteer in Costa Rica
Love Volunteers has provided thousands of volunteers with the chance to travel abroad and volunteer where help is really needed. Love Volunteers, the world’s fastest growing independent volunteering organization, provides safe, responsible and affordable volunteer programs in Costa Rica for volunteers who want a truly memorable experience abroad. Visit our website to check out our range of community-based projects and find out how you can make a REAL difference!

Osa Conservation
Sea Turtle Volunteering Program in Costa Rica
Join us in monitoring and conserving the Osa Peninsula’s four sea turtles species – Olive Ridley, Green, Leatherback and Hawksbill so that they may endure for many more generations to come. Stay for a week or more and learn how to identify, tag, take biometrics, and triangulate the nests of the various species while working to protect them from many threats such as habitat destruction, fishing, boating, pollution, and the growing amount of marine debris.

Rustic Volunteer & Travel
Travel and Volunteer Abroad in Costa Rica
With our established and caring in-country coordinators, our volunteer program in Costa Rica focuses on work in the areas of children at risk, teaching English, and health sector. We are delighted to say that Rustic Travel offers a combination tours to places like the Arenal volcano, La Fortuna waterfall, Quepos, Manuel Antonio National Park, Atenas, San Carlos and a host of other exciting and adventurous tour destinations. You will have the option of selecting programs from volunteering-only, touring-only or a wonderful combination of both volunteer and travel programs.

Volunteer Projects in Costa Rica
Volunteer in Costa Rica with uVolunteer for the experience of a lifetime! uVolunteer offers a range of volunteer projects throughout the country. Volunteers can choose to work in conservation, building and construction, community development, sports coaching, teaching English, and much much more. Support services include airport pick up, travel insurance, social activities, orientation and tour, and much much more.

WorkAway Volunteering in Costa Rica
Workaway hosts offer volunteer projects of all kinds across Costa Rica. Many of the opportunities offer free room and board with various options depending on the host. Workaway provides resources to help you get the most out of your experience and emphasizes safety. All for a small membership fee.

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